Every kid deserves to play while growing. This is one way to prepare them for future activities and help them stay active. There are millions of toys in the world, but only a few offer your kids the best playing options. Since your kids deserve the best, this makes it essential for you to go through the pain of searching for the right product.

We will be talking about one of the toys that have helped many kids play the way they want. The Weplay Motor skills Universal Set is a toy that contains 96 Pieces, which your kids can play with. Like other good toys, this toy is designed to deliver fun for all fun lovers; it is designed to make their day more enjoyable.

Focus as we explore the features of this toy, the good and the not so good things about this toy. The goal is to give a comprehensive review of this particular product; it will be delivered straight into your hands.

Weplay Motor skills Universal Set, 96 Pieces Description

Weplay Motor

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This toy is one gigantic option that will help your kids play the way they want. This product is designed to deliver creative gross-motor-development opportunities for your kids. This toy is efficiently created, with emphasis on balance.

Your kids can strengthen their trunk, pelvic girdle, muscles, and also stimulate the balance receptors of their inner ears. It also helps stimulate the receptor of their nerve ending on the bottom of their feet.

These toys feature amazing colors, both primary and secondary, which are visually and cognitively stimulating for your kids. It also helps provide a method for cuing movement for your kids. The plastic material used for building these toys pass the institution standards and are very safe for your kids.

This toy is the fun pack you want to gift your kid. It promises to deliver the happy time they crave for. The toy is a rare gem that should be on the wish list of every parent.

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Features of the Weplay Motor skills Universal Set, 96 Pieces

Like other toys, some factors point to how efficient a toy is, here are some of the fantastic features of the toy:

  • 8 bricks and 12 half bricks.
  • 4 balance beams.
  • 8 hoops (4, 14 in hoops, 4, 24 in hoops)
  • 16, 14 in posts
  • 8, 28bin posts
  • 24 clips (12 post to post and 12 hoops to post)
  • 10 bean bag
  • 6 pairs of vinyl hands and feet.
  • Activity guide
  • The overall weight of 0.16 ounces
  • The product dimension of 32 x28x 7.8 inches
  • Packing bag

Benefits of the Weplay Motor skills Universal Set, 96 Pieces

The Weplay Motor skills Universal Set, 96 Pieces toy is designed for every kid. This is because of the amazing benefits the kids gain from using the toy. This toy is an educational toy that efficiently introduces your kids to shapes and colors. This helps them identify colors early on in their lives.

Due to the quantity and quality of each toy, it is really affordable and offers your kid with numerous playing opportunities. The 96 Pieces individually gives your kid a new idea on how to play. Something that helps the child and parents.

Weplay Motor skills Universal Set

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This toy helps with hand-eye coordination of your kid, and it helps them become more sensitive to their environment. It helps with their handling and identification ability. The versatility of this toy is another important thing about the toy. The toy can be used both at home or in schools. It can be used either indoor or outdoor. It meets the demands for development and helps deliver the exercise needed by your kids.

This toy is designed for kids aged three and more, as it offers them the opportunity to play when they want, and the way they want. The user guide help provides patterns, shapes, and designs you can make out of this toy and the exercise opportunities delivered for your kid.

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Pros and cons of the Weplay Motor skills Universal Set, 96 Pieces

Before you proceed to buy this toy, it is best to consider some of the pro and cons of the toy, they include:


  • Manufactured from high quality and safe materials
  • This toy improves your kids motor skills
  • Contains 96 pieces which makes it versatile for kid’s activities
  • Help your kid practice simple exercise that will keep them active
  • Supports design for multiple players at a time
  • Accommodate more than 1 kid at a time.
  • Perfect for home use, school, and playgroups.


  • This toy is very expensive, and not very affordable
  • Can really make your home messy and dirty
  • Must be used under close supervision
  • Perfect for kids of 3 years and above only
  • Boring for a single player

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Customer Review of Weplay Motor skills Universal Set, 96 Pieces

Weplay Motor skills

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You need to be convinced that the product you are buying will be beneficial for your kid. Here are some reviews from previous users that will assure you of how good this product is:

  • This product is great and offers my kids different play opportunities. Above all, it provides unmatched knowledgeable support for kids of varying ages.
  • I was endlessly searching for educational toys. Those were my special needs for my 3 years old kid. I saw this toy, and it brought me comfort and joy. I am thrilled to have this toy.


When you find the right thing, don’t let go of it. This is the simple advice I would like to give to all parents, guardians, and school owners sear hung for the right toy for their kids. This toy promises to deliver all you want in a toy. We have talked about the fantastic features of this toy, the pros, and cons that should influence your decisions. We have also seen just two of what others have to say about this toy. I hope all these inspire you to invest in this toy. Your kid deserves the best, and it doesn’t get better than this toy.


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