One of the popular names in the bath toys industry is Fisher-Price. The Thomas and Friend Fisher-Price My First Bath Buddies is one of the best bath toys you can get for your baby. This is not just a statement; it is a valid statement. This beautiful toy has been designed for almost all kids to have an exciting bath time.

In this review, we will be touching every important aspect of the Thomas and Friend Fisher-Price My First Bath Buddies that will motivate you to make use of it for your baby. We will also consider the pros and cons to help you make the best decision. Interestingly, we have also noted what some customers had to say based on their first-hand experience of using the product.

Features, Recommendation, and Specification of Thomas and Friend Fisher-Price My First Bath Buddies

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Every product is identified and characterized by its distinctive features, and this applies to the Thomas and Friend bath toy. Below are some of the unique features of this toy that will motivate you to make use of it;

  • Included items: The toy is a 3-pack of bathtub toys. Each pack of the Thomas and Friend bath toy contains the following; 1 Thomas squirter, a diesel ten scooper, and a Bulstrode strainer.
  • Play option: The toy can squirt water at the other engines of the toys when you trigger the toy by squeezing it. This can be done, especially by Thomas the squirter.
  • Design: the Thomas and Friend Fisher-Price toy carries unique and amazing designs. The toy is very colorful, making it more beautiful and interesting, especially for kids. The fun character of the toy adds fun to bath time. The toy is also designed in such a way that it can fit perfectly into your baby hands with little or no stress.
  • Age recommendation: the Thomas and Friend bath toy is designed for kids who long to enjoy their bath time. Both toddlers, babies, and kids of 18 months to 5 years can make use of the toy during bath time. Slightly older kids can also enjoy every moment spent using this toy.
  • Product weight and dimension: the dimension of this product is measured in inches. 3.5-inches by 2-inches, by 25-inches. The toy weighs 7.2 ounces (0.204 kg)
  • Extra: this toy floats on water easily due to its weight. The lightweight feature of the toy makes it perfect for kids as they can easily hold the toy.

Pros and Cons of Thomas and Friend Fisher-Price My First Bath Buddies

The Thomas and Friend Fisher-Price Bath Toy is one of the best bath toys around, but even at its best, there are little flaws to have been identified by customers. Here is detailed information about the pro and cons of this toy:


  • Perfect size that fits into the hands of the baby easily.
  • Set contains three toys, making it easier to play with (squirter, scooper, and strainer)
  • The toy can be used both inside and outside the bathtub.
  • The toy carries fun and colorful design that makes it more attractive for kids to play with.
  • No plastic smells. Safe and non-toxic for kids
  • Perfect for kids between age 18 months to 5 years.
  • The toy can be easily cleaned after use.
  • They are offered at affordable and pocket-friendly prices.


  • Does not roll or move on its own
  • Boat and other toys do not stay upright inside the water; because of this, they do not float well.
  • Hard plastic that can be dangerous for kids
  • The toys are very small in size.
  • Another bad thing about the toy is that it sinks easily in water.

Judging by the facts, it is safe to conclude that this is a good toy that your kid can play with. Since most of the turn off points often depend on individual perspectives and not the failure of the toy itself. But each parent must weigh the pro and cons before getting the toy as this will have a significant impact on their children getting the best out of the toy.

Customer Reviews

Of all the customers to have placed an order for this product online, only a small fraction have complained about the toy. More than 85% of customer feels it is the best toy they can get for their kids to add fun to bath time. They argue that the set having more than one toy in the pack makes it more perfect for kids to have other playing options. Many even got more than one to ensure the toy doesn’t leave the reach of their baby.

Check for push and pull toys for kids of all ages.


Toys are essential for the development of your baby. This can only be done positively if they are made to use high-quality toys alone. With the wrong toy, you can permanently injure your kids and cause better than harm, especially when the toy will be used inside water.

In this review, we have at length reviewed the Thomas and Friend Fisher-Price My First Bath Buddies, and we have seen the unique features it carries that makes it stand out among other toys. We have also seen the things many parents love about the toy and the apparent complaint of many customers under the pro and cons section.

I would advise parents to get this toy for their kids; it is a great toy and very safe for kids of all ages. About the size, it is perfect for toddlers and older ones. If you wish to double the fun at bath time, this is the card to play.

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