What is Toyrankr

Toyrankr is the site to visit when you're about to buy toys for your kids. From stuffed animals to RC transformer toys, we compare the best picks in various toy categories in order to give you the most unbiased and reliable buying advice. Our goal is to help you choose the best toys and be confident in your decision.

Why Trust Toyrankr?

Toyrankr is a toy review and comparison website with a mission to help you make the right decisions when buying toys. We spend help you save time and money by cutting out toys that do not meet our strict criteria and handpicking those that you would not regret buying.

Our team spends several hours researching, comparing, and analyzing toys in a bid to figure out and recommend the best ones for your kids. And to avoid bias, we do not accept any free products from or maintain any relationship whatsoever with toy manufacturers. All the opinions about toys reviewed and compared are those of our team of expert researchers, writers, and editors.

How We Review and Compare Toys

When you are looking to buy a certain toy for your kid, you come across a lot of options -- so many most times that you find it hard to figure out the good ones. You have the option of researching thoroughly on your own by checking user reviews online and visiting each manufacturer's website to get more details about the product. But that would take several hours.

And that's where we come in.

We evaluate several available models in each toy category and select the most impressive and best-selling options -- the ones that really matter. We also consider the opinions of buyers like you who have already bought and tested the toys. And that is because we understand that only long-term real-world use will reveal the durability and other hidden flaws -- if any -- about any toy.

Affiliate Disclosure

Toyrankr participates in the Amazon Affiliate Program, so we earn a commission whenever a reader clicks through an affiliate link on our site and proceeds to purchase from Amazon. So, we earn referral fees on any item you from Amazon buy through our site, but this does not influence the quality of our reviews in any way. We only use the commissions earned to support the site, so we can continue to provide value to readers by making helpful and reliable buying recommendations.