Toys come in different forms, but in most cases, the primary essence is to keep kids happy and engaged, this is what the giant BRIO WORLD does. BRIO WORLD also knows that there are more to toys than keeping kids happy and engaged. Toys are the tools that introduce kids to the true-life events that they will keep interacting with as they grow up. Giving kids the right toy offers them the opportunity to interact more with their environment and help develop their brain.

The search for the best is constant, but have you ever thought of the central fire station toy? Maybe you have not given much thought to this, even if you have done that, you still need to know more about this toy. The BRIO world central fire station toy is a toy designed for kids; here are some important details that will help your kids get the best out of this toy.

Features, Recommendation, and Specification of The Central Fire Station Toy

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First and foremost, be completely sure that all BRIO WORLD products are durable, and of very high-quality. Here are some important details and features of the Central Fire Station toy that makes it unique and different from other products.

  • Product included: the central fire station contains 12 pieces of toys. All are designed to bring out the beauty of the toy and make it fun to play with for your kid. Some of the pieces include a fire station, fire truck, firefighters, hose reel, chain saw, track pieces, slide, etc. The fire truck has both light and sound which makes it fun to use (Batteries are included in the package)
  • Extra: the design format of the toy allows you to expand your collections with the central fire station to enjoy budding your train engineer off. The central fire station toy is compatible with all BRIO railway toy. So as your kid grows, you can update the piece and find more suitable and interesting ones.
  • Age recommendation: this toy is specially designed for kids. It is appropriate for kids between the age of 36 months to 6 years. It is specially made with kid-friendly materials, and you can be sure that it will cause no harm to your baby. Kids above this age can also make use of this toy. (Toy should be used under mild supervision). The toy is also perfect for creative toddles.
  • Product weight and dimension: the dimension is measured in inches — 8-inches by 15.5-inches by 14-inches. At the point of shipping, the toy weighs 1.52kg (3.35 pounds) packaging included.
  • Product safety: the central fire station was subjected to more than 1000 safety test yearly. This is done to ensure that at every point, the toy does not cause harm to any kid. The toy is also designed to conform to every safety standard; this ensures overall that the toy is safe for kids to play with.
  • Development advantage: The Central Fire Station toy offers your kid several developmental advantages. The toy helps your kid learn and know more about their environment in a more detailed and fun way.
  • Construction material: for safety and durability, the toy is made with all plastic material that is BPA free, Phthalate free, and completely non-toxic. The railway track of the toy is designed with wood adding to the durability of the toy. The plastic used is of very high quality, and they won’t break even under intense use.
  • Educational advantage: the central fire station toy can be classified under the educational toys. This is because the toy helps in improving your imaginative kid play, and trains them on acting all forms of rescue scenes.

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Pros and Cons of the Central Fire Station Toy

Just before you proceed to get this toy, here are some of the pros and cons that you should know about.


  • The toy made use of earth-friendly and safe plastics.
  • Compatible with a lot of other tracks and products.
  • Interactive and colorful designs.
  • Real life truck sound and light makes it more perfect for kids
  • Solid designs which make playing with it easier.
  • The tendency to last for a long period.
  • Toy attaches to track easily.
  • Water supply can easily be taken along since it uses a magnet for connecting.
  • Two cell batteries for the fire truck.


  • The product price is relatively high compared to similar products.
  • Many users prefer wooden toys for such designs to plastic toys.
  • Should be used under mild supervision.
  • No instruction for arrangement, this can pose a little problem.
  • The firefighter and vehicle are too small.

Even with the notable cons of this toy, many customers feel the product cannot be substituted for any other one, it carries the perfect design, color, and it is seen as a toy that never sleeps. Parents opinion apart, all kids love the toy, and they don’t get bored easily while playing with the central fire station toy.


The BRIO WORLD Central Fire Station is a fantastic toy that offers your kid unmatched playing experience. In this review, we have discussed in details the features and recommendation of this toy, and why you should consider getting one for your baby. The positive features make it perfect for your baby; they would love to have one as soon as possible. The weight and dimension of the toy are also very perfect for kids.

It is worthy to note too that many keep complaining about the high price of the toy and the fact that it is more of plastics than wooden. But overall, the toy is perfect and offers your baby more unique and beautiful playing experience. If your baby deserves the best, look beyond the price and get them a toy worth every penny.



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