Only a few things can fascinate kids more than objects that change color. And a smart way to expose them to this form of fun is to buy them toys that change color in water.

By changing colors “miraculously” when immersed in water, these toys would not only wow your kids, but they will also sharpen your kids’ senses of observation.

In this post, we’d be looking at some of the best toys that change colors in water – as carefully selected by our research team based on design, package, colors, brand trust, buyer reviews, and price.

best toys that change colors in water

That Change Colors in Water: Our Best Picks

Barbie Color Reveal Doll with 7 Surprises
Hot Wheels Color Shifters
Breyer Horses Color Changing Bath Toy
Barbie Play ‘n’ Wash Pets Playset
Disney and Pixar Cars Color Changers

1. Barbie Color Reveal Doll with 7 Surprises


How much do you love surprises? Just like the name implies, the Barbie Color Reveal Doll comes with 7 surprises. With this, you can rest assured that you have enough surprises to go around you the family.

The first step to enjoying this toy set is to get it out of the package by unscrewing the tube at the top. After this, you can pull out a doll that is covered completely. When you fill-up the tub with warm water, drop the doll inside. Swirl it a little and then pull it out to see the new look. All the dolls come with a different combo of sculpted hair color, eye color, decorated leotard, and skin tone.

What’s more? When you open the four different mystery bags, you will see more surprises like a skirt, wig, sponge, shoes, etc. The tube has enough storage space for these items after play. Kids from ages 3 to 7 will enjoy playing with this toy. They can collect different accessories and match them with toys.

Overall, the Barbie Color Reveal Doll toy set provides your kids with lots of fun. The toys are made from a durable plastic material. Although, we think the set is a little too expensive.


  • Colorful toys with attractive design
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Easy to unbox and use
  • It comes with several pieces and accessories


  • Pricy

2. Hot Wheels Color Shifters


Are your kids car lovers? If your answer is yes, then they will love to play with this set of color shifter cars. There are five cars in the Hot Wheels Color Shifters toy set. Each of these cars comes in a unique attractive color. One of the advantages of this toy set is that your kids can have their friends play with the set.

Getting the cars to change color is a very simple and interesting experience. All your kids need to do is get some warm water and drop the cars inside. Now they can easily watch the cars change color. That’s not all. To restore the cars to their regular colors, simply drop them in cold water.

Kids will enjoy experimenting with this toy set and showing them off to their friends. The only challenge is that the cars aren’t so big. But they make up for their size with their durability and attractive design. The cars are also compatible with other color-shifter toy sets such as the Ultimate Gator Car Wash. Overall, the Hot Wheels Color Shifters is an interesting idea that gives you enough time to experiment with your kids.


  • Great design
  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Compatible with other color shifters toy sets
  • Quite affordable


  • The included cars are too small

3. Breyer Horses Color Changing Bath Toy


The Breyer Horses Color Changing Bath Toy presents you with a single toy in the package. This toy is known as Jasmine, a pretty black horse with pink markings. However, when you drop Jasmine in warm water, the pink markings magically change to white. You can bet that your kids, especially girls, will love playing with this toy.

Jasmine has an attractive brushable tail and mane. Both can be styled and also change colors as well. Other accessories that come in the same package include an atomizer spray bottle, a brush, and a bathrobe. The bathrobe is made from actual cloth material so when it gets dirty, you can wash and dry it.

One of the advantages of this toy is that when it gets dry, it returns to its original color. This means that the fun doesn’t stop after the first use. Your kids can use this toy over and over again. It is made from premium quality materials so it wouldn’t get broken anytime soon. At 8 inches, this toy is long enough for your kids to have a jolly good time.


  • Attractive design
  • Durable material
  • Comes with accessories
  • Large toy


  • Traps water inside
  • Package contains only one toy

4. Barbie Play ‘n’ Wash Pets Playset


Your daughter will absolutely fall in love with the Barbie Play ‘n’ Wash Pets Playset. It comes with a Barbie doll, three beautiful pets (a kitten, bunny, and puppy), and other accessories. Each animal is designed to change colors from clean to dirty and back to default.

There is an attractive grassy bucket in the package that your kids can fill with some cold water. Once they place the animals in the water, muddy spots begin to appear on them. Next, they should drop the pets in warm water inside the silver bucket to see them get clean again.

There are also feeding bowls for each of the animals with play food in the package as well. The Barbie doll can settle each one of the animals for an afternoon nap. It also has bendable knees and real clothes as well. A lot of effort was put into making this toy set as realistic as possible. It was also designed with top-quality materials to ensure that it lasts for a long time.


  • Attractive design
  • Loaded with accessories
  • Durable toy set
  • Barbie has bendable knees and real clothes


  • The toys are very small
  • Sometimes the spots don’t show up

5. Disney and Pixar Cars Color Changers


Are your kids fans of Disney and Pixar? Then they will absolutely love the Disney and Pixar Cars Color Changers toy set. There are three cars in the collection, each with a unique color that changes just like the other toys on this list.

Dip the cars into warm water and watch them change color almost instantly. To reverse the effect, simply drop them back in cold water. However, you can inspire your kids to get creative with this toy set. They can splash warm water at different angles to create new paint designs. As such, they can come up with stripes and spots on different parts of the cars.

Kids that are 3 years old upward will love this toy set, and you can hand it out as a gift any time. Again, the cars are quite small but for the price, what did we expect? It is a shame that they aren’t so durable as well. While they have a solid build, the paint seems to come off easily.


  • Attractive design
  • Changes color quickly
  • Very affordable
  • Spurs creativity


  • Paint peels off easily
  • Small cars

6. PlayMonster Kid O Color-Changing Origami Boats Bath Toy Set


Do your kids love origami art? Then they will love to play with the PlayMonster Kid O Color-Changing Origami Boats Bath Toy Set. The boats float in water and this adds to the realistic experience your kids derive from the toy set.

When dropped in warm water, the hulls will transform magically into different bright colors. The boats are also very easy to clean. Since each one is 5 inches long, they are great for toddlers of about 1-year-old and above.

The PlayMonster Kid O Color-Changing Origami Boats Bath Toy Set is worth investing on. It is about the most affordable product on our list, , and they are worth every penny since they are very durable.


  • Quality design
  • Durable
  • The boats float on water
  • Quite affordable


  • None that we could pick

7. Bath Toys, 8 Pcs Light Up Floating Rubber Animal Toys Set


The attractive feature of the Light Up Floating Rubber Animal Toys Set from Jasnkkont is their lights. When you drop the toys in water, they light up automatically. This will keep your kids glued to the toys with curiosity.

Of course, you’ll need batteries to power the lights. Not to worry, the batteries are included in the package and will last up to 3 months. Apart from lighting up, each of the characters in this toy set can float. With this, you can leave toddlers to spend some fun time in the bathtub.

Overall, the Light Up Floating Rubber Animal Toys Set is great for toddlers from 6 months old up. They are not too small to hold, and come with an ergonomic design. Their moderate size also means that your kids cannot swallow them.


  • Easy to play with
  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable
  • They light up


  • Toys don’t exactly change color

8. Monster Jam Official Reveal The Steel 4-Pack of Color-Changing Monster Trucks


The first thing that attracts users to this toy set is the 4-in-1 nature of the toy. There are four trucks in the package, each one with a unique color. Drop these trucks in warm water and watch their original colors fade. Splash some cold water on them to restore them to their default colors.

While this is great, it is the realistic features of these trucks that sell the package. From the life-like graphics to the BKT tires, the unique wheels to the attractively styled chassis, everything about the design makes sense. To add to this, there are drivers molded into each driver’s seat.

Kids from age 3 years old upward will enjoy playing with this toy set. If your kids are truck fans then they will absolutely love this toy set. You can rest assured that they will have a lot of fun with the toys.


  • Realistic design
  • Durable
  • Four trucks in the package
  • Affordable


  • None that we could pick


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