One of the best ways to teach kids something beneficial is to make it fun to learn. Do just that and see your kids learn life’s most important skills fast at a young age. Washing dishes is no exception. Even if they see you wash dishes every day, they’d learn that skill better with hands-on experience than mere observation.

If you want your kids to learn and master dishwashing in a fun way, your best bet is to get them a toy kitchen sink — one that really pours water. In this post, we’d be looking at some of the best toy kitchen sinks with running water.

best toy kitchen sink with running water

Toy Kitchen Sinks with Running Water: Our Top 6 Picks

Deciding to buy a kitchen sink for your kids is one thing. Getting the right one that your kid would love and that would last long is the more important step. Sadly, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are too many options in the market to choose from.

But there’s good news: Our research team has scoured the market to compare several pretend kitchen sink models with the aim of figuring out the best ones that allow kids to wash with running water. Aside from the inclusion of a running water system, this comparison was based on design, durability, brand trust, and buyer reviews.

And here are our top contenders.

1. Cute Stone Pretend Play Kitchen Sink Toys


The Cute Stone Pretend Play Kitchen Sink Set is an amazing addition to your child’s toy arsenal. It comes with several features that qualify it for our review list.

There is a multi-function kitchen sink along with a stove. Both produce sound and light to give your baby a unique and interesting cooking experience. The play sink comes with an electric faucet to ensure the automatic circulation of water. Because of this, the water flows smoothly at a uniform speed which is safe and fun for your child.

The package comes with several play utensils and tableware. With these, your child can pretend to use and wash the different cooking utensils. It also allows your child to enjoy pretense cooking. Since the unit allows water to circulate, there is a need for proper drainage. Cute Stone added a detachable drain rack to make it easy to filter water and store dishes.

The advantage of this toy is to help your kids understand how to treat a kitchen and handle kitchen utensils. It will also help your kids imbibe the habit of arranging a kitchen properly. Cute Stone added simulate vegetables and fruits to the package. Your kids can cut and peel these to create pretend meals. This toy set allows you to share an interesting cooking experience with your kids.

There is a realistic stovetop along with a pan and pot. Kids can place these over the stove and listen to their food sizzle and bubble. To make the cooking experience as realistic as possible, the pot and pan emit spray while cooking. Match this with the realistic sounds and lights from the unit and the cooking experience is almost real.

The unit is made from a very high-quality plastic material. This means that it is very durable, considering that it will be used by kids. It is also very easy to set up even though you’ll need to use 6 AA batteries. One of the points to note is that batteries are not included in the package so you’ll have to buy them separately.

It makes up for this with the steam and water faucet functions. The colors of the different parts of this unit are very attractive. This unit is very affordable as well, which makes it a great gift option for children.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality plastic
  • Value for money
  • Realistic cooking experience
  • Children don’t need the parents’ attention to use the unit
  • Enough storage space to put away toys


  • Needs batteries to run

2. KidPar 28 Pieces Color Changing Kitchen Play Sink Toys for Kids


The first thing about this KidPar toy set that attracts one’s attention is that it is temperature-sensing. It means that your child can enjoy using this set indoors and outdoors. The accessories will turn white when they are exposed to warm water. Being temperature-sensitive means that your kids are protected from catching a cold while playing.

The whole package is designed to teach your children how to organize a kitchen while they are still young. It comes with running water, which gives a realistic washing experience. So, if your kids like to play with water, this might be a good way to keep them busy.

The water comes from an electric water tap that is fixed to an automatic water cycle. Don’t worry about adding water all the time since the water system is very efficient. All the corners of the sink are smooth and rounded. As such, you are assured of the safety of your child while playing. It is also void of any toxic elements and harmful odors that may affect your kids.

The toy set is designed using high-quality BPA-free plastic material. This implies durability so you don’t have to worry about getting a similar toy set any time soon. Assembling toys like this can be quite daunting but KidPar has made it easy for you. The package is easy to set up, pack, and store away after play.

There is a bottom basin where you can put water. Once you put in the two batteries, simply turn on the toy and you are good to go. The challenge is that is doesn’t come with the batteries so you have to buy batteries separately. To add to the realistic experience, there are Velcro food toys that your kids will enjoy cutting.


  • Velcro food and veggies
  • Electric tap
  • Easy to set up
  • Large storage space to put toys away
  • Very durable
  • Void of toxic material and harmful odors
  • Very affordable


  • Batteries not included in the package

3. GrowthPic Play Kitchen Sink Toys


This GrowthPic play kitchen sink comes with an automatic water cycle just like the others on this list. The water circulation is top-notch, making it easy for your kids to have an enjoyable kitchen sink experience. It has a faucet powered by an efficient motor allowing it to produce smooth water flow.

This toy set comes with 25 kitchen accessories and an electric play sink. It also includes cleaning tools, pretend foods, cutting accessories, and tableware. To make it easy for your kids to relate with the unit, there are cute stickers you can use in decorating the set.

There are a basket and a dish rack just beside the sink. Your kids can place their utensils here after washing and rinse them in the sink. This way, the utensils, and accessories can drain water like in a real kitchen. One of the advantages of this toy set is that it allows your kids to learn the art of arranging a kitchen.

All the components of this toy set are made from child-friendly ABS materials. The edges of the sink are smooth and without burrs. So if your kids like to imitate you in the kitchen, this is a great way to get them engaged. The unit requires four AA batteries that aren’t included so you’d need to buy the batteries separately.

Overall, this toy set from GrowthPic is cute and very durable. However, it would have been better if there were clearer instructions. The package could have been bigger as well but considering the price, it is a great buy.


  • Very affordable
  • Free from odors and toxic chemicals
  • Designed using high-quality ABS plastic
  • Great design


  • Quite small in size
  • The instructions aren’t so clear
  • Batteries aren’t included

4. Bobxin Play Kitchen Toy Sink


The Bobxin Play Kitchen Toy Sink is designed with top-quality ABS plastic material. This indicates that there are no toxic chemicals or offensive odors to hurt your kids while they play. The toy set comes with several kitchen accessories to keep your toddler busy all day. Some of these accessories include a dish rack, play food, rag, fork, spoon, brush, plastic plate, and washing sponges.

It has an auto water circulation system, which means that you can curb wastage of water. Once your kids turn the electric faucet on, the sink begins to pump water. The water flows smoothly to the base through the drain. Just like the Elf lab kitchen sink, the faucet in the Bobxin set rotates 180 degrees. With this, your kids can even move the faucet to the drain when the need arises.

Easy drainage is a very important factor to consider when choosing a kitchen toy set with a sink. The Bobxin toy sink solves this problem very easily since it comes with a hook and storage basket. Both make it easy for kids to drain plates, cups, and other utensils after washing. Besides, it teaches kids kitchen organization in the most interesting and practical manner.

One of the major advantages of this toy set is the large surface area which allows for better water play. Also, the extra space is sufficient for storing the kitchen accessories away after play. The toy set allows you to load warm water when the weather is cold. This way, you can keep your kids busy with the set without fear of them catching a cold.


  • Allows the use of warm water
  • Large storage space
  • Efficient drainage system
  • Very affordable
  • Water faucet rotates 180 degrees
  • Consumes less battery power


  • Doesn’t come with batteries

5. Minnie’s Happy Helpers Magic Sink Set


The major selling point of the Minnie’s Happy Helpers Magic Sink Set is the design. It is very attractive, especially if your kids are fans of Disney Junior Minnie. The toy kitchen set comes with several attractive features just like the sets already described above.

Many kitchen toy sets are very attractive in design but don’t work so well. This one actually works. The water circulation system is spot on with a bow-shaped handle. Once your kids turn the handle, the faucet produces water to clean dishes and cups.

The toy set also comes with a drying rack that is designed like a basket. However, there is no hook, so the drainage system isn’t so efficient. The toy set makes up for this with the storage space that you get from removing the drying rack. Once the rack isn’t in use, you can take it out and use the space as storage for the kitchen accessories.

The unit comes with two plates, four cups, a play scrub brush, two forks, and two knives. This is perfect to keep your kids busy while you get on with your kitchen work. It is perfect for kids from 3-years-old upward. This kitchen set is the most affordable on our list even though it isn’t as large as the rest.


  • Very attractive design
  • One of the most affordable on the market


  • Not so durable
  • Kids have to hold the faucet handle to keep water running

6. Elf Lab Kitchen Sink Toys Set


The Elf Lab Kitchen Sink Toy Set comes with several amazing accessories that your kids will love to play with. Some of them include a kitchen sink, faucet tap, plastic cup, base, plastic plate, rag, plastic knife, sink plug, etc. There is even a play detergent in the pack to provide a realistic kitchen experience for your kids.

Just like the other kitchen toys on this list, this set comes with an automatic water circulation system. This indicates that the water faucet is electric and the sink dispels and recycles water automatically. With this, you do not need to pack the sink with water all the time. Another plus is that the faucet can rotate up to 180 degrees so flushing two sinks is possible.

Many parents that purchase kitchen toy sets for their kids complain about drainage and storage. The Elf Lab kitchen set saves you the trouble with a storage basket and hanging hook. With these, your kids can drain dishes and cups after washing them in the sink. That’s not all; your kids can use the spacious base to store accessories away when they aren’t in use.

One of the benefits of kitchen toy sets for kids is that it teaches kitchen organization. This toy set ticks this box easily since it requires little or no supervision. Once your kids are done playing, they can easily pack the accessories and put them away in the base. The whole set is very portable and easy to store without consuming storage space.

Durability is a major concern when it comes to children’s toys. This one is designed using ABS plastic material. As a result, it is very durable and also safe for kids. The edges are all rounded to avoid injury and there are no toxic chemicals used. This set is safe for children aged 3-years or older.


  • Very attractive design
  • The faucet can rotate 180 degrees
  • The base can be used as storage for kitchen accessories
  • Efficient water circulation system
  • Designed with premium ABS plastic
  • Very affordable toy set


  • Doesn’t come with batteries


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