It’s a child’s dream to have a pony as a pet. Something that they can ride along, feed with apples or sugar cubes and perhaps, even dress out with a colorful saddle. Even kid-friendly zoos offer such activities for children to get a good grasp of their animal-loving side. But with your current home arrangement, buying an actual pony is simply preposterous and out of the question. So why not go for an interactive pony? To give you an idea, read on this Zoomer Show Pony review.

What is a Zoomer Show Pony?

Spin Master 6036997 Zoomer Show Pony with Lights Sounds and Interactive Movement
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Makers of the Zoomer Show Pony interactive robot toy for children is no stranger to reinforcing imaginative play and unabashed enjoyment. Designed as a viable alternative to actually having a real, live pony as a pet, this interactive robot can be fed, groomed and trained in such a way that it truly feels life-like to any unsuspecting child.

It’s a wish come true for any pet-loving child to finally get their hands on a highly interactive pony. With such cool fashionable physical features, no child can ever say no to this gorgeous pony designed to stimulate their imagination and creativity while reinforcing developmental and social skills. Using durable materials, this interactive pet pony can even be passed down from one child to the next or even as a heirloom for the family’s next generation to enjoy.

Great Features Await Your Child! 

The interactive Zoomer Show Pony is also oozing with great features. When powered on, the pony can move by itself, complemented with expressive eyes that light up each time she interacts with someone. It can be fed with an apple, carrot or a sugar cube– and is fantastically part of the toy set as accessories. Definitely, no added cost! It also comes with a hairbrush stimulating good grooming skills in your child as she styles the pony for a good show.

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Stimulating a child’s EQ is also part of the benefits when playing with this interactive pony. Simply pet the cheeks and nose, and the pony will respond with loving sounds. It nuzzles like a real pony does and can also shake or move its head. The “I love you” neigh sound is also too touching making a child improve her emotional quotient. A gentle press on its heart badge also keeps the fun burning with dancing, singing and performing tricks. When the show’s over, simply feed it with a sugar cube, apple or carrot as reward. How awesome is that?

Can’t get enough of this Zoomer Show Pony review? Feel free to check out no-nonsense comments and feedback from parents who have shown their awe to this hip interactive toy. It offers a lot of benefits to a child in terms of skills development and character enhancement. It can also be brought along when traveling on a vacation. If you want to add more to your Zoomer interactive toy arsenal, the Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn is an exclusive offer that will also melt any child’s heart with glee. Get your list ready for the holidays and try these interactive toys out now!

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