Which is Better? Three Wheeler or Four Wheeler Strollers!

When most parents are choosing a new baby stroller, the most frequent question that arises is whether they should choose the three wheel or the four wheel stroller. This is a very important question but not one easy to answer. This is why this article aims to put the two against each other so that you can determine which one is best for you.

Three Wheel Stroller

Three wheel strollers are also known as joggers. The three wheel baby stroller is a pushchair that features a single front wheel and two back wheels. The three wheel strollers are more popular than their four wheel counterparts because they are lighter and have sharper navigation. Most three wheel strollers are also quite easy to fold and store.
Of the two, the three wheel stroller is known for being the more sporty one. If you are an athletic parent, you have the option of attaching mountain wheels to the stroller at those times when a walk is not enough.

Even though the three wheel stroller’s wheels are great for navigation and leisure travel, some people reckon that they could do with a bit more weight and stability. This is something available in the four wheel strollers.

Advantages of Three Wheel Stroller
• Cheaper
• Easy to maneuver in tight spaces
• Lighter
• Easy to fold

Compromises of Three Wheel Stroller
• Not quite stable when changing directions aggressively

Best for parents that:
• Want a light and highly maneuverable stroller
• Want to exercise with their stroller
• Live in small indoor spaces and narrow hallways

Four Wheel Strollers

The four wheel stroller may be regarded as the more popular one. One of the major advantages the four wheel stroller has over the three wheel stroller is that it does offer additional stability since it is equally balanced on all sides. Four wheel strollers also feature additional storage space in the lower compartment. They are also quite convenient for those parents that love to travel on more dense and rugged terrain.

Even though the heavier base in the four wheel stroller may be of benefit in some ways, it does tend to make it harder to transport and store the stroller. In this regard, the three wheel stroller has an edge.

Advantages of Four Wheel Stroller
• Dual suspension for a smoother ride
• More stable on uneven surfaces

Compromises of Four Wheel Stroller
• More expensive
• Heavier
• Harder to steer in tight spaces

Best for parents that:
• Spend much time outdoors on rugged terrain
• Want a more stable and smoother ride for their child
• Encounter cobblestones regularly.

Which One Is Better?

In the end, it all comes down to what you are looking for on a personal level. If you are the sporty type that loves to jog with your baby and are looking for maximum maneuverability then the three wheel baby stroller is just for you. If you are a parent that wants his or her child to have a comfortable, stable ride, and you have the budget for it then the four wheel baby stroller is for you. Use the benefits, compromises, and suggestions highlighted in this article to choose the best stroller for your child.

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