Babies are usually fed when they throw up, but what is the best time to feed them after vomiting? When should you wait and when can it be too late?

This is a question that many parents ask. The answer to this question depends on the age of your baby and what they have eaten before vomiting. If you are unsure, it is best to wait until after they have vomited again. Read more in detail here: should i feed baby after vomiting.

A liquid diet may help reduce the symptoms of the stomach virus, which may take some time to settle. If your child has a stomach illness and can consume solid meals, avoid solids for around 24 hours.

What Should You Give A Baby If He Or She Has Vomited?

A youngster who is vomiting should sometimes consume tiny sips of clear liquid, such as broth or water. It’s advised to avoid fruit juice and carbonated beverages until your symptoms improve. It’s acceptable for your kid to take solid meals as is, no matter how thirsty or hungry she is.

What Should You Do If Your Baby Throws Up?

  • Give half your regular dose of vomits every 1-2 hours.
  • There should be no more than one attempt at vomiting, although ORS should be administered for 8 hours….
  • A fluid known as ORS may assist your youngster in drinking enough amounts of water….
  • In little quantities of food, many individuals may need to use a spoon or a syringe.


Is it OK to put my baby to sleep after he or she has vomited?

TO PREVENT DEHYDRATION DURING PERSISTENCY, YOUR CHILD SHOULD DRINK A SUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF WATER. Stay away from the infant when they sleep on their stomach because they vomit. Their backs are still the safest, according to scientific study.

When Is It Safe To Give Milk To A Baby After Vomiting?

Gradually increase the quantity of liquid your youngster drinks as he or she becomes used to it. If they continue to vomit, you should wait 30-60 minutes. Do not push your kid to drink or wake them up to drink if they are asleep. After 8 hours of not drinking milk or yogurt beverages, you should be able to stop vomiting completely.

After vomiting, how do I keep my baby hydrated?

Make careful to offer clean fluids as well as oral rehydration treatments (such as Pedialyte or sugar water or tea) (such as water or tea). It is preferable to avoid using plain water. Every few minutes, a tiny quantity should be administered, and the amount may progressively rise.


It is recommended that you feed your infant after vomiting. However, it is not advised to feed an infant who has been throwing up for more than a few hours. Reference: infant vomiting after feeding.

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