The human body is made up of a wide variety of tissues and organs which are able to produce alcohol. Mothers who drink while pregnant can pass it on unknowingly through breast milk, leading to the possibility that their babies may experience intoxication in the first few days or weeks after birth.,

Signs of alcohol in breastfed baby include irritability, poor feeding, and excessive crying. Signs of alcohol in your breast milk include a strong odor and the presence of ethyl alcohol on the surface of the milk.

What Happens If Baby Has Alcohol Through Breast Milk? –

Breastfeeding while under the influence of modest amounts of alcohol may harm an infant’s development, growth, and sleep habits. When a woman consumes moderate quantities of alcohol, her capacity to care for a kid may be harmed. When she consumes more alcohol, her ability to care for a child may be harmed.

What Happens If My Baby Drinks Alcohol While Breastfeeding?

Yes. After a short period of time, an addicted woman who drinks in defiance or self-medicates with alcohol by herself or via their breastfeeding might result in their baby’s poor weight increase or low nutritional level. Even a little quantity of alcohol impairs the milk ejection reflex (let-down) and reduces the milk intake of the infant.

How Much Alcohol Does Breast Milk Actually Contain?

The quantity of water that enters the mother’s blood or milk is less than 2% of the entire amount she consumes. While there is no alcohol in breast milk, there are equivalent quantities in maternal blood. To put it another way, if the mother’s blood alcohol level is really high, the milk will also include alcohol.


Is It Possible For A Baby To Get Drunk From Breast Milk?

Is it possible for my kid to get inebriated from breast milk? If you nurse your infant too soon after consuming alcohol, your baby will ingest alcohol as well. Because alcohol does not operate as well in newborns as it does in adults, there is less exposure. “It’s unlikely that your baby will be able to consume breast milk from you,” Dr. Schwartz explains.

Is It True That Alcohol Goes Straight To Breast Milk?

In the case of breast milk, there is no limit to the quantity of alcohol that a newborn should be exposed to. When combined with other drugs, alcohol in your system will not move into breast milk in concentrations comparable to those seen in bloodstreams.

When Can I Breastfeed Again After Drinking?

Breastfeeding should not be tried for at least 2 hours after you have consumed alcohol. A woman’s alcohol consumption has a direct impact on how her nursing infant feels at night.


The “can alcohol in breastmilk make baby vomit” is a question that has been asked by many mothers. The answer to the question is no, but it will depend on how much alcohol your baby ingested.

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