One of the most popular games on Youtube is Baby Gupies. The game has over 10 million views and was created by a mom who would like to see her children succeed in life. There are some interesting facts about this family-friendly game that you may not know, such as what fish will eat baby guppies while they sleep?

The “best fish to control guppy population” is a question that has been asked by many people. There are some fish that will eat baby guppies, but they aren’t the best option.

What Fish Will Eat Baby Guppies? –

Are there any fish that are ok for baby gouties? Swordfish has a lot going for it. Betta fishes have a reputation for being aggressive, territorial, and aggressive at times. Angelfish may be found in ponds. Mansard, dwarf, crab, and shrimp are the four types of poacherfish. Gouramis. This species includes a swordfish. How can you prevent congestion in Guppy Tank?? Is there an overabundance of ge Guppy Fry? That is, in essence, the summation.

Will Baby Guppies Be Eaten by Other Fish?

The pineapple is always moving. Baby fish, like adult fish, create excellent food for their own food — a favorite of adult fish like fish. To keep little fry from becoming prey to bigger fish, provide young fish somewhere to hide once they’re mature enough so they can’t swim toward them.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Baby Guppies?

  • Thanks to Guppy Fry, you can have a good time…
  • Simply simple, just leave them with their parents…
  • Separate their parents from their children by forcing them to be parents.
  • Give Guppy Fry to a hungry person.
  • Guppy Fry may be grown out and sold for a profit.
  • Make sure your breeding doesn’t go too out of hand.


What Fish Isn’t a Fan of Baby Guppies?

Murlins, pitbull pleco or glass catfish (their bodies may be delicate), banjo catfish (which I see often in my heart), and kuhli loaches are unlikely to be eaten by shrimp, despite their preference for Hawaii.

What Makes Guppy Fish Eat Their Young?

If maintained in the tank with their smaller progeny, the guppy fish is unlikely to show parental care and will mistake the fry for food. After consuming her own fry, the female guppy replaces her fat reserves, as previously stated.

Do Fish Eat Their Young?

Fish eat young that they catch themselves, and various species eat varied quantities of it. Fish eggs may be protected from starving if they are kept away from adult fish rather than being eaten. If you don’t have a net, remove the tiny fish using a cup.


What Fish Will Consume Guppy Fry?

What are the most popular items from the uppy fries menu? Several sorts of fish feed on other species of fish on guppy fry in aquariums. Brotta, angelfish, dwarf puffserfish, swordtail fish, and rocacher fish are some of these fish. Adults may also be killed by angelfish without the use of a knife.

What Am I Going To Do With All These Baby Guppies?

Guppies may become exceedingly hazardous as soon as they are hatched. Separate them from adults for their own protection or, at the absolute least, provide them with hiding spots in a tank. Feed them often, keep them in warm water, and maintain them in a warm environment to ensure they have lots of fresh food.

What Do You Do With Unwanted Baby Fish?

If you aren’t ready to grow your fish, you may want to check with a local aquarium or a fish breeder to see if they would accept baby fish. If you want your kids to be in the water, there’s no reason not to start a new aquarium while they’re young.


What Should I Do With My Baby Guppies?

To stimulate development, fertilize the pregnant guppy with food and enable it to spend time inside or outdoors. Place the breeder net as far away from the water as possible in your tank. Keeping the moms fish alone in a tank small enough for them to give birth is another option. From this womb through their delivery, the safety of your newborn guppies is guaranteed.

Are My Baby Guppies Going to Be Eaten?

Parents’ children, on the other hand, are occasionally enticed to eat their own fries while being fed. After their offspring arrive, guppy fish will not give parental care, and feeding these fish too soon will cause them to mistake them for food. Researchers have been fascinated by this unusual, inexplicable behavior for a long time.

When it comes to baby guppies, how long can they go without eating?

It is possible to keep guppy fry alive for up to three days without feeding them. Guppy chickens may be able to sleep for extended periods of time under certain circumstances, although their mortality may decrease in subsequent generations.


Is it OK to mix baby guppies with fish?

If you wish to keep them isolated from the rest of your Guppies, allow them time to mature before introducing them to the rest of the tank. Two weeks is a decent length of time for them to start becoming as big as they need to be for this experiment. If they still don’t have any hair, it’s likely that they aren’t yet mature enough for their intended function.

What Is the Best Way to Keep Baby Guppies Alive?


  • Water doesn’t need to be heated to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but it does give it a richer taste.
  • You may change the water on a frequent basis to keep the fry healthy. Furthermore, fresh water encourages development.
  • You should not turn off your lights for less than 12 to 16 hours every day.


The “will a betta eat baby guppies” is a question that many parents ask themselves. The answer is yes and no. Bettas are omnivores, so they will eat any type of food. However, if you want to ensure your guppies have the best chance at survival, you should feed them only live foods like blood worms or brine shrimp.

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