Baby groundhogs grow up to be about 2 feet long and weigh 3-4 pounds. They’re omnivorous, eating a variety of plants as well as insects, worms or other small animals. Baby groundhogs should eat roughly 8-10% of their body weight in food each day.

The “how to tell how old a baby groundhog is” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is that it depends on the age of the baby. Groundhogs can live up to 8 years and they eat mostly plants, but they also eat insects like slugs and bugs.

What Do Baby Groundhogs Eat? –

Baby potholes can eat rabbit and apple-based food. They may start eating veggies as soon as they reach the age of five weeks. Alternatively, you might get in touch with a local animal rehabilitator or a game and fish department.

Is it Possible for Baby Groundhogs to Survive Without Their Mother?

As the puppies have a litter each day, they begin drinking milk from their moms and may then begin playing with and eating the items they discover, developing certain abilities that they may use later in life as they mature. Their eyes are open and completely furred at four weeks. Horses must be weaned by June 1 after 44 days of acclimating to life without their mothers’ milk.

When Groundhogs Leave The Nest, How Old Are They?

Groundhogs are blind and naked during the first four weeks of their lives, waiting for the den to open. They’re given fresh grass to eat and are cared after by their mother. They will be in their last weeks in roughly six weeks. When they leave their mother’s cave at the age of three months, they are completely developed by the age of five months.


What Should You Do With An Orphaned Baby Groundhog?


  • Because you can’t keep a young groundhog warm with your bare hands, be sure to cover them in layers of clothes or towels.
  • As long as the puppy’s electrolyte levels are normal, give it dextrose and liquid preparation every two hours.


Do Groundhog Babies Make Good Pets?

Groundhogs are not the finest pets or humans, as proven by their proclivity for eating practically everything in their path. Once they find out how, they’ll probably be able to get out of the cage. An unborn groundhog is very delicate and may die if not given adequate care. Groundhogs are cute but not very nice pets, thus they don’t have a place in our house.

Do Groundhogs Leave Their Babies Alone?

Because there is nothing a groundhog can do for humans, he makes every effort to avoid them. After mating, the mother and daughter create an in-n nest. They remain in their burrow until the baby is born, looking for nourishment. A woman who, owing to rain or other circumstances, abandons her newborn children.


How Long Do Groundhog Babies Stay With Their Mothers?

Groundhogs begin reproducing as soon as they emerge from hibernation in early spring. The infant woodchucks stay in the mother’s care for the first several months of their lives, but once they reach an appropriate age, they may leave her grasp.

What Do You Feed A Groundhog As A Pet?


  • We are producing a variety of greens on grass, including broccoli, cabbage, alfalfa, clover, dandelion, cherry, and mulberry leaves.
  • Bark and twigs are found on forest trees such as black cherry and dogwood.
  • Plant species include peas, carrots, celery, maize, polenta, and beans.
  • Cherries and apples are two fruits that grow well in the Pacific Northwest.
  • June bugs, snails, and beetles are among the insects that many bugs devour.


What Should You Do If You Find A Groundhog Baby?

Make contact with a local wildlife rehabilitation center or agency. the supplies needed for the birth, and allowing the newborn groundhog to live in natural settings and with the ability to care for itself.


How Often Do Groundhog Babies Eat?



Weight at birth: 30 g -eyes closed -no fur, wrinkled skin -approximately 4 inches long

2 to 3 mL 5- 6 times a day is a good rule of thumb.

1 week – eyes closed – skin pigmentation

4-5 milliliters Formula 5 to 6 times a day

2 weeks – eyes closed – very inactive – hair growing all over body

6 to 8 mL 5 times each day using the formula

Do Groundhogs Leave Their Holes?

Punxsiders hibernate from mid-October until mid-January, thus they burrow throughout the fall and winter. The hibernating rats begin to emerge from their holes over the two mornings as we get started. During the months of March and April, males have the chance to investigate burrows near females.

Do Groundhogs Remain In One Spot?

A hen’s life expectancy is rather short. They gorge themselves on their feathers and rance to the light as they get older.

Is It Possible For Me To Raise A Groundhog?

If a pet can’t be discovered on its own, contact a veterinarian or a local humane organization. Give toys some stimulation, regardless of how tight the container should be, and keep the door open (i.e. don’t treat them like pets). This kind of wild animal cannot be kept as a pet. It’s not an excellent pet option since it’s a wild species.


Do Groundhog Babies Drink Water?

Golfers, according to scientific literature, do not drink water since they get their nutrients from leafy plants. Despite the fact that rabbits consume vegetation, it is obvious from our studies that they also seek for fresh sources of fluid.

Is it possible to keep a groundhog as a pet?

Rodents are not permitted in the house in California, with the exception of golden hamsters, mice, rats, and domestic guinea pigs. Because groundhogs are similar to ferrets, many people are unfamiliar with them. If you wish to keep groundhogs as pets but don’t have a permit, you may apply for one.

Is It Possible To Tame A Baby Groundhog?

It is illegal to keep a wild animal as a pet. You may domesticate a dog, but if a mother is left in the den, a family of rats may end up being divided. Small rodents that are not adequately cared for have a possibility of dying.


What Is The Best Way To Raise A Baby Groundhog?

Fill a cup with puppy milk replacer every couple of hours till the Chinese can have their licks with the newborn electrolyte solution that has been heated over the stove or microwave. Bring a sheet or blanket to cover its eyes so it can consume the meal comfortably.

Baby groundhogs are herbivores, which means they eat plants. They also eat other animals’ droppings and urine. You should feed your baby groundhogs a diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, and hay to ensure the best health for your little one. Reference: what to feed baby rabbits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if you find a baby groundhog?

A: If you find a groundhog that appears to be abandoned, try contacting your local animal shelter. They will help guide and care for the animal until either it finds its mother or is able to survive on its own.

Can you keep a baby groundhog?

A: That is a difficult question.

How old are groundhogs when they leave the nest?

A: Groundhogs typically leave their nests in the month of February.

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