Butterflies are beautiful, delicate insects that have a unique ability to make humans feel better. Butterflies can also be helpful in the garden by eating aphids and other plant pests. But what do baby butterflies eat? They need nectar from flowers as soon as they hatch!

Butterflies are known to eat a variety of things, from nectar to rotting fruit. Read more in detail here: what do butterflies eat other than nectar.

Nectar. Canned fruit nectar may come in handy during the early stages of your infant butterfly’s growth. To prevent adding too much sugar water, combine canned nectar and sugar water in a plastic bottle cap. Then cover it with tissue or wet it with water. Monarch butterflies eat nectar from milkweed, which is a favorite nectar source for monarchs.

What Do Tiny Butterflies Eat When They’re Young?

The diet of a butterfly consists mostly of liquids and sugar. Their main source of nutrition is nectar. Harvested trumpeter butterflies and zebra butterflies are the only two exceptions.

What Am I Supposed To Feed A Butterfly?

Butterflies have a wide range of feeding preferences, however they always need liquid or semi-liquid meals to thrive. Despite the abundance of nectar in flowers, most people choose to eat rotting fruit, animal excrement, or tree sap to meet their caloric requirements.


What Is The Favorite Food Of A Butterfly?

The majority of butterfly species feed on nectar, a sweet liquid generated by plants. Although butterflies might be finicky about where they get their food, most can discover the delicious nectar of an abundant yellow flower. Butterfly nectar guides also make it simple for them to find the food they want; they may do it in any area.

Is There Anything I Can Feed A Butterfly At Home?

Feeding nectar (sugar water), nectar-bearing flowers (sugar water), fruit, and nectar (sugar water) to your butterflies may help them grow. Fruit, such as oranges, apples, and bananas, is said to be the sweetest and most delectable food on the planet. By scoring the fruit surfaces, you may create pools of juice that are easier for butterflies to ingest.

What Should You Give A Dying Butterfly?

Fruit such as oranges, bananas, berries, pineapple, melon, pears, and plums might be sliced to serve. Mash bananas, Katy argues, would work just as well. Making a paste out of banana and water allows them better access to their tongue-like proboscis, enabling them to feed.


Butterflies are delicate and beautiful creatures that are often seen in gardens. They feed on a variety of flowers, but they also eat other insects. Reference: what flowers do butterflies eat.

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