Every family has certain food preferences when it comes to their children but what are the rules for baby foods? How do you keep your child safe while on a cruise ship? This article will answer these questions and more.

The “royal caribbean babies 2 go” is a cruise line that allows children under the age of two to board with their parents.

What Baby Foods Are Permited To Board A Cruise? –

A member must be at least six months old to sail as an infant. Passengers under the age of two are required on trans-oceanic crossing itineraries and remote itineraries with daily passages lasting more than two weeks. Our ships do not have containers to transport infant food or formula.

Is it OK to bring baby food on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Royal Caribbean provides you Babies On The Go, a service that brings supplies to your ship aboard thanks to a collaboration with Huggies and Gerber. If you don’t have enough supplies or can’t move a lot of diapers, baby food, or other household things, it may be possible to purchase supplies ahead of time and have them delivered when you arrive.

Is it OK to bring bananas on a cruise ship?

When bananas are delivered to a ship, they are in for a lot of good fortune. This, however, has nothing to do with superstition. By producing ethylene, which damages adjacent plants and crops, the banana brings ill luck. As a consequence, the team would get famished.


Is Milk Allowed On A Cruise?

Non-alcoholic beverages should not be larger than 12 standard drinks (17 oz). One (1) can of beer, two (2) bottles or cartons are permitted in each cabin. Distilled water may be imported for newborn newborns, medicinal or nutritional reasons, or in conjunction with other milk sources.

Are there any cruise lines that allow babies under the age of six months?

It’s possible that you’ll be able to take your infant on a cruise with you. Generally, cruise lines allow travelers with infants above the age of six months to board their ships, with the exception of those that are strictly for adults. Some cruises do not accept children under the age of one, especially lengthy ocean crossing cruises do not allow children under the age of one.

On a cruise, can you bring food inside your room?

You may take food back to your accommodation on a cruise if anything wasn’t replied right in response. You may bring in a variety of foods from the buffet to your room. On several cruise lines, free room service is also provided. You may also phone them at any time of day or night.


Is it OK to bring food on a cruise?

If your snacks are nonperishable, you may bring them on board your cruise ship. You are also allowed to bring pre-packaged food and sweets for yourself and your children on your trip. Please keep in mind that you are not permitted to bring any handmade meals, meats, fruits, or cheeses with you on your holiday.

When Is A Baby Old Enough To Go On A Cruise?

Infants must be at least six months old to take a cruise or tour. If taking a trans/pacific flight, sailing South America, or any other voyage that takes place during the first few days of the trip, a newborn may need at least three months’ notice (unless otherwise specified in the itinerary).

Is it Possible to Bring Food Onboard Royal Caribbean?

Onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships, some food and beverage options are permitted. Food is one of the best aspects about cruising. Foods in big numbers of non-perishable, non-perishable commodities may be brought in, as long as they are not improperly kept. On board, there are a variety of refreshments to choose from, but you are free to bring your own.


Do Royal Caribbean Cruises Charge Babies?

Babies, like everyone else aboard, are charged for their portion of the voyage. They are normally eligible for discounted prices if they are among the third or fourth passengers. A complimentary cot is offered to passengers in their cabins on several cruise lines when they request it.

Bananas Aren’t Allowed On Boats For What Reason?

Ships transporting bananas and other fruits were also hit by poor luck. Ethylene gas emitted by bananas may cause other fruit to ripen and perish more rapidly than other types of fruit, which may be an issue for ships interested in generating fresh fruits.

What Can’t You Bring On A Cruise Ship?

Firearms, knives, brass knuckles, batons, Frisbees, belts buckle knives, and other similar items are prohibited aboard cruise ships. The only screwdriver you’ll need on a cruise is vodka and orange juice.


On a cruise, may you bring your own drinks?

On the day of embarkation, a few non-alcoholic beverages (such as juice or soft drinks) should be ingested. It is not permitted to bring drinks in cans or cartons onto the plane. Sparkling water, sodas, energy drinks, juice, and milk are all examples.

What Liquids Are Allowed On A Cruise?

While cruise companies do not restrict the size of liquids while at sea, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) only accepts bottles of 3 ounces or less as carry-ons while traveling to your embarkation point. Each bag must fit inside a transparent quart-sized zip-top bag and be easily handled with one hand.

Is it permissible to bring full-size bottles on a cruise?

Is there any good news? There are some positive aspects to this. A handful of cruise lines enable you to bring your own wine or champagne for your celebration. Passengers in staterooms typically get one bottle (750 mL) of wine per person, according to various cruise companies. If you’re going to bring this with you, be sure you pack it as carry-on baggage.


The “cruise line news” is a question that has been asked by many parents. The answer to the question is, “Baby foods are not allowed on board”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring baby food on a cruise?

Can you bring baby food on Royal Caribbean?

A: If you have any baby food items in your checked luggage, they must be wrapped and sealed so that the cabin crew can safely open them during flight.

Are bananas allowed on cruise ships?

A: You could find out at the port before you leave.

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