Just when one thought Ozobot has done it all, one Ozobot Evo review after another pops out everywhere offering a glimpse of why the newly upgraded design a must-have for kids ages 6 and up. Offering the same fun and excitement to learn robotics with programming for kids, the award-winning Ozobot Evo line combines ingenuity with creativity in introducing young children to STEM and specifically, to the exciting world of robotics.

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With the Evo, however, attraction also catches up with high schoolers and college students. So what truly makes it tick with both the young and old?

Ozobot Evo Review At A Glance

Combining both physical and digital world in a fit-in-your-palm robot, the Ozobot Evo is truly as captivating as its name. Yes, it’s a toy that kids will love to play with– but, with added advantages that even oldies may enjoy.

Pre-assembled and designed as an RTP (ready to play) robot, it offers astounding features such as 2-way coding system via OzoBlockly or Color Code marker, high grade sound system, iOS and Android app compatibility, Bluetooth Smart, LED lights, proximity and optical sensors, online activity library and Secure (COPPA &GDPR).

Small yet durable, the LED-lit brain of the Ozobot Evo is encased in a strong, polycarbonate glass shell making it look like R2-D2’s stylish little cousin. Aside from fun programs crafted from its Color Code marker system, it’s app-enabled mechanism also makes this miniature robot big in advantages.

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Think about unlocking upgrades or leveling up with games you created or simply play the ones in OzoLaunch. Today, it’s even made more promising with the ability to react to certain changes in its surroundings or via autonomous explorations.

Take the Ozobot Evo Starter Pack, for instance. It can be remotely controlled via an Ozobot-designed app which can also be programmed to interact with others. The Ozobot Evo Two-Piece Pack, on the other hand, comes with 2 coding robots and 4 OzoSkins allowing more fun and enjoyment with others.

Children can play among each other using plain and simple color-coded platforms or via compatible gadgets allowing the Ozobot Evo to glide and do as you wish.

The Ozobot company also caters to the school-based learning environment with its Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit. This kit comes with 12 robots, student handouts and guides, accessories, and basically everything one needs to start learning how to program or code a robot.

Teachers can start learning from a specially designed Educator Bot Camp to familiarize themselves with the nitty-gritty of Ozobot coding systems and with the 150+ STEM, art, history, and other relevant lessons. This is one robotics classroom kit that delivers portable and affordable yet highly rewarding results.

Raising Socially-Capable Tech-Savvy Kids

If there’s one thing that every Ozobot Evo review offers, it’s this– a better digital place for the young and young-at-heart. It offers a fresh new way of playtime for kids as they discover that robots are not just something for fun, but also a way for them to unleash their creativity and explore their digital talents and comprehension.

The Evo may simply look like any robot toy that incites squeal of delights and glee. But going beyond physical aesthetics, this polished robot offers far more advantages than other products in the market– offering new digital key learning from one boy to a thousand classrooms across the globe. For more Ozobot Evo choices, click HERE

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