As a new mom, your priorities are to feed and care for your baby as well as keep them feeding. Keeping yourself healthy requires a lot of planning and food prep time that can seem less than ideal. Luckily, there is an easy solution in the form of storing pre-cooked meals in jars or cans so you don’t have to do any cooking on demand. These containers allow you store foods like rice, beans, grains and more without worrying about germs or contamination

“How to prepare spinach for baby led weaning” is a question that many new moms have. It can be difficult to know what type of food to give your child, and there are some foods that might not be suitable for your baby. One such food is spinach. Read more in detail here: how to prepare spinach for baby led weaning.

How To Store Spinech For Baby Food? –

This spinach baby food may be prepared ahead of time and stored in tiny airtight containers in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. Place the silicone ice cube tray in the freezer for at least an hour. Place the cubes in a freezer bag and close it as tightly as possible, expelling as much air as possible before freezing for up to 6 months.

What Is The Best Way To Freeze Spinach For Babies?

Adding the spinach and just enough water to your blender is all it takes to get it rolling. Squeeze out any air that remained after freezing the puree using a Ziploc freezer bag or an ice cube tray. If you intend on utilizing your frozen spinach within six months, DO NOT NUTS it.

What Is the Best Way to Feed Baby Spinach?

If your kid is between the ages of six and twelve months, gently wash and cook his or her hands with cooked and chopped spinach to produce soft meals such as grain porridges, mashed vegetables, and yogurt. These recipes may also be served as frittatas.


What Is the Best Way to Store Spinach Puree?


  • Place the spinach leaves in a blender after they have been diluted with water and blended until thick.
  • Place the puree in the freezer using ice trays.
  • Solid cubes should be frozen solid before being put in freezer bags.


Is it possible to puree raw spinach for a baby?

Puree the spinach in a food processor or blender until smooth. Use unprocessed milk or cheese to get a creamier texture and consistency.

Can You Keep Spinach Puree in the Refrigerator?

The puree of spinach may be stored in the refrigerator or frozen for subsequent processing after it has been grown. Please do not use too much water while blaning the whiskey.


Is Spinach Safe For Children?

The dangers of eating homemade spinach, beets, greens, squash, or carrots should be avoided by babies. These foods may contain a significant amount of nitrates. After being infected with botulinum spores, food poisoning may ensue. It should not be introduced to your baby’s diet until he or she reaches a particular age.

Is It Safe To Feed Raw Spinach To Babies?

How much of a danger does providing spinach to your newborn pose? Raw spinach may have a detrimental influence on the blood, thus it should be boiled only if consumed raw before newborns, and minimal portions are ideal for raw versions as well.

Is it possible to freeze baby spinach?

You can freeze your baby spinach. The outcome will be fantastic if you start with freshly selected leaves. Although the thawed product is not suitable for placing on salads, frozen spinach may be a useful item in the home pantry.


Is it necessary to blanch spinach before freezing it?

Blanching spinach, as well as other vegetables, is the first step in freezing them. By adding color to the meal, it will maintain its color and substance. By adding enough water to your spinach, you can ensure that it is fully cooked. A huge pot, in addition to a blanching nger, will do the trick.

Can Baby Spinach Be Freezed For Smoothies?

Baby spinach leaves that I freeze intact add flavor to my smoothies. Freeze spinach for up to a month by placing a frozen bag of spinach in a freezer compartment. There is no need to defrost the frozen spinach leaves. You may put them directly in your blender and use them in smoothies.

Is it Bad to Freeze Spinach?

When it comes to the proportion of carotene in spinach, not freezing it implies that it has lost its nutritional worth. You’ll love a little frozen spinach in any soup or sauce for a simple nutritious boost. When cooked straight from the freezer rather than thawing first, frozen strawberries have less vitamin C, minimizing vitamin C losses.


Is Spinach Difficult For Babies To Digest?

You may be surprised to find that spinach, beets, collard greens, and lettuce have high levels of nitrates, which prevent food from being properly processed in your baby’s stomach. Acid reflux inhibits blood from flowing through the intestines, obstructing the passage of oxygen from the intestines to the rest of the body.

How Long Can You Keep Spinach Puree in the Refrigerator?

After the batch has been pureed, any leftover spinach puree will be frozen and stored in BPA-free containers for 3-5 days. When you’re through, you may freeze the leftovers for up to three months.

How Do You Keep Spinach Puree Fresh?

If you want to freeze spinach even more, purée it with water in ice cube trays. After the cubes have frozen firm, place them in a freezer bag. One of the greatest solutions is to add spinach cubes to a green smoothie. Sauces and stews may also be made using spinach cubes.


What’s the Best Way to Keep Palak Puree Green?

2) I like to cook spinach in a tiny steam pot in 1 cup of water rather than boiling spinach in a large amount of water. In a saucepan, combine 1/2 teaspoon each of sugar and lemon drops while simmering / boiling the liquid. Furthermore, the hue green is maintained.

How Long Can Pureed Spinach Be Freezed?

Within three months after purchase, spinach may be utilized with the aid of a pureed form. Within 3-6 months after receiving blanched spinach, it should be utilized. If you’re going to use spinach in soups or sauces, there’s no need to defrost it beforehand.

How Do You Feed Fresh Spinach to a Baby?

  • Locate any damaged fresh spinach leaves and make sure they are thoroughly washed.
  • With the water going through the openings, steam the vessel in a steamer basket insert.
  • When the leaves are completed, they will turn a light pink color and crumble apart.
  • Puree the spinach in a blender or food processor after shredding it.


The “how to make spinach puree for baby” is a question that many parents have. It’s important to know how to store spinach so it lasts as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give raw spinach to babies?

A: According to the baby food manufacturers, infants under 12 months should not consume raw spinach. It is possible that your child might have an allergic reaction if exposed to these types of foods at a young age.

How do you freeze spinach for puree?

A: To freeze spinach, you need to blanch it in boiling water for 30 seconds. After the cooking process is complete, place a kitchen towel on top of the spinach and submerge the entire stack into an ice bath. Then throw away all but two leaves that were at the bottom of your bag or canister before repeating this process with fresh batches until there are no more usable leaves left piled up inside!

Can you store spinach puree?

A: Unfortunately, this is not a food that I can store.

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