Many kids adore slime, which is loathed by every parent whose household has a carpet. Slime is simply made of glue with some water mixed with either contacts lens solution or borax. For many parents, slime is one of their worst child upbringing nightmares since they clean it a lot of times. In many instances, children get slime stuck either on their clothing or on the carpet.

This page has put together the best ways to get slime out of carpet that are tried and tested in different home environments. The initial steps of the cleaning process are the same since it involves scrapping off the slime with a scoop and also removing all loose particles from the soiled carpet before finally applying the cleaning solution.

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

Below are the methods that a homeowner can use to remove slime out of carpet and get amazing results.

a) Ice cubes

If the slime is totally fresh, it is important to apply ice for around 15 minutes so that the ice can be frozen. Once this objective is achieved, the next step involves scraping it out of the carpet and having the whole area carpeted. This method works well since it does not leave any residue behind.

b) Using Regular Carpet Cleaner

With this option, one just needs to follow the instructions on the bottle to the latter. In typical circumstances, the cleaner leaves the carpet to sit for a period of ten minutes, after which it is scrubbed in small circles with a sponge that has the cleaning solution which is then dipped in warm water.

When using the soft spongy side and the scouring side as well, the slime still continues to have its original color. However, if one refreshes the sponge severally, it seems to get lighter, although some residue remains. When the carpet cleaner comes in, it creates soap studs that need to be soaked with a towel. Finally, the cleaner results to using a vacuum cleaner that picks all the remaining pieces of some that are left on the carpet.

c) Using Club Soda

When using club soda, it is important to remove as much slime as possible by scraping using a butterknife or by vacuuming all the loose pieces available. Club soda should also be sprayed on the stain and given about five minutes for the stained area to be blotted by a cloth so that it can absorb the excess soda water.

The usual results are that even after blotting with a cotton cloth, it still needs some scrubbing with the green scouring side of a scrubbing pad doing the work with utmost precision.

d) Using WD-40

This method just requires the one cleaning to spray WD-40 on the slime and give it some time before scrubbing with a brush, applying warm water, and eventually, blotting with a sponge or absorbent clothing.

Soon after brushing and blotting the spot, the carpet feels a bit oily with the slime still stuck. However, after vacuuming, a lot of particles come out. This method is not for the detailed cleaner who wants the carpet to remain the way it was before getting the slime. It is, therefore, not a very good way to remove slime from carpet.

e) Using Baking Soda And Vinegar To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

Before using 2:1 water and vinegar solution, the cleaner should first of all sprinkle a considerable amount of baking on the slime spot, and while at it, use warm water and vinegar to spray it. After around 10 minutes, the stain should be cleaned with a scrub brush, and the extra baking soda wiped out with either a paper or washing towel.

After the above process, the next step involves vacuuming and drying the spot that has been cleaned using vinegar and baking soda. Funnily, the spot that the baking soda and vinegar had been applied to looks brighter than the surrounding areas of the carpet.

f) Water and Vinegar

The initial step is to mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water and spray it onto the slime stain. After a few minutes, it is advisable to start brushing the area with a brush. Once that is done, the next thing involves using a dry cotton towel to dab the area and then vacuum-cleaning it.

By brushing the stain, the stain immediately disappears, although a slight tint might remain. However, after drying and vacuuming, it dries up, leaving the carpet completely clean. This is clearly, a very good way to get slime out of carpet.

g) Using Rubbing Alcohol

This method needs the cleaner to mix 2:1 rubbing alcohol with water. The slime removal starts by spraying the rubbing alcohol-water solution to the slime area. After a few minutes, the next step should involve using a soft brush to brush it away and using a cotton towel to dab the area. After a few minutes, the area is vacuum cleaned.

With this method, the stain disappears immediately and leaves a very faint remnant. Once the vacuum cleaning starts, the carpet looks extremely clean and one can not tell that it was once stained.


The above methods work, and the only difference they have is the degree of cleanliness. Anyone who wanted to know how to get slime out of carpet now has a variety of methods that can clean the carpet. The best thing about them is the fact that they are cheap, and one just needs to make sure that there is a paper towel around or a dry towel that is used during the cleaning process.

Removing slime is not hard, and the cleaner just needs to have a tool to scrape away so that it can go back to normal carpet use as fast as possible. The products are also readily available, which does not need to give the homeowner any stress. All said and done, maintaining a carpet and especially where kids are concerned, is not such a heavy thing at all; one just needs to know what to do and at the right time.

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