Dodos are birds that have a very rare breed. They were all but extinct until the 1990s when some were found on a small island off of South Africa and brought back to life. These animals now live in captivity and their offspring can be seen roaming around zoos across the world! If you want to raise your own baby Dodo, here’s what it will take for you or someone else looking to do so:

The “how to mate dodos in ark mobile” is a question that has been asked by many players. It is not easy to answer, but there are some good resources out there.

How To Feed Baby Dodo Ark? –

Stage It consumes berries from bushes and transports them all over the island, where they are consumed by all sorts of creatures. If the Dodo were not there, the whole island would become bankrupt.

In the Ark, how do you feed a baby?

Baby dinosaurs in the ark must be fed human food for as long as possible to achieve a ten percent growth rate. We’ve seen that they’re quickly becoming hungry since they only have a limited food supply. It is critical that you put their meal in their inventory right away. If you need more assistance, ensure that you have food and that you are not able to fertilize eggs.

In Ark, How Do You Hatch A Baby Dodo?

If the egg is partly lighted, it may generally be cooked by fusing it with torches or fire. Once the egg has been brought to the proper temperature, you may see a reduction in the incubation bar. Baby dinosaurs will be born as soon as the bar shuts fully.


What Kind of Food Do Dodos Consume?

Nuts, seeds, bulbs, and roots, as well as falling fruits, were probably the main sources of food for the dodo. In addition, the dodo is thought to have eaten crab and shellfish, the same foods as his crowned pigeon ancestors.

What Food Do Ark Babies Consume?



Prime Meat Cooked / Prime Meat Jerky






Jerky made from cooked meat


Will Babies Consume Food from the Feeding Trough Ark?

New dinosaur babies are unable to reach the trough as early as the juvenile stage. Animals will only eat food bought straight from the feeding trough when their inventory is depleted — herbivores and carnivores are non-athletes who consume meat, whereas fish prefer to stay non vegetarians.

The “how to breed dodos in ark” is a question that has been asked many times. In order to do this, you must first find a Dodo and then feed it some food. You can also breed two Doodles together for an even better chance of getting a baby Dodo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you feed a Dodo in Ark?

A: You would need to find a Dodo egg and place it on your inventory. Once you have an egg, feed the baby Dodo by clicking on it with the mouse.

How do you keep a baby Dodo alive in Ark?

A: Your best bet is to upload a Dodo egg into the Ark gene pool.

How do you feed the dodo in Ark Mobile?

A: You can raise the dodo by feeding it meat, plants, or fruit.

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