A common question parents ask is “How much do baby mollies eat?” In general, the average adult pleco will eat about two tablespoons of food each day.

Mollies are a type of fish that can be fed to baby mollies for about two weeks. The “1 week molly fish fry growth chart” can help you determine how much food your baby mollies should be eating.

How Much To Feed Baby Mollies? –

The third of four parts of the article looks at whether the fry can tolerate large amounts of flake food. When using a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle to pound your fish food into a powder, it is much simpler and more pleasant. Feed your meals every two days if feasible. Feed modest quantities of food to the fry cage many times a day.

What Is the Best Way to Feed Baby Mollies?

Mollies can consume fine fish flakes, but if you compress them, they will eat them more often. Live baby brine shrimp are also used in infant food. To prevent overfeeding, feed them in little amounts. To have your young mollies in a tank with the other fish, you’ll need to wait at least eight weeks.

How Often Should A Molly Fish Be Fed?

What kind of fish you have will determine whether or not you need to feed them. Most fish only need to be fed once or twice a day. Owners, on the other hand, like to feed their fish twice or three times every day. When the fish is young, it may eat three times a day or more.


What Is the Average Feeding Amount for Baby Fish?

It’s advised not to give your fish more food than it can eat in five minutes. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and underfeed. It’s possible that you’ll have to give them another tiny meal. It’s also important to consider the sort of food.

Is it necessary to separate baby mollies for a certain amount of time?

Aquarium pets should be kept apart from the main tank until they are big enough to overpower any prey, to avoid other fish from devouring newborn mollies. A nursery tank will be roughly 10 gallons in size or more.

Is it true that Mollies always eat their fries?

Similarly, a breeding net creates water habitats similar to those found throughout the tank. Mollies and other livebearers, like as guppies and platys, may go carried away and engage in cannibalism, as we all know. Even if they are many, it is not important to conserve them all.


What Should I Feed My Fish Fry and How Much Should I Feed It?

It’s critical to feed these animals a modest food or live plants every day to encourage them to eat and play. Special foods meant to feed the skin of newly born, fully developed young fish and those who have not yet achieved full maturity are included in the feed needs for newly hatched, fully grown young fish and those who have not yet reached full maturity. At room temperature, fry need three or four feedings each day.

Molly Fry’s Favorite Foods

Fine flake or Baby Brine shrimp, depending on the meal, are vital feeding sources for a fry. As much as possible, feed the fry many times a day.

How Do You Feed Molly Fry, the Baby?

After the pregnant female’s fry have been removed, you may remove her and then bring her back. It should be given a palatable meal with high-quality ingredients, such as brine shrimp, fish food, or flake fish food pulverized into a fine powder, such as shrimp paste. As the fry fattens up, it’s critical to give it little quantities of oil many times a day.


Is it possible for Mollies to go without food for an extended period of time?

Fish species:

It can survive without food for an extended period of time:


between ten and fourteen days


2 weeks maximum


1 week maximum


1 week maximum

Mollies Are They Always Hungry?

Molly fish love to gorge themselves on food. They are more likely to take their first meal before gaining weight if they have a big desire for fish. This is because if you give them more of anything, they will eat more of it.

I’m not sure what to feed my mollies.

Several species feed on algae and plant tissues in the wild. Fish can consume flake food and a variety of veggies. Hikari Micro Wafers are one of the finest ready-to-eat cat foods available.

The “molly fry size chart” is a chart that shows the approximate weight of baby mollies at different stages of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I feed my Molly Fry?

A: The amount of food your Molly Fry needs is going to depend on the size, age and breed. Generally speaking though, you should feed them one half cup per week for every 10 pounds that they weigh as a minimum.

What do baby molly fish eat?

A: Baby Molly fish eat mostly crustaceans while they are very young. As they get older, their diet will change to a variety of other foods such as algae and plankton.

How long can baby mollies go without food?

A: Baby mollies can go up to three weeks without food.

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