Hedgehogs are adorable, but they can also be a pain to take care of. A new mom will need to know how much food and water she should provide for her newly born baby hedgehog so it doesn’t die on the first day!

The “what milk to feed baby hedgehogs” is a question that many moms are asking. The answer is usually cow’s milk, but you should always check with your vet before feeding your pet.

What is the daily feeding requirement of a pygmy hedgehog? Hedgehog owners like to feed their animals one spoonful of food twice a day. The majority of people have access to free food. When a newborn hedgehog needs food, he must use all of his resources.

What Does A Hedgehog Baby Eat?


  • Tinned dog or cat food, cat biscuits, crushed dog biscuits, and crushed dog biscuits are used to make healthy hedgehog food.
  • Hedgehog specialty meals, for example, are available from wholesale wildlife food vendors for roughly $35.


How Much Do Hedgehog Babies Eat In A Day?

To help a hedgehog lose weight, maintain providing it the proper quantity of food and ensuring that it gets enough activity. Diapers typically contain 70 to 100 calories per day, or less than a gram per hour. A third of a cup of peanut butter would be filled with one to three teaspoons of peanut butter.


Do Hedgehog Babies Eat a Lot?

Hedgehogs may get overfed if they eat insects such as mealworms and crickets, which can be included in their diet. The major concern in decreasing the risk of insects overcrowding your stomach should be the eating of insects in moderation. Hedgehogs’ diets aren’t particularly complicated, since they rely on vegetables, fruit, and dry cat biscuits as their major sources of nutrition.

How Much Milk Should A Baby Hedgehog Be Given?


Hedgehog Size (Grams)

Amount to Feed

3 days after birth

15-25 g

1-2 mls

1 week – 3 days


1-2 mls

1-2 Weeks

30-85 g

2-3 mls

2-3 Weeks

85-110 g

3-5 mls

How Often Should A Baby Hedgehog Be Feed?

If a hoglet is starting to resemble one in the first few weeks or after the third week, they should be fed every two hours or on demand whenever feasible. After thereafter, a four-hour feeding schedule may be used until the baby is five weeks old.

What Kind of Milk Can Hedgehog Babies Drink?

A milk replacement for pigs, such as Esbilac, should be available that provides all of the lipids, vitamins, and minerals required for their development. In any case, the cow’s formula will not kill them. In the event that there are no other options, he may use goat’s milk for a limited time.


Is it true that hedgehogs eat their own offspring?

If her eggs have been exposed to a large amount of stress, they are usually devoured. Most of them do not feed their infants at calm and serene moments. Hedgehog infants should never be consumed.

Hedgehogs: How Much Food Do They Consume?

As he eats, a hedgehog should be provided a set quantity of food. Hedgehogs typically consume one tablespoon of kibble every thirteen cups of water, depending on their metabolism, development stage, and amount of activity. The ordinary adult who does not reproduce on a regular basis requires around two tablespoons of kibble every day.

Is It Safe to Give Milk to Baby Hedgehogs?

To feed extremely young pigs, water should be soaked in biscuits, since dry food would not enough. Hedgehogs can drink cow’s milk, but not the diarrhoea it often produces.


Baby hedgehogs are small and need to eat a lot. They will typically eat two tablespoons of food every day. Reference: what to feed a 6 week old hedgehog.

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