Little turkeys begin their lives in a small, dark brooder with other baby birds. These first few weeks are crucial for the little guys to develop strong feather and get used to eating food. Baby turkeys will consume 20-30 lbs of feed each week!

Baby turkeys eat a lot of food. They typically eat up to 10 pounds of food per day, but they can eat as much as 20 pounds of food in one day. Read more in detail here: why are my baby turkeys dying.

DISTRIBUTE LARGE PORTIONS OF FOOD (one to four meals) to turkeys on a daily basis. Distribute the food among all of the birds so that they may eat every day. Ensure that turkeys have plenty to eat until they are no longer able to visit on a regular basis or if harsh circumstances continue.

How Much Should A Baby Turkey Be Fed?

When feeding chicken starter, use 1 cup brewer’s yeast with 2 cups of feed every 10 pound of feed. During the first 12 weeks of life, poults should be fed an 18 percent protein diet.

What Should A Baby Turkey Eat?

New turkeys will love turkey/gamebird mash or crumbles, which are specifically prepared to help them grow quicker. Puddles should never be allowed to come into contact with mash, crumbles, or pellet feeds for horses, particularly during the warm months.


What Is The Best Way To Feed A Baby Turkey?

This may be accomplished in a variety of ways. Cook the turkey and add a few veggies and rice to replace the mashed potatoes. When a baby’s hand control is better established, he or she will choose finger meals at first. Dinner might consist of delectable little dishes such as ground turkey and sautéed veggies.

What Is the Average Turkey’s Food Consumption?

Your turkeys will consume 64 pounds of feed every week until they reach 55 pounds, while your hen will consume 45 pounds per week until she reaches 55 pounds. There are 77000 dogs in the United States, and they eat an average of 77 pounds of food every month. Taking 65 pounds and increasing the output by 14.3 percent. A 92-pound corpse destined for the garbage can. The fact that you have more time and food to feed your turkeys will allow them to grow to their full potential.

What Is A Turkey’s Weekly Feed Consumption?



One Bird

Week 5

Starter 22 percent – Weekly

1.8 lbs

One bird weighs 1.8 pounds; ten birds weigh 18.0 pounds. 16 birds weighing 29 lbs. 24 birds weighing 44 lbs.


Week 6

Starter 22 percent – Weekly

2.25 lbs

Week 7

Starter 22 percent – Weekly

2.5 lbs

Will Turkeys Consume Too Much Food?

It’s unfortunate that they’ll starve to death, get overfed, drink themselves to death, drown, and drink themselves to death because they don’t see their flaws. Turkeys need a lot of female reproduction during their early years. With typical poultry, a lot more than anticipated.


How Much Should A Turkey Poult Be Fed?

We also advocate giving unmedicated chicken starting to turkeys (1 to 2 cups of brewers’ yeast per 10 pounds of food). Pregnant pigs should be fed a 28 percent protein diet for the first 12 weeks of their lives.

What Is The Best Way To Care For A Wild Baby Turkey?

Before keeping them, make sure they’re clean and dry. It’s a fantastic idea to sleep on pine shavings or rice hulls. You can’t dwell with them on smooth surfaces like newspaper. Never put turkey poults in cold water to relax. Frozen turkey poults are susceptible to death.

Is it OK if I feed my baby turkey?

Baby turkeys are regarded to be of a safe weight. Yes. As long as they are 6 months old and consume solid food, they may eat turkey. If you want them to eat easily, consider quantities that are suitable for their stage of development.


Is it safe for baby turkeys to eat chicken feed?

Turkeys should not consume chicken feed since it is unsafe for them. Turkeys consume more protein than chickens due to their greater size. A turkey’s diet is seldom nutritionally enough to provide all of the nutrients it needs to develop healthily.

What Is The Best Way To Care For A Baby Turkey?

Dry bedding and comfortable bedding are required in the living area. Avoid putting them in cages with wire bottoms, since this might result in catastrophic foot injuries. They will usually have clean, dry bedding, but avoid using small shavings for the first week or two since they may consume them.

Baby turkeys are adorable, but they also require a lot of care. They eat approximately 8 ounces per day and can grow up to 20 pounds. Reference: how to take care of baby turkeys.

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