Your baby is 17 pounds, and you want to know how many ounces of food it should eat every day.

The “how many ounces should a newborn drink chart” is a useful tool to help you determine the amount of fluid that your baby should be drinking. It will also give you an idea of how much food your baby should be eating.

The quantity of formula a baby should consume each day is determined by the kind of formula provided to him or her. Despite this, your baby’s body weight is reliant on just around 2 1/2 ounces of formula every day, according to the AAP.

How Much Formula Is Enough For A 17-Pound Baby?

A infant must eat 21 ounces of formula for every pound of body weight.

How Much Should A 16-pound Baby Drink?

For a 16-pound infant without food, 32 ounces is the recommended daily consumption.


How Much Should A Baby Of 18 Pounds Eat?

He eats two to three times every day throughout the day. Three to five hours every day, with three to four hours throughout the day. Each meal should be around 5-6 ounces. Around 730 AM, he normally drinks one 6 oz bottle and a 2-4 oz bottle, followed by a 4-5 oz bottle an hour later around 8:30 PM. A) he gets up about 1 a.m. (4-6 ounces), b) he goes to the gym at 5 a.m. (typically over 4 oz), and c) he goes to the gym at 5 a.m.

Chart of how many ounces a baby should eat


The amount of formula used in each feeding

Number of feedings in a 24-hour period

1 month

2 oz. to 4 oz.

six till eight o’clock

2 months

5 oz. to 6 oz.

between five and six

three to five months

6 ounces to 7 ounces

between five and six

What Is The Appropriate Amount Of Water For A 16-Pound Baby To Drink?

Let’s assume you offer twice a day in the early months, up to 6 months, when the infant is primarily not consuming solids. You must take at least 5 ounces of water every day in order to provide nutrients to each pound of weight.

What is the recommended amount of formula for a 16-pound baby?

In ounces, the weight of the formula or breast milk Each pound a newborn weighs.


How Can I Work Out How Much Formula My Baby Requires?

Divide the ounces necessary into each bottle depending on the number of feedings a baby requires each week, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using one feeding every 24-hour period. Given that a 12-pound newborn may need 30 ounces per day,

What Should A 16-pound, three-month-old Baby Eat?

Formula is commonly given to 3 month old newborns every 4 to 6 hours. In a 24-hour period, this equates to 24 to 36 ounces at 6 feedings.

How Much Milk Should A 15-pound Baby Drink?

As a result, if your kid weighs 15 pounds or more, they will need to eat 30 to 37 pieces. Every day, on average of five ounces of formula or breast milk are ingested. However, depending on where your kid is most hungry, the sum you get over the course of one day should be divided properly.


Based on my baby’s weight, how much should he or she eat?

Every pound (459.8 grams) on your newborn’s body should get around 212 ounces (75 mL) of formula every day.

By weight, how many ounces should my baby consume?

It’s critical to plan at least two feedings if your infant isn’t eating solids after 4 to 6 months. I’m only allowed to drink 32 ounces of formula every day, or five ounces per pound of body weight. If your baby is approximately 6 pounds, you should be able to feed her about 15 ounces of formula in a 24-hour period if you’re able to.

Chart of What My Baby Should Eat



2 to 4 months

Formula made from breast milk

4 to 6 months

Formula made from breast milk Infant cereal

6 to 9 months

Formula made from breast milk Infant cereal Fruits or vegetables Meats or beans

9 months to 12 months

Formula made from breast milk Infant cereal Fruits or vegetables Meats or beans Dairy such as cheese or yogurt

How Do I Figure Out How Much Milk My Baby Requires?

You may calculate your baby’s weight by multiplying his weight by two. 8.25 x 2. 5 = 20 I’ve got six ounces). The number in this chart reflects how many ounces of breast milk your infant needs in one day. As an example, the infant should drink 20 milliliters of milk in a row. 6 ounces of breast milk may be consumed in a 24-hour period.


A “baby feeding chart by weight” is a simple way to help you feed your baby. It takes into account the age and weight of your child, as well as their current needs.

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