Your new journey into motherhood just started, and it takes some getting used to. Your new baby is here, and you need to find the best way possible to give the baby the required care. The first few hours your baby spends on earth is significant and it has a lot to do for the child in terms of survival. This article will be giving the most essential newborn baby care guide to new mothers, and we hope it helps all the way.

So what is essential newborn care?

This is a type of care that a mother gives to her newborn baby. This type of care is essential for at least the first seven days after childbirth. This is meant to meet the need of the newborn baby to aid good health and survival. This care spans from breastfeeding, cleaning, and many other essential things that are needed for the survival and the upkeep of the baby.

A newborn baby is not well packed with a strong immune system, which is why it is crucial to keep the baby away from all sorts of dirt or anything that can lead to infection for the baby. Breastfeeding is another essential way to improve a newborn’s immune system.

Having said all that, we will be listing the basic essential newborn baby care guide below;

Help the baby to breathe

Newborn babies require proper breathing. It is crucial that you pay attention to your baby’s airways. This is done by caregivers or the mother. The process involves cleaning the mouth or sucking out mucus from the nose of the newborn baby so that the airways can be free.

Making sure the baby is clean

It is important to keep all of the babies surrounding clean and free from dirt. Mothers or caregivers are to maintain a high level of hygiene to give the baby the required care. During the process of cutting the umbilical cord, the caregiver must be sure to use a new blade, and the hands must be covered with gloves. After making sure of all of this, the area of the umbilical cord must be left clean and absolutely dry. Having done all of that, the process of cutting the cord can proceed, and there should be antiseptic gel or liquid available to clean the area immediately after cutting. The cleaning process of the cord area must be continuous for the first 7 days.

Helping the baby feed

It is essential that the newborn baby is fed within the first one hour after birth. The caregiver helps to prepare the mother to give the baby the first meal on earth which is breastmilk. The baby is meant to receive this milk for the first 6 months without the addition of other fluids. This helps the baby develop faster and healthier with a well-functioning brain. Also, it helps the baby to increase its immune system.

Maintaining survival

The new mother or the caregiver needs to know that the survival of the newborn baby is paramount, and as such they need to give the baby extra care. One of the essential newborn baby care is the kangaroo mother care where the mother places the naked baby on her chest to keep the baby warm while also building a connection with the baby. This process will make the baby feel cared for, and it increases the survival rate of the child. Also, this process should be continued every day and night for the first few weeks after childbirth.

Bathing for the baby

The first official bath of your baby is going to be from the hospital, and this is immediately after the baby is delivered. However, the moment you leave the delivery home, it is essential you plan or learn how to bath your baby.

You are to get warm and hygienic water with a clean and soft towel available for the process. Once these are ready, you can now dip the soft and clean towel into the warm water then you begin to gently wash the baby’s head. Gradually you are to move to the neck region and then the body. All of this should be done gently and with optimum care. You can also make use of a soft sponge to bath your child in the same process.

You should note that the safest and most advised bathing option is the sponge method. You should use the sponge to bath your newborn baby till the umbilical cord falls off.

Immediately the cord falls off, your baby can now be taken to the bathtub for bathing.

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Changing the diaper

This is another essential newborn baby care guide because it requires absolute concentration, so you don’t strangle the baby by over-tightening the diaper.

You can follow the process below when you want to start changing diapers;

  • The baby should be laid on its back and then get rid of the baby’s clothing.
  • Gently loose the tape of the dirty diaper and gently fold it down for you to have access to the diaper area.
  • You should clean the baby’s diaper area before replacing it.
  • After the cleaning, you are to lift the baby’s legs up and then replace the dirty diaper with a new one.
  • Sometimes, you need to apply a diaper lotion or cream to keep the baby away from rashes. This is because the newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive.
  • Gently strap the tape and make sure it is not too tight, and it is not too loose, so it won’t fall off.

Essential first aid kit for newborn baby

It is necessary to get your newborn baby a first aid kit so you can give the primary care needed when the need arises.

  • You should get a baby nail clipper
  • Infant acetaminophen
  • Medicine dropper
  • Baby thermometer
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Cotton wool
  • Cotton buds
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