This is the question that launched a thousand memes. Sometimes, you might have to hide your stash of weed in order to avoid getting caught when it comes time for baby food jar duty. You don’t want to be up all night stewing while trying not to smell like marijuana because someone’s hungry — but what should you do?

Do Baby Food Jars Hide The Smell Of Weed? –

It will, at the absolute least, do some damage to everyone. If not everyone in your neighborhood, including your own family, chooses to utilize Mason jars. The odor could be acceptable, but it won’t bother your family. To keep your marijuana from rotting, keep it in mason jars. The jars will not only hide the odor, but they will also keep the fresh perfume for a longer period of time.

Is It Possible For Weed To Smell In An Airtight Container?

probably. I had no option but to purchase a bigger container since the aroma is so intense in a little sealed container. At work, the fragrance of marijuana was just sweeping down the table.

What Is The Best Jar For Weed?

Few cannabis enthusiasts can forget how much fun and timeless Ball glass jars used to be. Ball mason jars keep your cannabis fresh for many days, whether you need them in bulk or as presents. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe glass.


Is It Safe To Store Weed In Mason Jars?

Making jams and preserves in a Mason jar is the easiest way since it is what all jars work with. The quantity of marijuana you want to keep in a jar will be proportional to its size. If you use too much water in a jar, the pot will grow stale over time. It’s also a good idea not to pack the buds too tightly.

Is It Possible To Hide The Smell Of Weed With A Pickle Jar?

Put the undesired weed in your container, add a penny or cent of water, and shake the container for a few minutes until the plant is well pulverized.

Is It Possible To Tell If A Jar Is Smell-Proof?

According to the bottom of the jar, many brands are food safe, including polypropylene PP (5), LDPE (4), HDPE (2), or PETE (1). Eating food from a glass container is also probably safe.


What Containers Retain Weed’s Odor?


  • The Matriarch Haven Bible is kept in this box.
  • We really like the Stash Jar of Session Goods.
  • Tamper-proof lid on a Marley Natural Lock stash box.
  • Canister for CRYPT tokens.
  • Herb guards in a jar from Herb Guard.
  • One item per household may be placed in a KULBI Black Box.
  • Para Fresh’s Fresh Saver.
  • The gadget is removed from the appliance.


Do Sniffer Dogs Have the Ability to Smell Through Airtight Containers?

Even though dogs are quite good at smelling for things, vacuum-sealed containers have such a distinct odor that they are uninterested in sniffing. There are scents in the air, under a lot of things, surrounding a lot of things, and even under water. A vacuum sealed container, on the other hand, keeps dirt and materials contained while preventing air from escaping.

Is It Safe To Smoke Weed In Glass Jars?

Glass bottles are the greatest way to get cannabis. The form is not static, unlike plastic, and there is no flavor difference between metal and paper. It also has an airtight seal to avoid oxidation and no odor.


Is It Possible To Put Weed In A Jar?

This sort of container is advised to avoid causing mold to sweat moisture. When choosing a glass jar, make sure it has a tight seal to keep your buds safe from the elements. In a mason jar, you should be able to keep the pot’s freshness and heat.

Is It Possible To Smell Weed Through A Mason Jar?

Many individuals use airtight mason jars with an airtight cover to help decrease cannabis smells and protect their pot from leaking. This method of completion is both cost-effective and convenient.

Is It Safe To Store Weed In Pickle Jars?

It’s a fantastic spot to cure cannabis or store it for a long period.


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