A few weeks ago, my cat experienced a particularly hard bout of diarrhea. I panicked and went to the store for some canned food that she would hopefully eat without complaining too much about it’s taste or texture. Instead, when I got home with what felt like an endless row of cans on my hands, “Baby” decided that he didn’t want any formula in his mouth anymore–he wanted the real thing! Thankfully after reading through this article online (or perhaps harvesting knowledge from friends), we realized there was a simple way out: soy baby formula!

The “what to feed a baby kitten if you don’t have formula” is a question that many people ask. The answer is soy baby formula, which can be purchased at most grocery stores.

Although kittens’ stomachs are normally sensitive to soy milk, almond milk, and other forms of milk, other types of milk should be avoided.

What Can I Use As a Kitten Formula Substitute?


  • It is prepared from the complete milk of a goat. 1 quart
  • Each glass should include around a teaspoon of light Karo syrup.
  • 250 d plain yogurt with a spoonful of fat (ideally produced with goat’s milk)
  • The yolk is extracted from the egg.
  • 1 to 2 packages gelatin gelatin gelatin gelatin gelatin gelatin gelatin gelatin gelatin gelatin ge During the second week, you will get one box from each of the following categories: 1- 2 packages, 3- 4 packages, and 5- 6 packages. 3rd week: one of each of the 1-1/2 and 2- 3 package sizes.


Is Soy Baby Formula Safe for Cats?

Cats should not be fed soy since it makes them ill. Cats, unlike plants, ingest and digest plants exclusively by carnivorous mechanisms. It’s important to remember that she’s just two years old. If the kitten is mature enough to leave its mother, you will need your standard kitten formula cat food and water at intervals.


Is it okay if I give my kitten baby formula?

Feeding kittens cow’s milk or other dairy products, other forms of dairy products, or formula is not recommended: It might be lethal to them. Purchase kitten formulas from pet supply retailers online or in person. Only keep the formula refrigerated after it’s been opened.

Is Soy Beneficial to Kittens?

It’s completely safe and may be found as a protein component in many pet meals. Milk is not suggested for cats or dogs of any age since they are not built to consume it, resulting in empty calories. Furthermore, some almond or soy milk may be sweetened.

Is Soy Milk Harmful to Cats?

It has no lactose or minerals, making it appropriate for cats. Unfortunately, owing to their chemical composition, they are difficult to digest. As a result, cat owners who drink soya milk will have flatulence, digestive problems, and other symptoms.


How Do You Make Kitten Formula at Home?

If your mix contains 5 parts evaporated milk and 5 parts heated water, add half a teaspoon of bone meal for every 16 ounces. The mixture in all three recipes should be absolutely smooth. They should be kept in properly sealed containers in the refrigerator.

What can I use in place of cat milk?

If you want to offer your cat an alternative to milk, plain yogurt is a good choice since it contains less lactose and allows you to communicate with your cat via his mouth. Lactose-free milk is often available at supermarkets. There isn’t much debate over soy milk, which is listed on the package. Catsip is a cat milk replacement that is available.

Is it Possible to Make My Own Kitten Formula?

Fill the jar with an unexpired amount of 1 cup milk and stir until the liquid is fully dissolved. If you’re not going to use the leftover egg yolks, whisk the ingredients together until smooth. It is not recommended to use sweetened evaporated milk. This is potentially harmful to a kitten.


Is it safe for cats to drink soy baby formula?

Nut milks and soy milk do not match the amino acid requirements for cats, since cats are obligate carnivores that must consume any food that comes their way, even cat chow and baby formula.

If you don’t have any formula, what do you feed a baby kitten?

In general, kitten milk replacers, also known as kitten milk formula or kitten milk replacer, should be fed primarily to kittens’ mothers’ milk rather than kitten milk.

Is Soy Toxic To Cats?

Despite the fact that soy provides health advantages, this has been demonstrated to be accurate. As far as I know, the phytate component in soy is 50 cents (50-cent word), and it blocks enzymes that break down proteins, preventing minerals from being absorbed into the body. In cats, this results in liver damage or failure.


Is It Safe For Cats To Eat Soy Protein?

Animals get a balanced nutritional profile of tryptophan, protein, and gluten from peanut, beef, and egg coprotein concentrate, which also contains considerable levels of amino acid. Based on USDA studies, Table 1 compares the amino acid levels of dogs, cats, and chicken products.

In order to give your kitten lactose-free baby formula, you will need to purchase a lactose-free formula. There are many brands of lactose-free formulas available for purchase on the market today. Reference: lactose-free baby formula for kittens.

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