Breast milk can’t make you sick, but there are some precautions that should be taken when storing and feeding breast milk. It is important for mothers to know the proper way to store their breast milk in order not to cause any harm or risk of contamination.

The “what happens if baby drinks breast milk that sat out too long” is a question many moms are asking. There are no major risks to leaving your breast milk out for an extended period of time.

Baby & Premature Parents who experience health problems When an infant’s immune system is low, they may develop contamination from bacteria growth that grows in breast milk that has been left out at room temperature. The best time to use breastfeed when given to an infant that is hospitalized or premature is within one hour.

What Happens If a Baby Consumes Breast Milk That Has Been Left Out Too Long?

Kathleen Gourley, IBCLC Manager at Lactation Link LLC, urged parents not to leave breast milk out on the counter for too long in August 2015, warning to their children that drinking it might cause disease. A dangerous bacterium, on the other hand, may exist for a long time in milk before it spoils totally. Many babies will just toss away unreturned spoilt milk.

Can Old Breast Milk Make Babies Sick?

Experts warn about the dangers of giving breast milk that has been incorrectly prepared. They responded by saying it was not on their thoughts. She suggests following appropriate storage and handling recommendations while storing and managing breast milk to avoid spoilage. However, it does happen to you from time to time, and you are able to consume the spoilt milk rather than vomit.


Is it OK to leave breast milk out for 8 hours?

If the first effort to feed the baby fails, breast milk may usually survive for 6 to 8 hours at room temperature without being flushed. A formula that lacks anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties must also be refrigerated and discarded after the first feeding.

Is it OK to leave breast milk out for 6 hours?

Freshly expressed breast milk should be used or stored in an airtight container within four hours, particularly if the temperature is high. Pasteurized breast milk may be kept for 10 days after being expressed, however raw milk must be kept for 14 days as the temperature decreases. An interior shelf of the Insulated Cooler traps cold air. Fresh breast milk may be kept in an insulated cooler with ice packs for up to a day of continuous storage.

After a baby drinks, how long may breast milk be left out?


Temperatures and Location of Storage

Breast Milk Types

77°F (25°C) or cooler on the counter (room temperature)

Pumped or freshly expressed

4 Hours or More

Previously Frozen, Thawed

1–2 Hours

Discarded from a Feeding (baby did not finish the bottle)

Use within two hours after the baby’s last feeding.

Is it possible to keep breast milk at room temperature for 8 hours?

Consider how warm the environment is when calculating how long you can store breast milk at room temperature. If breast milk is disposed of appropriately and in a hygienic way, it is likely to remain safe for 8 hours or longer at room temperature 77F or below.


When Breast Milk Is Left Out Too Long, What Happens?

Even if it’s gone wrong, you should be OK. It is bland and nutritionally insignificant. According to Baby Center, if newly pumped milk is kept at room temperature for 6-8 hours, it may be stored (60F to 85F).

Is It Safe To Store Breast Milk Overnight?

Following ingestion, we suggest cooling, refrigerating, or freezing your breast milk. Even though milk has been boiled, it can stay at room temperature for several hours; however, if it is left out for longer than that, it should be discarded; milk that has not been cooked for as long may sit at room temperature for up to six hours.

When Breast Milk Is Left Out, How Long Does It Stay Good?

Keeping fresh expressed or pumped milk refrigerated (between 77F and 34F) for 4 Hours or More is fine.


The “i left my breast milk out overnight” is a question that many moms have asked themselves. The answer to the question is no, but you should always be careful with your baby’s health.

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