Our pediatrician told us to give our baby yogurt with a little bit of pureed fruit. We need your expert advice on this!

There are many brands of yogurt that can be good for diarrhea. The best brand is usually the one your doctor recommends.

Can Baby Eat Yogurt With Diarrhea? –

If your child has diarrhea or is experiencing gas and bloating, you should allow him or her to cease consuming dairy products for a few days. While their parents are in the hospital, it is preferable if youngsters are permitted to resume their usual eating patterns.

Is Yogurt Beneficial to Diarrhea?

However, since dairy products protect against diarrhea, yogurt or kefir, a fermented milk drink containing probiotics, may give some relief from diarrhea, according to Dr. Kirby. You’ll be healthier since these antibiotics limit the quantity of food your body flushes out via diarrhea.

What Should You Feed A Diarrhea-Affected Baby?

Take an oral rehydration solution between meals if your diarrhea is severe. If your children react well to solid food within 24 hours, you should attempt giving them solid food. You may also prepare cereal, oatmeal, bread, noodles, mashed carrots, mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, applesauce, dry toast, crackers, soups with rice noodles, or take your time.


Is Yogurt Safe to Eat If You Have Diarrhea?

If you have a diarrhea bug, stay away from dairy items. If you’re suffering from severe diarrhea, drink milk, cheese, or yogurt. If you don’t normally eat dairy products, you should do so within a few days. Refined bread products are pleasant and simple to eat since they are made from refined white flour. When it comes to pasta, white rice, and cereals like cream of wheat, farina, oatmeal, or corn flakes, we concur with this notion.

Which Yogurt Should You Eat If You Have Diarrhea?

Milk, cheese, cream, and butter are foods to avoid; yogurt, on the other hand, is an exemption since probiotics may help with diarrhea, according to Mundkur. Plain yogurt is best for diarrhea flare-ups because flavored yogurt irritates the digestive system.

Is Yogurt a Diarrhea Causer?

Yogurt causes diarrhea in persons who may have lactose intolerance (20, 21). Lactose-rich foods, such as yogurt, can induce diarrhea in persons with lactose intolerance because they are not digested completely.


The “what can i give my baby to stop diarrhea” is a question that many parents have asked. There are some things you should avoid giving your baby, but yogurt is not one of them. Yogurt has been proven to be safe and effective in treating diarrhea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is yogurt OK for diarrhea?

A: You should avoid raw dairy products when you have diarrhea. They may worsen the symptoms and make it harder to get better.

What can I feed a baby with diarrhea?

A: The best thing you can do for your baby is to remove the milk from their diet and give them fruit juices in place of it.

Can yogurt give toddler diarrhea?

A: No, yogurt cannot give toddlers diarrhea. Yogurt has probiotics that help to keep your digestive system in balance and prevent any unpleasant side effects like getting an upset tummy.

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