Mobile phones are useful devices to adults, but they are not toys to be given to young kids for their play, and the next best alternative is getting them the best walkie-talkies for kids. These gadgets offer kids hours of entertainment and allow kids to communicate with their friends or give parents the safety of knowing your kids are okay when exploring, yet, they are not as expensive as mobile phones. Also known as a two-way radio system, a parent can use these walkie-talkies for kids to help build communication skills, boost their kids' self-confidence outdoors, and the device makes a perfect present for children.

With many companies that have come up with these devices, it can be challenging to know which one to pick, and rest assured, we have provided you with all the details you need to make the proper choice for your kids. We have listed the best walkie-talkies for kids in the market with some of their advantages and disadvantages and shared a buying guide to help parents make the most informed decision.

1. Retevis RT628

Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids,Toys for 5-13 Year Old Boys Girls,Key Lock,Crystal Voice, Easy to Use,Long Range Walky Talky for Camping Hiking(Red,2 Pack)
  • License free; your kids can keep in touch with friends and families at any time when you camping adventure or in a crowded supermarket
  • Compact and lightweight body; ergonomic design with rounded corners is more comfortable and reduce scratches;beautiful and strong plastic can be used for a long time
  • VOX and 2.5mm headphone connection;the VOX function enables children to speak directly to their neighbors without pressing the PTT button;you can also connect headphones to the device (not included)
  • Multichannel walkie talkies communication;one-to-one or one-to-more communication function allow more walkie talkies to communicate on the same channel
  • The key lock works for children to stay on the same channel while playing;which prevents children from changing the channel

Retevis RT628 is one of the best walkie-talkies you can get your children at an affordable price that functions and looks like the adult radios, which cost like four times the price. It features six buttons that include the talk button located on the device's side, and the other buttons control the volume, power, scan, and switch to lock the menu. You can choose between rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries with these walkie-talkies, and they have a long mile range.

Additionally, the Retevis RT628 two-way radio has a backlit LCD that displays the remaining battery life, operation channel, and signal strength. The walkie-talkie radios have a textured ribbing on their sides that prevents the radio from slipping off the pockets or hands, and the size makes it comfortable for people of all sizes to hold it. The walkie-talkies produce a clear sound for the price and mile range without interference with devices in the low price range.

  • Pros
  • It offers great value for the firmly built walkie talkies.
  • A crisp, clear, and quality sound even for a long-range.
  • Perfect size and lightweight enough for kids.
  • It has a 22 channels.
  • The walkie talkies can connect several receivers.
  • Hands-free two-way radios.
  • Lock menu.
  • Non-slip textured ribbing.
  • Cons
  • It would help if you stocked up batteries because the Retevis two-way radio uses six AA batteries.
  • The walkie-talkies instructions are not specific.

2. Obuby 3 Pack

Obuby Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Gifts Toys with Backlit LCD Flashlight 3 KMs Range Gift Toys for Age 3 up Boy and Girls to Outside , Hiking, Camping
  • Perfect Gift for Children: Walkie talkies gift for 3-12 year old boys, teen girls gifts, kids birthday gifts . Great for both indoor and outdoor activities such as outdoor game, spring outing and summer camping.
  • Perfect Adventure Kids Toys: Situation can be real-time monitoring of children, anti wandered off, intelligent alarm system etc. Stay connecting with your friends and families especially in outdoor activities, the best outdoor toys for toddlers age 9-11 boys and girls.
  • Ergonomic Design: Small and light body allow kids easy to use and it is easy to carry, these will fit comfortably in children's hands with ergonomic design. An uncomplicated push-to-talk button makes this toy easy to use for kids.
  • Clear Sound: Our Kids walkie talkies have clear call alert function, crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level. Equipped with high Anti-interference function to reduce noise to enhance the fun of parent-child interaction.
  • Easy to Use: Simple push to talk operation, double click to activate a beep single. Broadcast to one or multiple units, ability to use different channels.

Obuby two-way radios are different from the usual walkie-talkies because they come with three talkies with each receiver designed to fit kids' hands well comfortably. It features a huge talk button in the center which can be smoothly pressed and released with children of most ages, and the walkie-talkies provide a clear and balanced sound. Obuby walkie-talkies are equipped with 22 channels and a backlit LCD that shows the battery level, channel number, and signal strength.

The Obuby walkie-talkies have additional accessories, including a flashlight, VOX, 38 privacy codes, keypad lock, and ten call tones. These walkie-talkies set come with an earpiece connector that is usable with headphones, and they run on four AAA batteries making them suitable to explore camping or hiking outdoors.

  • Pros
  • The Obuby walkie-talkies offer the best range.
  • The radios have belt clips to attach to their belts.
  • It comes with a built-in flashlight.
  • It is a waterproof walkie talkie.
  • VOX.
  • The toys have a durable construction.
  • The walkie-talkies feature a 3-mile talking range.
  • Cons
  • This walkie-talkie can be overwhelming for younger children because of the number of buttons.

3. Topsung Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies Long Range, Topsung M880 FRS Two Way Radio for Adults with Mic LCD Screen/Durable Wakie-Talkies with Noise Cancelling for Men Women Outdoor Adventures Cruise Ship (Red 2 in 1)
  • 【Smart System】: Auto squelch system, Auto monitor function, Auto memory function, Auto scan function, Auto power saving, Low battery alert
  • 【Main Parameters】:22 main channels and 121 privacy codes(2662 Combinations), Long range in different terrains(Up to 1/4/16 miles), Long standby time(Up to 3-4 days), Power by 3 AA batteries(Not included)
  • 【Friendly Design】:Palm size, Lightweight(2.9oz), Hands free function(VOX), Keypad lock(Channel lock), Adjustable power and volume, LCD screen with backlight, Belt clip with lanyard hole, 2.5mm Earpiece jack with dust plug, Durable and environmentally friendly materials(ABS)
  • 【Various Occasions】:Topsung adult walkie talkies are easy to operate and carry even for kids. So they are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, such as home, mall, cs games, camping, hiking, cycling, cruise ship, road trip, etc. With Topsung adult walkie talkies, you can keep talking with all family members or all your travel partners at the same time
  • 【Professional Service】:All Topsung adult walkie talkies have got the latest FCC certification, so you can return for replacement with any reason in 30 days. Please contact us by email without hesitation if you have any question, we will not let you down

Topsung units are one of the most reliable walkie-talkies for kids, which use a USB cable to power up the rechargeable batteries that come with the radio. These radios operate on 22 channels and have a mile range of 1 mile for a residential area, 4 miles on an open plain, and up to 16 miles from a mountain to a valley enough to give your children hours full of fun. The Topsung radio set features an auto scan and auto squelch function and is equipped for a hands-free talking experience.

Topsung walkie-talkies do not need you to purchase accessories because they come with a USB cable and AA rechargeable batteries to get your walkie-talkie going immediately, and you can charge your walkie using a wall outlet, power bank, or a car charger.

  • Pros
  • The radio set comes with 121 privacy codes for additional security.
  • The set of walkie talkies features a voice-activated communication.
  • Compact size and lightweight.
  • The two-way radio can be used for driving.
  • Easy to carry and pack the talkies for kids.
  • Cons
  • The talkies for kids lack volume control.

4. Wes Tayin Long Range Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies for Kids, wesTayin Range Up to 4 Miles Long Range Walkie Talkies 22 Channels with Crystal Sound Walkie Talkies Boy Toy for Kids Toddlers Adults, 2 Pack (Green Camo)
  • 4 Miles Long Range walkie talkie with 22 Channels and 38 Privacy Codes: 4 Miles long range radios, range may vary depend on your environment and conditions. Total 836 channels, the 2-way radios are easy to find an available channels for secret talking.
  • Built in VOX (Hands Free) as Baby Monitor: Sound Activation Transmission (VOX) with 3 sensitivity levels for hands-free operation. When you cooking in the kitchen, you can monitor your baby voice if he say Mummy. Well walkie talkie for toddlers.
  • Advanced Built-in Flashlight with White LED:The walkie talkies earpiece set on the built-in flashlight to light your way during evening activities, unexpected emergencies or power outages
  • Compatible with Any Long Range Walkie Talkies: You can communicate with other outdoor headset regardless of brand by being on the same channel and privacy codes
  • Approved and Quality Warranty: Simple and Convenient return process, one year warranty and 30 days no reason to return

Wes Tayin walkie-talkies are from a brand that has made a name for itself in the past 20 years, and they are known for their quality. These two-way radios are a two-pack set with a long-range of 4-miles delivering a crystal clear sound without interference and are equipped with 22 channels and 38 privacy codes. The walkie-talkies feature a hands-free setting with three sensitivity levels making the walkie-talkie easy and suitable to use as an alternative baby monitor when camping or for voice-activated communication.

Wes Tayin walkie-talkie radios include an automatic power saver option, a built-in flashlight, and VOX capabilities. Each walkie-talkie set packing rechargeable AAA batteries, belt clips, and a USB cable for charging. These units are suitable for children looking for two-way radios with extended reach for hiking fun or camping trips. Besides, these kids walkie talkies can be connected to headphones for any private conversations and feature a call alert function.

  • Pros
  • Built-in flashlight.
  • The walkie-talkies include rechargeable batteries.
  • It has a 4-mile range.
  • The units are easy to learn how to use and quite comfortable to hold.
  • 99 subcodes that reduce any interference chance.
  • Cons
  • It features too many buttons for young kids.

5. Motorola Talkabout T800

Motorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Radios, 2 Pack, Black/Blue
  • T800 Features Include: Radio Control Settings, Bluetooth Connectivity, Off-Grid Group Messaging Or Broadcasting, Offline Location Sharing And Tracking, Easy Group Communication, And Emergency Location
  • With 22 Channels And 121 Privacy Codes, Totaling 2,662 Combinations, It’S Easy To Find An Available Channel
  • Up To 35-Mile Voice Range And 20-Mile Data Range, Depending On Terrain And Conditions
  • Keep Updated With Real-Time Weather Conditions Via 11 Weather Channels With Alert Features (Including 7 Noaa Channels)

Motorolla T800 walkie-talkies for kids are made of a water-resistant and sleek design that features an ultracool reverse backlit LCD. The kids' walkie-talkies have raised buttons that can be felt easily, and it's one of the best walkie-talkies in the market because it also features emergency weather channel monitoring, dual-channel monitoring, auto-squelch, call tones, and an emergency alert button.

Of all the kids' walkie-talkies on the list, this unit stands out because it can connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth, where you can create a small messaging network even when you are off the grid. Using the Motorolla app, you can easily send GPS locations and texts and even track your groups on the maps outside the coverage zone.

  • Pros
  • The talkies for kids have a data transmission app with a data transmission range of 20 miles.
  • It can connect to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Water-resistant.
  • PTT power boost.
  • Emergency button.
  • The set has an emergency weather channel monitoring.
  • Cons
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Works better with a group.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

1. Ease of Use

Before purchasing any gadget to be used with a kid, the first thing to consider is the ease of use, even for the best kids walkie talkies. The gadget should be easy to handle or hold by a child, and they should be able to operate it or easily learn how to operate it. Additionally, because it's for young children, it should not pack many features, and the features present in the walkie-talkies should be easily usable by the kids.

The walkie-talkie's ease of use is determinant of your child's age as slightly older kids can manage complex systems, but they can be confusing for younger ones. How simple a design is will determine how easy it will be for you to teach your child how to use it.

2. Technology of the Walkie Talkie

Walkie-talkies come with different technologies depending on the brand and quality, and you should choose a gadget that uses a technology that enhances its usability. Checking the technology used for sound enhancement might be one of the most important features to check because it will make the toy more useful.

3. Range

The range is an important consideration depending on where you plan the kids to use their walkie-talkies, either predominantly around the house or even on adventures such as camping or theme parks. You can get one with a low range for home or residential use, but a long range is necessary for the best experience and constant communication with your child for outdoor activities. Every manufacturer will mention in the package the range which one can use the walkie-talkies for kids, and most of them have a range of about 2 miles, with some going up to 5 miles.

4. Power/ Charging Capabilities

Walking talkies are powered using either AC adapters for charging, or others use batteries or a combination of both, but most of them are battery-operated. The best battery walkie-talkie models use environmentally friendly lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, but the talkies come at a higher cost, but walkie-talkies also use replaceable batteries. Whichever battery type the walkie-talkie uses falls to preference choice, but for kids walkies talkies, replacement batteries are suitable to avoid any complications that could lead to the damaged battery.

Additionally, walkie-talkies' replaceable batteries cost less than rechargeable batteries, and they last approximately the same time. Still, they can burn through quickly because kids are not the best at remembering to switch off gadgets. For the charging devices, ensure you check the walkie talkies battery life since how much your walkie-talkie can carry in terms of power determines how long your kids can use it on a single charge. It is essential to know how to charge rechargeable walkie-talkies and how much charging time is required to avoid mid-communication drop-offs, static noise, or interference.

5. Size of the walkie talkie

Younger children have small hands, so it's best to choose walkie-talkies that kids can grip easily because they are available in different sizes. Some sizes may be too large and impractical for their small hands, so ensure you check the size. The walkie-talkies should also be lightweight and compact while still maintaining their durability.

6. Display

The majority of walkies talkies in the market come in either an LED or LCD, which helps when in dark conditions. Some of the best talkies for kids come with a built-in flashlight or torch that can add fun to the evening adventures, whether in or out of the house.

7. Channels

Walkie-talkies usually function by operating on the same frequency for smooth communication between them, with each set of walkie-talkies featuring several channels. The more the number of channels a walkie-talkie features, the fewer interruptions of the frequency but additional channels could cause the cost of the walkie-talkies to go up, but most radios come with 22 channels. Some radios can allow you to lock the channel, which can be helpful when moving to mean the connection won't drop because of a channel change. Some channels have more interference than others, but some feature a CTCSS that helps block out distractions when radioing.

8. How many you need to purchase

How many sets of walkies talkies you need to buy will determine what set of walkie-talkies will be suitable for you. How many kids you have and joining them in their fun or need them to have extras to use with their friends will play a role in determining which set you pick. If unsure of the features and quality, you can purchase one set first then add more walkie-talkie sets later on after experiencing them.

9. Durability

When it comes to any device being used with kids, durability should be among the first things to consider, and it's also the same for kids walkie talkies. Dropping a walkie-talkie is as easy as dropping a phone which, as parents, you have dropped plenty of times. Therefore, purchasing a walkie-talkie with a durable, tough design can be a lifesaver, and waterproof capabilities can be a huge extra for the best walkie-talkies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will two sets of kids' walkie-talkies be compatible?

Yes, they will. Two sets of walkie-talkies from the same manufacturer and using the same channel will be compatible.

2. Will a hilly terrain or an obstacle affect the walkie-talkies range?

Yes, the voice clarity coming through the kid's walkie-talkies is usually affected by various terrains, mountains, or hills. It is suitable for use in flat land without many obstacles in the path. Some of these flatlands may include forests, parks, wooded areas, or inside a building or home. To know how much fluctuation you may experience if the maximum range of the walkie-talkie is around 5 miles, then expect a low range of 2.5 miles when using the talkies in hilly terrains.

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