5 Best Skateboard Brands

There's never been a better time to be lean towards the thrill and excitement of skateboarding. The current skateboard industry is ripe in competition, with several enterprises producing plenty of state-of-the-art skateboards. To help you find a skateboard that you'll love the feel of the board underneath as you roll in the pipes or fly in the air, we have rounded up 5 of the best skateboard brands and their respective best product on the market.

5 Best Skateboard Brands

1. Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards-founded by the exceptional skateboarder Jamie Thomas-is certainly one of the top skateboard brands, well known in skateboarding circles for its versatile approach to manufacturing. Their current team includes skateboarding pros, speaking volumes of their user-oriented strategy.

Most Zero skateboards have 8-inch boards that feature a mid-range concave, particularly built for street skating. The deck is made from 7-ply Canadian maple fixed with expoxy glue for anti-shock resistance. The skateboards' wheelbases and trucks are oriented for flexibility, making them ideal for both beginners and pros. As you would expect, graphics are a prominent feature on Zero Skateboards, hence plenty of options to choose from.

Best Skateboard: Zero Single Skull - 8.5

If you are looking for a bold and aggressive board, it doesn't get any more fierce than the Zero Single Skull. It sports a sleek black finish with the prominent company logo sticking out in the middle, which will certainly catch a couple of eyes.

This is a lightweight skateboard, weighing only 3 pounds, which allows for smooth rides, say on-campus or in skate parks, as well as performing complex tricks and moves quite softly. This skateboard is suitable for different levels of skateboarding, from a beginner to an ace skater.

  • Pros
  • Sleek design.
  • Shock-resistant deck.
  • Wide variety of wheels.
  • Cons
  • Grip tape is sold separately.

2. Plan B Skateboards

Plan B Skateboards-also based in California-is a brand known for innovative deck designs and dimensions, particularly after their new ownership.

The new board decks are designed with better concave and dimensions that make the skateboards resistant to shocks. They are made of thick 7-ply maple with minimal flexing. Wheels come in a 4-pack, giving the rider a range of sizes to choose from. High-quality bearings improve the skateboards' overall strength, but they might need replacement after extended use. Plan B skateboards are well-know for their graphical illustrations, while you can also come up with your own design.

Best Skateboard: Tommy Fynn Traveler Skateboard Deck - 8.5

The Tommy Fynn Traveler Skateboard Deck is built with 6-ply technology, making it solid enough to take on bumps smoothly, as well as bear up against wear and tear. This skateboard is designed to be friendly for top-level tricks, achieving a reasonably high tall, but also keeps a novice in mind.

It sports a brilliant BLK ice coating that accentuates the board's graphics. The shine is pretty long-lasting, which might even save you some money in the long-run. There is plenty of deck expertise on this skateboard, making it a good choice for different levels of skating.

  • Pros
  • Wide variety of graphics.
  • Brilliant design.
  • Cons
  • Might be somewhat narrow for some users.

3. Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop, the Ohio-based skateboard company, has certainly moulded its way to one of the best skateboarding company, thanks to its innovative products. It mainly focuses on pre-assembled skateboards, specifically producing top-notch boards.

Alien Workshop leans towards high-tech. The boards are vertically laminated on both sides for better stability. They are made of 7 layers of maple for shock resistance and more durability. Embossed graphics then brings out a great aesthetic appeal. Their skateboards use ABEC 3 bearings, plus sturdy yet flexible trucks for optimal control and stability. The wheels come in several sizes to suit different levels of skill and preferences.

Best Skateboard: Alien Workshop Deprivation

Alien Workshop Deprivation Skateboard Deck 8.125"
  • This is for a skateboard deck only with NO griptape.

This is arguably one of the best skateboards for stability and foot grip on different kinds of terrain. The Deprivation is made of 7-ply extra hard maple wood for unmatched durability. The single press used in the deck manufacture process adds to the skateboard's endurance while also bringing forth impressive performance.

The deck sports some pretty brilliant graphics and is also quite lightweight. This light feel produces very soft rides and makes it equally easy to perform your tricks spontaneously.

  • Pros
  • Solid build from extra hard maple veneers.
  • Lightweight.Durable.
  • Cons
  • A bit pricey.
  • Grip tape is not included.

4. Blind Skateboards

Mark Gonzales, the legendary pro, is the founder of Blind Skateboards, a no-brainer selection for the best skateboard companies. The brand focuses on higher-level boards, mainly but not exclusively targeting hardcore skateboarders.

Their decks are made of 8-ply maple joined by epoxy resin for more endurance and top-quality boards altogether. Their skateboard decks are vertically laminated for optimal control and stability, making it easier to perform tricks and stunts. Each board sports a Grim Reaper logo and visually-appealing designs that can also be customized. When it comes to trucks, wheels and bearings, Blind Skateboards has an extensive selection to choose from, for all skill sets and levels of riders.

Best Skateboard: Blind Complete Skateboard

The Blind Complete Skateboard is ideal for people who simply enjoy coasting along the streets or in skate parks.

All the components come fully assembled; you're good to go as soon as you get the skateboard. The 52-mm wide wheels have a 92A durometer that provides a smoother gliding and more ease when skating over bumpy surfaces. Additionally, the Tensor trucks ensure that you can manoeuvre through corners with minimal effort.

  • Pros
  • 92A durometer for more smoothness over bumps.
  • Pre-assembled components.
  • Tensor trucks for manoeuvrability.
  • Cons
  • Wheels aren't particularly fast.

5. Element Skateboards

Element Skateboards-based in Irvine, California- is well-known in skateboarding circles for its exquisite designs. Element skateboards are equally popular for their affordable price points. Just as integral to the brand, they also produce a vast range of skateboard accessories and sports apparel.

Element skateboards' decks are mainly made of thriftwood 7-ply maple with added thickness. The boards' helium lines contain air chambers that improve the decks' endurance. The strong urethane-rubber wheels, ceramic bearings and trucks are quite durable, but the trucks need replacing after a while to maintain the boards' stability. Additionally, you have a wide assortment of colour and graphics to choose from for a custom skateboard.

Best Skateboard: Element Section Black 7.75

Element Section #9 Skateboard Deck
  • Size 7.75" X 31.25"
  • Nose 6.875"
  • Tail - 6.25"
  • Wheel Base 14"
  • Thriftwood Construction

Element is one of the best skateboard deck brands for a good reason. Their focus on cutting edge technology and top-rate materials for optimal performance and durability is embodied in the Section Black 7.75.

The deck, while still modern, carries a hint of an old school deck build. It's made of 7-ply maple wood veneers that can withstand any terrain. The board is 7.75" wide and 31.25" long, an ideal deck size for all levels of skaters. It definitely looks thicker and stiffer to the eye, but it's surprisingly light to carry around.

The graphics on this Element skateboard are quite stylish, and they definitely stand out, whether you are on the streets or in the park. Additionally, you also get a complimentary Mob grip tape for free or a graphic grip at a discount.

  • Pros
  • Sturdy thriftwood veneer build.
  • Impressive graphics.
  • Thicker and stiffer, yet incredibly lightweight.
  • Guarantee against defects from the manufacturer.
  • Cons
  • A bit expensive.

Notable Mentions

There are numerous skateboard companies out there that are pretty good at what that they do. It would be remiss of us to limit this guide to just 5 brands when you are really spoilt for choice, ideally. Some of the other prolific skateboarding brands you can consider include:

  • Girl Skateboards.
  • Flip Skateboards.
  • Powell Peralta.
  • Santa Cruz.
  • Birdhouse.
  • Cal 7.
  • Meketec.
  • Minority.

If you come across these skate companies in your research, do not hesitate to look into them. Despite not featuring on the list, these skate brands still deliver high quality and durable products.

How To Choose the Best Skateboard Brands & Products

The number of skateboard brands is increasing by the day. This makes it all the more challenging to choose an ideal skating company with a specific skateboard that matches all your expectations. Ultimately, the perfect choice narrows down to your particular needs and preferences. These general aspects should help you to settle on a brand that might tick all-if not most-boxes.

  • Quality.
  • Durability.
  • Price.
  • Design.
  • Accessories.

Once you have nailed down a skateboard brand that you think suits you, the following factors should guide you in choosing the best skateboard. However, it is worth noting that the best skateboard, similarly, varies from one person to another, as well as their skateboarding style and proficiency.

1. Deck Size

This is certainly one of the most important aspects you have to consider. Deck size determines the amount of body support, grip and smoothness of the ride that a skateboard delivers. As opposed to what most people might be tempted to think, it turns out that the deck's width is more critical than the length.

The ideal width for skateboard decks ranges from 7.5 to 8.25 inches, but this may vary depending on your height, shoe size, skateboarding style or even personal preferences. Fortunately, the best skateboard brands manufacture several sizes to cater to most people's specific needs and requirements.

The material of the deck is equally important. If you are a beginner, you might be better off starting with a plastic skateboard, as it's the most convenient when you are on the learning curve. As your knowledge and skills improve over time, you will be better placed to pick out the perfect skateboard deck to match your style.

2. Skateboard Bearings

You have these tiny ball bearings to thank for a smooth ride on your skateboard. As the industry evolves, innovations, such as ceramic ball bearings, are making skateboards faster than ever. Typically, the bearings' ABEC rating-a scale of 1 to 9-determines their accuracy and precision, where a higher rating implies a better degree of both, but consequently a higher price too. A leisure skateboard will do just fine with ABEC-3 rated bearings, both for their functionality and cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skateboards

1. How do I maintain a skateboard?

Skateboards are susceptible to plenty of wear and tear from the nature of their use. Therefore, you need to take good care and maintenance to ensure that you get the most lifespan out of a good skateboard.

  • Don't leave your skateboard outside exposed to elements. Moisture destroys wood decks and sometimes builds up in the bearings, which diminishes their performance. Similarly, expansion under the sun's heat exacerbates the wear and tear process.
  • Lubricate your bearing frequently to avoid gumming them up.
  • Maintain your skateboard's deck by sanding down splintered wood and rounding off sharp edges that occur over extended use.
  • Replaces the damaged parts of your skateboard as soon as possible.

2. How do I ride a skateboard safely?

Skateboarding is undeniably thrilling and exciting, but it also poses potential risks like any other sport. Safety precautions cannot be emphasized enough, especially if you are a beginner or into performing tricks and stunts.

  • Make sure that you have all the necessary protective gear; a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. You can also consider wearing a mouthguard.
  • A kid should always skate under supervision.
  • Always practice safe skateboarding.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide has given you a decent understanding of the best skateboard brands to consider in 2021. It would be best if you looked into each of them further to find the one that particularly fits you best. At the end of the day, only when you have a skateboard that suits your style and skillset can you achieve the optimal thrill of skateboarding. 

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