Getting your kids an RC (remote-controlled or radio-controlled) excavator would be a great idea if they are fascinated by machinery.

RC excavators are fun toys that can keep kids really busy. It’s even more interesting when your kid demonstrates their skills with an RC excavator while other kids are watching. These miniature excavators also enhance kids’ intellectual abilities, since they engage both hand and eye coordination.

best toy excavators that can dig

RC Excavators That Can Dig: Our Top 7 Picks

How much fun and value your kids would get from a toy RC excavator would depend on its design, features, performance, and durability. So, you need to keep all of these in mind when shopping for an RC excavator.

But you’re in luck! We have done all the hard work of hitting the market and comparing several RC excavators in terms of the factors mentioned above. Our aim was to help you make the right choice.

After cutting out the low performers from our initial long list, we were left with these top-quality options that you won’t go wrong with.

1. Top Race TR-211M 23-channel Full Functional RC Excavator



The Top Race TR-211M 23 Channel excavator toy is one of its kinds in the market. It is heavy duty and made with metal. It can lift a 110 lbs weight. This excavator does not require gas to work.

The Top Race TR-211M 23 is not just a toy for kids; it is a great professional machine that is suitable for hobbyists. Using it feels like controlling a real-life excavator.

The excavator has a powerful remote control. With the remote, you can easily direct every part of the truck. The remote control has a screen that displays modes and controls you can use. Also, the remote has a time feature; use the timer to control your playtime.

The Top Racer RC excavator is built with a strong battery. With a 200 mAh battery, a user enjoys the great performance of up to 50 minutes of playtime.

Features and Performance

The Top Race excavator is a professional tool for hobbyists. It has a digging power of up to 1.1 lbs/cubic inch. The powerful engine can take one person in. Its motor power is 180 lbs.

The toy takes up to 3 hours to fully charge; which can last for about 50 minutes of playtime. It is also large enough on a 1:14 scale.

This professional toy digs like a real heavy-duty excavator. It also has real smoke. You don’t need to soften/break the dirt before it digs.

It also comes with an RC excavator fork, drill, USB charging cord, smoke oil, shovel, rechargeable battery, and other useful tools.


  • Suitable for children and hobbyists
  • Produces real smoke like the real deal
  • Durable and able to dig any soil
  • Remote control has a LED screen


  • Quite heavy

2. Kolegend Remote Control Excavator



This rechargeable RC functional construction excavator has a double-rubber track design. It is durable and sturdy. With it, different slopes, terrains, and muds can be climbed. It also digs well. This toy looks just like the real Caterpillar construction vehicle.

This RC excavator is built with a metal shovel that has flexible joints for perfect lifting. The metal bucket is powerful and wear-resistant. The user can dig in all kinds of soil with this tool.

The Kolegend RC excavator comes with three different flexible digging arms. It has all the functions of the real machine.

Features and Performance

It is always ready to run. It is also suitable as a gift for kids. Its battery is rechargeable, which is a 1200mAh Li-ion battery. It also has a USB charging cable. The batteries take about four hours to fully charge and give a playtime of 30 minutes. That’s good entertainment! Climb and dig different soil with it.

The RC excavator toy is professionally designed. Built on a 1:14 scale, multiple race functions are possible with this toy. You’ll feel like an engineer using this mini machine.

The three digging arms can dig in all directions. Also, the bucket is metal, strong and durable. The sounds and lights give you a fun, real-life experience.

This excavator toy can cover a remote control distance of over 100 feet. It has a powerful inbuilt transmitter of 2.4GHz. The moves are stable and flexible. There is no limit to the direction, and it can turn in a 680-degree rotation.


  • Nice light and sound
  • Great remote control
  • Strong metal bucket


  • Weak motor

3. Top Race RC Excavator Tractor



The toy is built with heavy-duty rubber track tires. They provide great traction which won’t allow the digging tractor to skid. The tractor has a 680-degree rotating can. It is also attached to three high-powered motors.

TR-211 RC excavator has a remote control distance of over 110 feet. This gives an impression of a real excavator working on any terrain. The toy is made with heavy-duty steel and durable plastic. It is built for very heavy loads.

The RC Construction Excavator has all the functions of a real-life Caterpillar construction vehicle. The metal shovel digs well, even on coarse sand. Moving the loads/materials is also smooth and very flexible.

Features and Performance

The TR-211 RC excavator toy comes with a series of heavy-duty metal.

The multi-functional tractor works just like a real excavator, a bit like the hydraulic excavator. It can dig well, using its heavy steel shovel.

This product is durable, and it can last for years. TR-211 also comes with a large rechargeable battery of 400 mAh 7.2V. Its transmitter works with two AA batteries.

It can lift loads to a full extent and can rotate in 680 degrees. The three different motors make digging easier. The digging arms are very flexible too.


  • Strong metal bucket
  • Rotates 680 degrees
  • Three different motors to facilitate digging
  • Remote-controlled
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Short battery life

4. DOUBLE E-Channel Functional Control Excavator



This product is a water-proof machine. You can work it in wet sands or mud.

The DOUBLE-Channel RC Excavator toy tractor has a strong alloy bucket. This allows you to dig up soil like a real excavator would do.

The toy comes with three do-it-yourself replacement tools. This was designed to make the drilling, digging, and grasping more fun for kids.

The materials used are durable, and this makes it a long-lasting toy with maximum fun for your kids. It develops driving and building skills in your kids over a long period of use.

Features and Performance

It can go up to 100 feet distance on the remote control. The machine has a great transmitter of 2.4 GHz. The charging time is 80 minutes and this provides your kid a playtime of 35 minutes thereafter.

The toy excavator offers your kid more fun with the three-in-one drill, claw, and metal shovel. The track tires are strong too, built with heavy rubber. On a scale of 1:16, this RC excavator gives your kid the experience of using a real construction machine. The height of this toy is 16.9 inches with a width of 7.5 inches; its length is 25.6 inches.

This toy has three different motors for digging. It digs in all directions using the three separate motors. Its cab can turn in a 360-degree rotation.

This DOUBLE-Channel RC tractor comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable. The battery’s inbuilt capacity is 4.8v 800 mAh. Also, its transmitter requires two AA batteries to function.


  • Functional bucket, driller, and grabber
  • Rotates at 360 degrees


  • Limited playtime
  • Cannot lift heavy loads

5. Kolegend 15 Channel Functional Excavator



This RC excavator toy is built with a double rubber track. This makes it durable and sturdy. It allows your kids to dig terrains and climb slopes.

The 15-channel functional excavator is designed with an alloy bucket. This makes it easier for it to dig rough terrains. It is resistant to wear.

The product also comes with LED lighting and sound. Your kids can have good playtime at night with this LED lighting.

Features and Performance

The product has high-quality accessories. The heavy materials are of good quality. The scoop piece is a thick metal which makes the RC excavator durable. Give your kids the fun construction experience that would make them want to become an engineer.

The construction tractor’s cab can rotate in 680 degrees. There is no limit to the direction it can move.

The toy has a superior remote control distance of over 100 feet. The transmitter is also very powerful at 2.4 Ghz. Its three-section arm lifts really good, and they are very flexible.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Remote control distance of over 100 feet
  • LED lighting and sounds


  • Weak bucket arm

6. DOUBLE E 2020 Upgrade RC Excavator Construction Toy Tractor



Measuring 18.5 by 5.5 inches, this toy excavator functions like a real construction vehicle. It has exclusive 11 channel functions with a scale size of 1:20.

The excavator sports three flexible digger arms as well as strong and flexible joints for easy lifting.

Features and Performance

The toy has a 660-degree rotating cab. The digger feature offers a realistic effect while digging. You can rotate it in all directions.

With a transmitter frequency of 2.4 GHz and powered by a 4.8v 800 mAh battery, this RC excavator gives your kids a playtime of about 30 minutes.

The 1:20 scale RC excavator is durable. It is built with non-toxic premium ABS plastic. It has enough power to lift a loaded shovel. It also digs really well.


  • Easy to operate and very responsive
  • Works on different terrains
  • 660-degree rotation capability


  • Limited fun playtime

7. Double E 17 Channel RC Excavator



Measuring 22.5 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches, this RC excavator is very realistic and well-detailed. It gives your kids a real-life experience of an excavator construction tractor. It is built on a 1:16 scale with all functions.

This product comes with an exquisite packaging, which makes it ideal as a birthday gift. It has a jack hammer, shovel, and grab jack. The Double-E heavy duty toy also has heavy rubber track tires and powerful motors.

RC excavator has three do-it-yourself replacement tools. They include digger, grabber, and driller.

Features and Performance

The toy has three different motors of digging arm. It also has a heavy-duty shovel. Perfect for transporting sand, dirt, and mud, etc. Its cab can turn in a 660-degree rotation which goes smooth in any direction.

The remote control can cover a distance of over 100 feet. Its control system is 2.4 GHz.


  • Powerful motors
  • Perfect gift for kids
  • Detailed excavator specs


  • Weak digging muscle
  • Short battery life


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