Have you been looking for the best baby gates now that your little one is crawling and taking their first steps? A pressure-mounted baby gate is ideal for you when you need to bar some risky areas off, such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or more.

What Is a Pressure-Mounted Baby Gate?

Pressure-mounted baby gates are used to partition certain areas in your home that you don't want your toddler to access. You will fix them in place by pressure mounting their corners against the walls without the need to drill or poke holes into the wall. The other hardware-mounted gates need screws and holes in the walls to fix them.

When buying pressure-mounted baby gates, you can find two main designs; removable/retractable baby gates or gates with a walk-through door. The removable gates are designed for temporary use since you need to remove them as you pass. The walk-through gates are the more permanent solutions since you don't have to remove them to pass. They feature a small gate door with a gate latch that you fasten after passing and that your baby can't open by themselves.

While the pressure-mounted gates are better for your walls, they do come with some limitations, including where you can install them. One area you should never install a pressure-mounted gate is at the top of your stairs since it might not hold on as well as hardware-mounted baby gates. But on bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room doorways, as well as at the bottom of the stairs.

With this information recorded, it is time to start looking for the best pressure-mounted gate for your curious toddler. But, as you will find from sellers, there are just too many gates to choose from, so you can get a bit confused. We don't want you in this predicament, which is why we have come up with these five pressure-mounted gates choices, plus a thorough buying guide so you can easily pick the best for your needs. So let's jump right in!

Are pressure mounted baby gate safe?

1. Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate, Includes 6-Inch Extension Kit, 4 Pack Pressure Mount Kit, 4 Pack Wall Cups and Mounting Kit
  • EXTRA WIDE: Expands to fit openings between 29-34 and 35-38.5 inches wide. Stands 30 inches tall. Please be sure measure your opening prior to purchase to ensure proper fit. Note: This gate will not fit an opening between 34-35 Inch - An additional 4” extension is needed.
  • EASY TO USE AND SET UP: Pressure mount design that is quick to set up. Please note, before installation there will be a gap between the gate latch and the frame which is NOT a defect and it is NOT bent. This gap will be eliminated once installed.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Includes a 6-inch wide extension kit and 4 pressure mount spindle rods. Perfect for doorway, hallway and bottom of stair use. Gate can quickly be removed out of the opening for easy storage. Additional extensions sold separately.
  • DURABLE AND CONVENIENT: The all steel design is durable and convenient with a walk-through door. Certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards.
  • SAFETY: Includes multiple safety-lock features, four wall cups for added security and mounting hardware. Please note, gate frame is design to be assembled at all times. Perfect for children 6-24 months. Great for PETS TOO.

So, do you have your correct measurements between 29-34 inches or wider 35-38.5 inches? This all-steel Regalo walk-through baby gate could be what you need. With a height of 30 inches, your little one will not be able to climb over, nor will she navigate between the verticle steel bars to cross over to the other side.

It is an easy-to-install gate that also comes with a pressure mount kit. Note that when installing, there should be a space of fewer than 2.5 inches between the frame and the door, but it will disappear once you install the gate.

The PMA and ASTM-certified baby gate has multiple lock features and comes in a clean, white color. If you need to clean it, you simply need to wipe it down with a cloth. It is great for pets and toddlers between six and 24 months old.

  • Pros
  • Easy to install
  • Steel construction for durability
  • Easy to clean
  • PMA and ASTM-certified
  • Best for extra-wide doorways and hallways
  • Great for pets too
  • Affordable
  • Cons
  • Features a bar at the bottom which you could trip over
  • Door swings outwards which could hit somethings, or worse, your little one as you pass through

2. Summer Infant Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate, Metal, Bronze Finish - 36” Tall, Fits Openings up to 28.5” to 48” Wide, Baby and Pet Gate for Doorways and Stairways
  • ACCOMODATES MOST OPENINGS: The Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate for Baby can be used between doorways and stairways. The 36” tall baby gate fits openings up 28.5” to 48” wide.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easily install this baby gate on stairways with the included kit, or by using the no drill doorway mount for in-between doorways. Tools are required for hardware mounting.Surface-clean with a damp cloth or sponge, using mild detergent and warm water
  • AUTO-CLOSE FEATURE: For added hands-free convenience, this safety gate is equipped with an auto-close feature that gently closes the door behind you and a hold-open feature that keeps the door open.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Have peace of mind knowing your baby or pet can explore safely with Summer’s Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru baby gate. Plus, the removable door stopper prevents the door from swinging open oven the stairs.
  • STYLISH BABY GATE: This extra tall baby gate is metal with a bronze finish, so you can child proof your home in style. Standing 36” tall, it is ideal for use with toddlers and small pets.

Have a clever, tall baby? You need to get an even taller baby gate like this 36-inch tallboy from Summer Infant. While it is designed for most doorways and hallways 28.5" to 48" wide, the gate comes in 3 color options and features a door opening so you can walk through.

It is easy to install and use; it comes with an auto-close feature, so you don't have to turn around when carrying stuff, and it also has a hold-open latch that your baby can't reach. The small door swings open to let you pass through, and the verticle bars are also supported by a bar at the bottom so you can trust the construction.

Unlike most baby gates, this one comes with a door stopper that prevents the door from swinging open over the stairs since you can also use it as a hard-mounted gate. In addition, it comes with a pressure mounting kit, and with the stylish metallic build, it is easy to clean with a cloth.

  • Pros
  • Stylish and available in different colors
  • Secure features to keep your baby contained
  • Made with durable metal
  • From a reputable brand
  • Has a door stopper
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Verticle bars ensure your little one can't pass through
  • Tall baby gate and ideal for wide areas
  • Cons
  • The bottom bar is a trip hazard
  • A bit costly

3. Evenflo Position & Lock Baby Gate

Position & Lock Baby Gate, Pressure-Mounted, Farmhouse Collection
  • Simple to Install: The Pressure Mount Gate Allows Quick and Easy Installation and Re-Installation
  • Neutral Styling: The warm wood and black mesh accents fit seemlessly into the farmhouse look, making this gate part of your home décor
  • Versatile: With an Extension From 26-42 Inches and is 23 inches tall. This Gate Will Fit in Most Doorways Quickly and Easily
  • Making Safety Easy: The Locking Bar is Marked and Notched for Easy Installation While the Sturdy Wood Frame and Plastic Mesh are Durable and Secure
  • Child - Age: 6-24 months

Not looking for a permanent gate? If your home has lots of foot traffic in hallways ad doorways, installing a permanent or long-term baby gate may be unnecessary. After all, there will be someone around to scoop your baby up before they head to dangerous areas. But, you still need the best baby gates for times you are alone with your little one. A retractable gate is your ideal bet.

This Evenflo baby gate is easy to install without any tools; simply pushing down the locking bar should get the fixing done. Also, the removal process will require you to lift the locking bar, and the gate comes right off.

It is made of sturdy wood and mesh so your baby cannot pass through. Additionally, the gate does not have a bottom bar for a trip hazard, and it comes with an extension that covers 26-42 inch widths. Finally, it is affordable and easy to wipe clean.

  • Pros
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Made of durable wood and mesh
  • It can fit most doorways and hallways
  • No trip hazard
  • Cons
  • A lot of work to keep removing it every time you want to pass

4. Safety 1St Adjustable Pressure-Mounted Walk-Through Gate

Safety 1st Easy Install 28" High Walk Thru Gate, Fits Between 29" and 38"
  • Customizable width – This safety gate adjusts to fit doorways and openings between 29 and 38 inches wide and is 28 inches high
  • Keep it secure – All pressure-mounted gates need to be occasionally tightened, but this safety gate lets you know when. If the easy-read indicator turns red, it’s time to re-adjust
  • Simple one hand release – Adults can easily open using one hand, while the two-action handle remains tough for little fingers to release and open
  • Easy to install – This pressure-mounted gate sets up easily in doorways and other pass through areas. Wall cups must be installed to keep gate in place
  • Automatic closing door: A magnetic Latch ensures the door swings closed and locks automatically, without any effort from a parent. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for Manual

This Safety 1st baby gate is your best option to cover the maximum width. The gate is designed for hallways and doorways between 29 and 38 inches wide, but it also comes with an extension kit that allows you to fit it in most areas.

It comes with a pressure mount kit that is easy to use, plus the door opening that goes both ways so you can choose where you want it to open. In addition, the door stopper makes the opening and closing easier, so you can decide to open the door away from your baby.

The gate is easy to open with one hand, and it also features an indicator red/green color that tells you when it is open or closed. In addition, the automatic closing uses a magnet that gently closes the door after you pass through. Your baby proofing gets better when you know your little one cannot pass through the verticle bars.

  • Pros
  • Affordable
  • Steel baby gate is durable
  • Easy pressure mounting
  • Easy opening and closing
  • Ideal for most hallways
  • From a reputable brand
  • Cons
  • It is a trip hazard with the bottom bar

5. Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Gate

Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate for Stairs, Hallways and Doors, Walk Through with Door, Metal, White, 35x29.5 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • Measures: 29.5" tall and 29.5" - 35" wide with the included (1) 2.75" extension (fits up to 54" wide with if additional extensions are purchased). Measure your desired opening prior to purchase to ensure a proper fit
  • Easy to use; simply push gate to close and lock. Latex free
  • Dual-locking mechanism allows door to swing in both directions.Use mild soap and wipe with a damp cloth
  • Pressure-fit baby gate with hardware included for added safety
  • Includes (1) white Easy Close Safety Gate with (1) 2.75" extension to fit openings up to 35"; additional extensions are available for purchase on Amazon

You can decide to use this gate as a pressure mounted or hardware mounted gate. The package comes with a pressure mount kit that you will find easy to use. If using it as a pressure mount gate, ensure you install it on safety areas such as doorways, hallways, and at the bottom of the stairs.

It is a metallic baby gate from Munchkin measuring 29.5" tall and 29.5" - 35" wide. If your hallway is wider, you also get a 2.75" extension kit. The gate has a door with a stopper so you can control which side it opens. It has a push-lock mechanism on the latex-free frame.

The white baby gate has vertical bars so your baby can't attempt to climb over, while the color is easy to maintain by wiping clean with a cloth. It is affordable and a great gate to keep your lovely dog away and safe.

  • Pros
  • From a reputable brand
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for most wide areas
  • Latex-free
  • Cons
  • Trip hazard

What Is the Difference Between a Pressure Mounted and Hardware Mounted Gate?

Both baby gates fulfill one need, to keep your baby out of areas that could pose a risk to their being. The only difference between the two gates is how they are installed, as we see below.

a) Pressure mounted gates

These are fixed by applying pressure to two opposing sides, walls or flat door frames. Most people prefer pressure mounting since it does not damage your walls and is easier to install. However, this gate does not guarantee the best safety, especially if you need a gate in areas where a baby could fall. But, in areas where you simply want to contain your little one in or away from a room, a pressure-mounted gate is your best solution.

b) Hardware mounted gates

Compared to the pressure-mounted gate, a hardware-mounted gate provides a more secure fit to provide the best safety from places and accidents. This type of gate is installed with drills and screws, so it stays tightly on the walls or frames. Its only shortcoming is that you will have to refill holes on your walls or frames once your baby outgrows the gate. That said, you can install this gate anywhere to prevent your baby from falling and keep them from certain rooms or areas.

Types of Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Looking to buy one of the best pressure-mounted baby gates in the market? Here are two types to choose between;

  1. A removable or retractable pressure gate. With this type of gate, you will have to remove it every time you pass through. The process is tiring and exposes your wall to unnecessary pressure and marks. However, it is important to avoid climbing over it as this will give your baby new ideas, and it will only be a matter of time before they try climbing over it. This removable gate is best when you want a temporary solution, maybe when you have more than one baby around or when your grandchild comes over for a day.
  2. A walk-through gate. This gate comes into two main gate opening designs: a swinging gate door or a retractable gate door. A swinging door opens out, while a retractable door is discreet and ideal for tight hallways and stairs. If installing this gate, pay attention to the design and the bar at the bottom you need to walk over every time. In addition, it needs a sturdy latch or an auto-close feature so you can keep it locked every time you pass through.

Benefits of Installing the Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Here is why you need the best baby gates in some areas of your home;

  1. They keep your baby contained in an area. It could be the sitting room when you want to chill, a stairway where they could fall, or in their playroom.
  2. They keep your baby safe from risky areas. Are you preparing your best recipe yet, and do you require the most concentration? Having your baby underfoot when your concentration is elsewhere can have serious consequences. Also, installing a baby gate could be the best course of action when you want to keep your baby from wet and slippery areas such as a laundry room or bathroom.
  3. They serve as good dog gates. In an area where you don't want your toddler, you also want to prevent your dog and cat from accessing. Instead of buying the best dog gate, you can use a properly installed baby gate.

Where You Need to Install a Pressure-Mounted Baby Safety Gate

Now that you are planning to buy the best baby gate, we want to share some areas you can and cannot install a pressure-mounted safety gate. First, here are areas you cannot install the gate.

Where you cannot install a pressure mounted baby safety gate

a) At the top of the stairs

As we mentioned earlier, a pressure-mounted gate can spell danger if installed at the top of your stairs. This baby gate can come undone at unexpected times because the pressure mounting is secured by only pressure.

As your baby gets bigger and becomes stronger, it will take little time to realize the gate prevents them from crossing over to the other side. As a result, they will devise ways to cross or bring down the gate, including trying to climb over or swinging on it. With pressure mounting, the ability of the baby gate to withstand the weight or pressure reduces by the minute, and it is only a matter of time before it comes undone. The result could expose your baby to grave danger if they were to fall down the stairs.

b) To a curved surface

You need to install a pressure-mounted safety gate to a flat surface to maintain the necessary pressure. So, it is best to avoid installing this gate to a curved wall or door frame as you will have pathways for air/pressure to escape.

In addition, you can also avoid installing the gate to a railing for two reasons; it may not provide the necessary pressure to keep your gate in place, and the gate might weaken the railing's integrity. So, not only will you have an unsafe gate, but you will also have more repairs to do when you finally uninstall the gate.

Places you can install a pressure mounted baby gate

While you can install the baby gate in these areas, it is best to ensure you pick a level surface, such as an even floor, to install it.

a) At the bottom of the stairs

Before installing a pressure-mounted gate at the bottom of your stairs, pay attention to the bar at the bottom of the gate frame. In most instances, the bar can render the whole installation unsafe for you and ineffective when looking to keep contained a toddler who can use it as a step to climb over the gate.

If you need the gate to prevent your baby from going up the stairs, install it in the middle of the first step, where you can avoid tripping over it and make it harder for your child to use it as a step.

b) On a doorway

After buying the most appropriate gate for your doorway, you can install it on a flat surface, ensuring all four corners hold tightly against the wall. As a precaution, pay attention to the gate frame, especially the bar at the bottom, to ensure you will not trip over as you walk through. This feature is something you won't worry about if installing a removable pressure-mounted gate.

Installing a doorway gate helps you bar off risky areas where your baby would like to go. Such areas include the kitchen if you are cooking but don't want your baby there. In addition, you can install a gate to the room you and your baby are in if you don't want to keep chasing after them in the house.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

Baby gates have numerous benefits for you, your baby, and your dog. But, if you've been looking to buy one and come across dozens on offer online, it may be time to define your needs and house features to ensure you get the best buy. Luckily, we have listed the main features to determine the best baby gate for your needs.

a) Brand

Does this factor sound like an odd one? It should not. You should buy a baby gate from a reputable brand and one that is known for the best baby products. As a result, you will find the best baby gates with safety features, and more importantly, lots of customer support on installation and warranties.

b) Size

No baby gate fits all houses, and not gate height is ideal for all babies. So, before you buy, look at these main features to contain your baby and pet, and make your gate as effective as you'd want it to be.

  1. Height. You do not want a gate your baby can easily climb over. So, look for a tall gate that you can use for several months as your baby grows. The best height for both babies and dogs is 29 or 29½ inches to 36 inches, also referred to as extra tall gates.
  2. Width. Every house has its unique house plan with different hallways and doorways. Since these are the areas you need a pressure-mounted gate for, you have to ensure it can easily fit and maintain the best pressure. If you can't find a baby gate as wide as the distance between your walls or frames, look for extendable gates that can add more width and fit your area.

c) Baby gate construction

While height and width play a vital role, you also need to get the best baby gates to understand how they can withstand abuse. For this, you need the best materials and gate design. Wooden and metallic gates are the best and most durable.

Additionally, the gate can come with a bar at the bottom that improves sturdiness by carrying the most weight. While this bar is a great feature, it can either render your gate unsafe or ineffective against preventing your baby from exploring "prohibited areas."

d) Bar spacing

Before buying a baby gate, look at the bars, pay attention to how they are spaced and understand if your baby can try to fit in there looking for an escape. The last thing you want is to deal with head entrapment, or even worse, a fallen baby who was using the slats to climb over. The best baby gate has vertical bars spaced less than three inches apart.

e) Closing mechanism

It would be best to look at how the closing features like latches or an auto-close mechanism work here. Firstly, make sure you can close and open the gates with one hand.

Then, look for a mechanism that is hard and complicated for your baby to attempt. The best baby gates can come with dual-action latches that require holding down to release. Alternatively, you can look for pressure-release handles that are easy to use with one hand. If you tend to forget things, as a busy parent and caregiver usually are, look for doors with an auto-close feature, so the door locks after you go through.

Not sure if you locked your gate? If you find yourself wondering this, it is time to get a pressure-mounted baby gate that has a latch indicator so you can tell the state of your gate before your baby attempts to pass through.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Pressure-Mounted Baby Gate

a) Are they durable?

Yes, pressure-mounted safety gates are durable since small babies are unlikely to break them. But, you will still need to look for the best construction, including materials and durable wall cups.

b) Can I install the gate at the top of the stairs?

No, pressure mounting gates at the top of the staircase is dangerous. Most wall cups do not have enough pressure to hold on for a long time, and once your baby starts trying to climb over or swing, they could come off, leading to serious accidents.

c) How long should I use the baby gate?

Though baby gates are recommended for toddlers aged between six months and two years, you will need to understand the milestones your baby is making before installing or removing the gate. 

Overall, install a gate when you are scared that your baby can access dangerous areas such as the stairs, kitchen, bathroom, and basements. Only remove the gate when your baby is big enough to walk down the stairs without falling or when they can understand dangerous areas such as wet floors and hot surfaces in the kitchen.

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