Musical toys are one of the best ways to amuse your little baby. This will immediately let them get used to the world around them. It can also serve as a medium of education for them at that very moment in their lives. It’s no longer news that musical toys help little children develop faster while it also enhances their brains. We have, however, combed through the market to find the best musical toys for 3 month old, and we are sure it will be a great way to introduce your 3 month old to the world.

10 Best Musical Toys For 3 Month Old

#1. Infantino spin and slide DJ panda

We tested and tried this toy, and we found out it was just great, and the fun your little one gets from this is highly engaging. You wouldn’t mind playing with the decks yourself as a parent, that’s just how fun it is. You will find that there are a lot of sensory features that come with this toy and your three months old will immediately love it. From the colour finish to the panda design, your baby will love everything about this great toy. Also, it comes with flashing buttons that will attract your baby. Finally, your baby will be able to differentiate tunes with the double turntable buttons present on this baby toy.

Infantino Spin & Slide, DJ Panda

#2. LeapFrogLeapStory Teller

The LeapFrogLeapStory Teller is one great innovative toy that will get your three months old baby going fast. It helps to reduce your stress as a mother by telling stories from legends, myths, and fables to get your baby engaged. Also, your little one will get to love the fact that this toy uses projected images to analyse the stories being told. The thrill that comes with this toy is that your little one will be able to see the images on the wall. Finally, you can readily record your own songs or voice so it can also tell your own story. That is how fun it is.

LeapFrog LeapStory Teller with Projector and AC Adapter

#3. LIGHTDESIRE Baby Toys Musical Caterpillar

This little and funny looking musical toy is just great for your three months old baby. Your little one will only have to squeeze the head and boom a piece of lovely music is played. With this toy available for your little one, you would have engaged your baby with great fun. This toy can be used by babies from age zero and up. Also, it comes with a ruler function that will help you measure the height of your baby as it grows. Finally, it comes with lovely and attractive bells that will create an excellent sound for your little one.

LIGHTDESIRE Baby Toys Musical Caterpillar

#4. Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

This is another interactive toy that will help your child learn great things at such a young age. This musical toy will build your child’s intelligence faster, and you will love the outcome. The Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station toy is mainly designed to build the mind of children. It creates interactions with them by using colours, animals, and xylophone for the enjoyment of your baby. Finally, it comes preloaded with three language switch from English to French and Spanish. All these will allow your child to interact faster.

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

#5. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Shake and Wobble

A great toy with classic fun features that your little one will find greatly amusing. It comes with six tracks feature beads that will allow your child to develop motor skills. With the availability of three buttons, your little one will get to know colours, numbers, animals, and vocabulary. This toy plays great sounds that will soothe the soul and mind of your baby. Also, you will love that this ball is made to come with a motion sensor that responds to gestures while playing sounds. Finally, it is a great toy that can be used by ages three months and up.

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Shake and Wobble Busy Ball

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#6. Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas, Blue/Orange

The Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracasare presented as double maracas. The good thing about this toy is it has just the perfect size for the hands of three months old babies. Your 3 month old will love to hear the sound that comes out of this maracas as it is being shaken. It comes with colourful beads that create fun, and fantastic rattle sounds as your little one shakes it. Also, your baby will be able to build motor skills while also getting familiar with sounds. Your little one will love the colour finish from this toy as it is very attractive.

Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas

#7. VTech Baby Rattle & Sing Puppy

For motor skills development, your baby will get a lot of that from this toy. This toy is built to bring out rattle sounds that will intrigue your baby. When the baby shakes the puppy, it will cause the very colourful and attractive beads to make sounds. Also, the cheek of the puppy lights up when it is being rattled. You will like that this toy plays great sounds, fun phrases, melodies, and varieties of songs to get your little one going. It comes with a very colourful design that readily attracts babies while also teaching colours with the design.

VTech Baby Rattle & Sing Puppy

#8. VTech Crinkle & Roar Lion

Vtech has been known for years on how they make beautiful baby toys, and this is another great musical toy from them. It comes with a crinkle button on the side that will bring about great and varieties of sounds. Your little one will be able to learn colours, letters, and shapes from the sound that comes out of this toy. It also comes with a motion sensor that is activated when the little lion is moved. With over 50+ songs, melodies, phrases, and sounds coming from this toy, your baby can only have fun all the way.

VTech Crinkle & Roar Lion

#9. TUMAMA Baby Toys

This is one great musical toy that comes with a plush design to make your baby even more comfortable. This is a great visual and musical toy that will immediately attract your baby. It comes with a chime design that will help improve the hearing of your baby. It is designed to give sounds when it is squeezed. This will build the baby’s hearing and touch senses. You will love that this is designed to come with 4 cute animals that come with hanging features. The animals are designed in the form of a lion, elephant, fawn, and frog. Finally, this will serve as a perfect baby gift for your baby.

TUMAMA Baby Toys

#10. Biulotter Musical Table

This is one great musical table toy that comes with variations of colour to thrill your baby. This toy is built to develop intelligence because of its significant number of activities. Your little one will be gifted with 10 different activities like the piano keys, light, phone call, alarm, speaker, and more. With this fun-filled toy, your little one will enjoy great visual and hearing improvement. This is also a great toy that brings about great interaction between parents and children. Finally, this is built with safe and non-toxic materials for the sake of babies.

Biulotter Musical Table

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Music toys will immediately get your little one to start learning different things about life. Hence, we have been able to give you the best musical toys for 3 month old in the market, and we hope you find them helpful.




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