When your child has grown and become more self-reliant, they can ride the bus to school alone, spend more time alone, or go to a friend's place. It can be a concern to you, especially if you're used to being with them most of the time, ensuring their safety. Now that you can't keep them at home indefinitely, you need to invest in the best kids smartwatch for them.

Smartwatches don't have to be for adults only. Many smartwatch models on the market cater to a younger audience, some providing learning development, which can be a great reason to buy some wearable tech for when they are on the go. Besides, kid's smartwatches feature balance parental control and safety with a kid's increasing need for independence as well as creative expression.

Why Would a Kid Need a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are a great alternative to smartphones, and since your child may not be responsible enough to control and hold smartphones based on their age, you should buy one for your kid. The watch will help your kid keep track of time and learn from the educational fun games and apps. In addition, the watch comes with other features like fitness trackers, calendars, timers, GPS trackers, and SOS buttons. So, in case of anything, the child can press the button, and you will get a notification, and using the GPS tracker, you can track them.

Furthermore, since children get easily distracted, having the watch in class can cause much distraction. However, some GPS tracker features a "Forbidden in Class" feature that allows you to set timers when you kid is in class. So, with that in mind, let's look at the best-rated kid's smartwatches.

1. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Children

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids, 1 Count
  • Steps & active minutes tracking lets kids skip, jump & move their way to a healthier life
  • Kids earn virtual badges and fun on-screen celebrations when they reach their goals.Operating temperature: 14° to 113° F
  • Bring on the pool party cannonballs or lunchtime spills. Ace 2 is swim proof (water resistant to 50 meters)
  • Kids spend less time charging & more time moving with up to 5 days of battery (varies with use and other factors; animated clock faces require more frequent charging)
  • Pair ace 2 to a child account to access a limited kid view. Kids can also challenge their friends to step competitions & send each other messages or cheers in app

If you are looking for a smartwatch that will inspire your child to be active and help them gamify healthy habits, consider the Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker Watch. This watch is great for children aged six years and above. It features GPS tracking, which will track your child's steps and active minutes, then it provides challenges for more activity. You can as well track all their progress through a family account.

This Fitbit Ace gadget has a battery life of up to five days before recharging. However, animated watch faces usually require more frequent charging. Conversely, even when the child is asleep, the watch will still analyze their sleep habits for optimum rest. Also, the Fitbit Ace watch is water-resistant, so your child can confidently swim deep to at least 5o meters with it.

  • Pros
  • The watch is water-resistant
  • Comes with parental controls so you can connect it to a family account and create a special account for your child
  • Encourages your kid to stay active
  • Easy to use for kids six years and above
  • Cons
  • The wrist bands are not as durable as they could be.

2. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink
  • Stylish, kid-friendly design; secure, splash proof wristband is perfectly sized for kids’ wrists
  • Take quality videos, pictures and selfies, customize them with funny filters and make them into watch faces
  • Monster Detector game creates an AR experience where you capture monsters in the real world; motion sensor included for active play challenges, pedometer and sound effects
  • Parents can safely share photos and videos at their discretion only by uploading them to a computer; free games, watch faces and camera effects available from Learning Lodge
  • Intended for ages 4+ years; battery included; only charge device using the Micro-USB cable connected to a computer; do not charge using a third-party adapter

You can bet on the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 for the best kids smartwatch that comes with great fun learning games at a fair price tag. This watch is an ideal option for children 4 to 12 years. It is actually a newer version of the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX; the only main difference is that this model comes with a sleek design and has an additional selfie camera. Moreover, it features a motion sensor with motion apps and other fun features using the camera, plus you can download more apps if needs.

The smartwatch allows you to add images and change voice calls and video calls voices. It's a great watch also for telling time, and your child can customize the clock display. Also, the watch has a simple activity tracker that usually encourages most kids to be active with games like Crazy Dance, Racing Run, and Funky Jump. Moreover, it features a Monster Detector game which creates an AR experience where the kid can capture monsters in the real world.

  • Pros
  • Features a built-in motion sensor, so you will know when your kid is moving
  • Comes with games and fun features which keeps your kid active
  • Your kid will easily learn about time by setting timers, alarms, and calendar
  • Easy to use for kids aged four years and above
  • Cons
  • Has an issue with volume control

3. New Apple Watch SE with Black Sport Band

The New Apple Watch SE is a great smartwatch for both you and your kid. It has a great appearance, and it is comfortable, making it ideal if you have a style-conscious kid. Also, it features a GPS model that allows your kid to take a call, whether direct or video call, and make or record a voice message from their wrist. In addition, will all the benefits it offers in communication, health, and safety features, and fitness tracking from the fitness tracker, it feels like a full-fat App;e Watch experience.

You will also want to use a parent app specifically suited to younger kids since it gives you control over what your kids can do with this Apple Watch. This smartwatch for kids has a swimproof design so your kids can play with water while still using it. Moreover, it features a built-in compass for navigation and real-time elevation readings.

  • Pros
  • Durable watch that can withstand rough handling
  • Comes with a great look and is very comfortable, ideal for style-conscious kids
  • Offers great performance
  • Ideal for older kids and teens
  • Cons
  • Expensive than other kids smartwatches

4. Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch - Blue with Movable Arms and Legs, Fun Expressions, Sound Effects, Play Games, Track Fitness and Steps, Built-in Cameras for Photo and Video 512 MB | Kids Age 4+
  • COMES TO LIFE BEFORE YOUR EYES! Tobi Robot Smartwatch has a playful personality, moving robot arms and legs, fun sound effects, and 100+ expressions. Helps kids learn to tell time featuring stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, calendar, reminders, and 50+ watch faces.
  • GAMES GALORE! Your favorite smartwatch comes with an augmented reality Search & Seek game, learning, dance activity game, and more! Has a motion sensor for the built-in pedometer to keep the kids active, healthy, and moving. Playing games unlocks rewards for even more play.
  • TWO CAMERAS! Tobi Robot Smartwatch has 2 built-in cameras that can film video, take selfies, and capture photos. Add cool stickers while editing. Memory storage is 512 MB or up to 3,000 640 x 480 pixels photos or 30 minutes of 320 x 240 pixels video.
  • EASY TO USE! Tobi Robot Smartwatch features a kid-friendly touchscreen, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a micro-USB cable for charging as well as transferring photos and videos to your computer.
  • SPLASHPROOF AND DURABLE! Designed to withstand children's activities indoors and outdoors. Three ways to play with Tobi Robot Smartwatch: wear on your wrist, attach to your clothing using the included clip, or set it on a tabletop with the display stand.

If you're looking for the best kids smartwatch that's kid-friendly, we recommend the Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch. This smartwatch comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that has a battery life that will serve your kid for the whole day and a micro-USB cable that you can use for charging or transferring photos and videos from or to your computer. Furthermore, with more than 50 faces, this watch looks like a robot on your child's wrist and employs fun games.

With this watch, your kids will enjoy taking selfies as well as videos with the two cameras. It has a memory of 512MB that can store up to 30 minutes of video or 3,000 photos. Also, the watch is designed to endure your children's activities indoors and outdoors; it's splashproof, allowing them to play with water and durable. Moreover, your child can wear it in three-way including; attaching to their cloth using the included clip, wearing on their wrist, or setting it on a tabletop with the display stand included.

  • Pros
  • Comes with fun games for your kid to play in their free time
  • Has storage for up to 30 minutes of videos and 3,000 photos
  • Easy to use for kids aged four years and above
  • Features a built-in battery that has a long battery life
  • Cons
  • Doesn't come with a GPS tracker and SOS buttons

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Smartwatch for Kids

1. GPS tracking

When looking for the best kids smartwatches, remember to consider the GPS tracker since not all smartwatches come with one. This GPS tracker is a must-have feature on kid's smartwatches since it allows parents to track their younger one during school hours and after when they are on playdates. For a smartwatch with GPS tracking to work, you will need a SIM card. Then you will connect the smartwatch to a smartphone app on your phone to track their steps. Moreover, some smartwatches even allow for location tracking and geo-fencing. For example, you can set a distance limit for the child, and you will receive a notification if they go beyond the "fencing."

2. Age appropriateness

When shopping for the best kids smartwatch, check out the manufacturer's recommended age range. Purchasing a smartwatch for your toddler when it is suited for a 6-year-old child is not recommendable. A toddler might not have the skills required to use it, or even it could contain games and apps unsuitable for someone that young.

3. Fitness tracker feature

Although it's not a must-have feature, when buying the best smartwatches for older kids, we recommend you to look for the watch that comes with fitness features like active minutes, pedometer, and sleep tracker for sleep habits. These features are great for helping your child be more active as well as health-conscious. Furthermore, some watches present daily challenges, encouraging your child to get moving by offering points, plus most of these watches will let the child track their progress online or on an app.

4. Ease of use

When buying the best smartwatch for younger kids, ensure the watch is simple to operate. Need you to offer a hand every time is not ideal. Besides, that can end up annoying you and your child. Therefore, look for big screens, wide wristbands, and child-friendly buttons easy for a young child to use.

5. Durability

Durability is another factor to consider when buying the best smartwatches for kids. With younger children, the items we buy must always be tough and durable enough to keep up with them. Unfortunately, although most smartwatches for kids are durable, they can't withstand extremely rough handling.

The wristband is the place to check out for strength; ensure it is attached securely and the material is extremely durable. Moreover, other things to consider are impact-absorbing casing and water-resistant materials. An ideal way to check all this is by checking out the reviews; parents will describe the device's durability.

6. Battery life

The best smartwatch for kids should have a longer battery life since recharging the battery every few hours will take the fun away and cause frustration. However, we can admit that most smartwatches hold their charge extremely well, and parents have reported having to recharge the smartwatches once per night.

7. Games and apps

To keep your kids active, consider smartwatches that offer games. Look for the best smartwatch for kids with pre-installed games and preloaded apps or watches that allow for games downloads. First, however, consider whether it is needed if your child keeps using it in school (it's best to lose distractions).

8. Two-way communication

Consider a watch with two-way communication functions when looking for the best smartwatch for your kids that will operate as a phone. Such cool features allow your child to talk to and even text you and vice versa. But, again, for the phone calls, voice messages, and texts to go through, you will need a compatible SIM card and cellular network with a data plan.

Furthermore, most smartwatches allow you to control everything from the corresponding smartphone app to add contacts. Besides, some will only allow messages and calls from numbers in the phone book (you can add up to ten contacts), ideal for younger kids.

9. SOS button

Another desirable feature to consider when shopping for the best kids smartwatch is an SOS button. The power switch acts as an alarm system; when held in for seconds or pressed several times, the smartwatch calls and notifications to the selected emergency numbers.

So, What Are the Main Benefits of Smartwatches for Kids?

1. They are a convenient and great alternative to smartphones, especially for teens.

2. They are securely attached to your children's wrists, less expensive, and have access restrictions to inappropriate content.

3. Most of these smartwatches for kids have GPS trackers, educational games, and SOS buttons. They will help you keep track of your child's location wherever they are. In addition, some will allow for two-way calls, allowing you to stay in contact.

4. These kids' smartwatches are also ideal for older children. These watches provide fitness trackers, calendars, and timers for ages six upwards to give teens the independence they yearn for.

Frequently Question about the Best Smartwatches for kids.

1. Is an Apple watch ideal for a 10-year-old child?

An Apple watch is definitely ideal for a responsible 10-year-old child. They come with a GPS tracker, a built-in camera, fitness tracking, games, and two-way calling. However, Apple products like the Apple Watch SE usually cost ten times more than some affordable options, and they need to be connected to an iPhone. If you can afford it, there is no reason not to try this watch model.

2. Can you text on a kid's smartwatch?

Yes. Before you argue that your daughter or son is connected enough, let's counter with the fact that the best kids' smartwatches allow them to roam while you can monitor your child's location through military-grade GPS. Moreover, they have location tracking, texting, and calling along with a pre-approved contacts list.

3. Do kid's smartwatches require smartphones?

Yes. To keep in touch with your child throughout the day, you need to connect the smartwatch to your smartphone. Fortunately, all the kid's smartwatches we have reviewed can be easily connected to a smartphone. You will, however, require a SIM card to sync with your smartphone.

4. At what age should a child get an Apple watch?

Apple states that kid's smartwatches are designed for kids ages five and above. However, you will realize that even a 6-year-old child is not independent enough to use the most features that it offers.

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