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Bathing time often differs from kids to kids. But for many, it’s a like having to use their drugs; it’s never easy. Many style and resources have been adopted to help improve this situation; one of them is the birth of bath toys. Bath toys are toys that can be used by kids for playing while bathing. The tension around bathing has been significantly improved, and infants can now feel more relaxed while taking their bath. In this review, we will be exploring the best infant bath toys you can purchase. We will also be discussing their features and the important criteria to watch out for before making your purchase.

Criteria For Selecting The Best Infant Bath Toys

Buying bath toys for your infant is an important task that you must take very seriously. Since your infant life depends on your decisions, you must consider some important criteria like:

Surfaces and Edges: Infants really don’t know what to watch out for, toys with pointed edges, sharp edges, hard and rough surfaces, or breakable parts are not the best option for your infant, it can cause an accident when they sit on mistakenly or when playing with them.

Versatility: Some toys come in packs, while many are single. Choosing one that offers your infant several options is the best. Even if a piece bore them out, they can have others to play with in such a situation.

Educational Value: Learning starts at an early stage for your infants. When they bath every day with toys that have educational values, this will help improve their development and aid their educational growth. Toys inspire kids quickly, and they can get attached even when they don’t expect. So, ensure you search the very best before buying.

Age Recommendation: Every toy you find in the market has an age recommendation. It becomes worthless and useless if your infant makes use of bath toys that are not meant for them. So before making your purchase, ensure you check the age requirement of the toy you are getting.

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10 Best Infant Bath Toys

#1. Ssym Fgzt Bathtub Toy

This is a cute bathing toy your infant will like. It is an animal character pull and go toy your infant can easily handle and play with while bathing. It comes in cute designs that are perfectly suitable for improving your baby hand-eye coordination. The creativity of the toy also helps improve your baby motor skill. It is made from non-toxic plastics that brings no harm to your baby. Suitable for all infants and safe since it has no sharp or rough edges.

Ssym Fgzt Bathtub Toy

#2. Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys

This is a BPA free and safe bath toy for your infant. They are of bright colors and great quality and are easy to keep clean. Designed to stick to the wall of the bathtub and never sting your baby. It comes in amazing colors and structures that makes them add fun to bath time. Since 9 jellies are included, your baby can easily have enough to play with. You can stack or link them up to form amazing shapes and structures, and it is highly recommended for your infants. They are virtually impossible to give rise to mold if they are drained. You can leave them in the tub for a couple days as long as the water is drained from the tub the water in the toys always dries out. Unlike toys that are closed and difficult to drain these don’t hold water if you just take one second to put them away, It’s super fun!.

Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys

#3. Boon Fleet Boats Bathing Toy

The Boon Fleet Boats Bathing Toy is a set of five stacks pours boats that add fun to bath time. These floats well as little boats and has a wide deck for scooping and pouring water. It’s rain holes add a rain effect to your bath time and encourage interactive play. The toy is BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free. It is recommended for infants and can easily be cleaned and cared for easily with a little detergent. The set of five makes it perfect and always handy. Kids love playing with them and the bright colors are fun for learning.

Boon Fleet Stacking Boats Bathing Toy

#4. ZHENDUO Baby Bath Bubble Toy

This is a great toy for infant, the crab bubble blower machine perfectly makes a bubble that adds fun to bath time. The material for construction is BPA free and made with ABS material. As an interactive toy, it helps improve your baby hand-eye coordination. It has 12 classical children songs that are all recorded in English. Since it is non-toxic, it is the best you can get for your infant as it will add more happy time to bath time. Lot of bubbles come out nicely. You can dilute the bubble bath solution with water and it will still make bubbles. Isn’t that cool? Yes it is. Kids love this toy and can go from hating baths to begging for them so they can play with the bubbles!

ZHENDUO Baby Bath Bubble Toy

#5. Munchkin Sea Spinner Wind-up Shark Bath Toy

This toy adds more fun to bath time. The bath toy is equipped with a floatie and a cute little baby shark character that floats through water easily. It requires no battery for its operation, and can easily be operated by baby thanks to its small size. It’s bottom fin can easily be wind up by babies and float easily in water. The toy is perfectly tagged a fin-tastic spin on bath time play.

Munchkin Sea Spinner Wind-Up Shark Bath Toy

#6. Munchkin Arctic Polar Bear Bath Toy

If you need a simple bath toy that will give your infant a happy bath time, they deserve this is perfect. It is a 2 in 1 game that contains ring toss and stacking toy. The polar bear can easily float on the water facing up, while the toss ring can be attached to the leg or stack on the belly to enjoy more fun time. The airtight design of the toy makes it easier to prevent the growth of Mold and mildew on the toy.

Munchkin Arctic Polar Bear Bath Toy

#7. Teytoy My First Baby Bath Book

You have seen several bath toys, how about a book for bath time? The Teytoy bath book is another great option for adding more fun to bath times. It is best for developing the emotional and social skill of your baby. The labels on this book make them perfect for teaching your baby what is needed. The bath book is made with waterproof material, so it is perfectly suitable for bath time fun. The size makes it handy for your baby no matter their age.

Teytoy My First Baby Bath Books

#8. Growsland Baby Bath Toy

This is a three-pack bath toy book, bath squirt toys, and sound bath time toy suitable for an infant of all ages. The constructions process makes use of safe material like non-toxic plastic fiber and super light cotton. The pages of the bath books are waterproof and super soft for your infant to handle. The surprise speaker adds more fun to bath time, and with the colorful pages of the book and the toy, your baby will always have something to play enjoy.

Growsland Baby Bath Toys

#9. Chimager Bath Toys

This is eight pieces light up floating rubber animal toy set that can add more fun to your infant bath time. The flashing color comes with changing color in water. The toy automatically lights up in the water, and your kid will be more interested in the bath time with this toy. The toy is battery powered and suitable for all kid to handle due to the small and durable size of the toy. No matter the size of the bathtub, the pool, or water your baby is playing inside; this toy is perfect for it.

Chimager Bath Toys

#10. Munchkin School of Fish Toddler Bath Toy

This toy makes your baby the class head for the 3 little fishes who are on their way to school in a yellow floating bus. The fun is unmatched and keeps your baby busy throughout the time they spend in the bathtub. This toy helps encourages imaginative play and improve your baby hand-eye coordination and keep them busy at all time. The three fish students’ floats, squirt and splash water on their way to school.

Munchkin School of Fish Toddler Bath Toy


Getting the right and best infant bath toy for your baby is actually no brainer. In fact, this review has discussed ten of the best toys you can get for your baby and the essential features to consider. The Munchkin bath toys are the cheapest you can lay your hands on, and they offer amazing versatility. The changer bath toy also offers your infant eight great options that will keep them active for a long period of time. Give any of these toys especially the munchkin toy to your baby and be sure to have an unmatched amazing time in the bathtub.

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