We all want the best for our children, and that includes the best education and development that is available. It all starts when the child is still very young, and the development stage is already in process.

The next generation is literally our future, and investing in their success is paramount. If you aren’t already, start literally investing in your children. There are plenty of platforms out there, like EarlyBird, focused on gifting meaningful investments to children, setting them up for future success to help themselves and the world around them.

Children want to have fun while they grow up, and that is where smart toys will help the most. These toys should provide fun and develop a child’s skills as well as teach them new skills as they go.

So let's take a look at some of the ideal educational toys for 2 year olds.

Comparison Chart

LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

Skoolzy Rainbow Counting Bears

VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Best Educational Toy for 2 Year Olds Reviews

LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

You get an easy toy that can be used by a wide age range with a nice learning curve and includes fun.


With this educational toy for very young children, you get more than 100 words the child can learn in a fun way. This is also a great learning toy for children that have learning disabilities as it will increase their focus.

All the words that can be learned with this toy can be learned in English and Spanish, giving your child some advantage. And all this will help your child on the way to be more accomplished with languages when they are older.

Using this toy may have a learning curve for smaller children, but when they have mastered the toy, it will be great. The fun of learning will be at their fingertips, and the journey to learning new things will begin.

There are a lot of extras included with this toy to make education more fun as they learn new words. While they learn, the songs and sounds will help them on their way to explore the big, new world out there.

There are some not so good things, and that is this toy can not be reprogrammed or upgraded to accommodate more features. And to turn the pages of this book over may be a challenge for smaller kids, as it has a smooth surface to the pages.


  • There are more than 100 words to learn
  • It can easily be used by children
  • Two languages to learn along with
  • A lot of extras are included with the toy


  • The book is not programmable
  • You get very slippery pages

Skoolzy Rainbow Bears Educational Set

With this educational set, your child gets quite a versatile toy that will keep them occupied while learning for a long time.


This set of educational toys can be used by different age groups to learn many things while they are having fun. This is a great educational toy for the child to keep them occupied for more than just a year or two.

It allows for many different activities to learn from that will prevent your child from becoming bored after a short time of play. It is especially suitable for those younger children that have a short concentration span to keep their focus on different games.

These toys are safe for children to play with and are free of all the toxic chemicals you find in plastic items. In this day and age, you can never be too safe and need the assurance that your child gets only the best.

This toy provides you with the means to keep up with your child’s education and with the different stages. So this educational toy is not just meant for a year or two but for most of your child’s development phases.

It is unfortunately not complete for the fact that there is no language development included with this educational toy set. And to get the full benefit, you need to get the activity book from the manufacturer’s website, as it’s not included when buying it.


  • It is suitable for many different ages of children
  • Many different activities to learn from
  • The toys are made from non-toxic materials
  • Great for different development stages


  • The activity book is not included
  • Toy doesn't include language development skills

Vtech Wiggle And Crawl Ball

This is a great educational toy that will keep some babies occupied, and even older children may benefit from it.


This wiggle and crawl ball will help to keep your baby occupied with constant interaction to encourage responses. The moving around of the ball will encourage your child to keep on pressing the animal-shaped buttons for the actions.

There is some language development that may help your child to learn by hearing the word when the buttons are pressed. This is good for the beginning stage of your child’s development to help them on their way of learning how to speak.

There are different types of skills that can be learned by your child through interaction with this educational toy from Vtech. These skills will include motor skills, as well as numbers and colors, for a sound basis for your child’s development.

It is especially good to encourage babies to start crawling with the ball that is continuously rolling away from them. This will help them to develop their gross motor skills and help them to crawl and walk faster than without the toy.

The ball is a bit limited in the basic development of their language skills, with only a few available words. Unfortunately, this toy may be used for a short time before your child becoming bored or outgrowing it.


  • Interactive education for small children
  • Good for language development
  • Different types of skills can be learned
  • Great encouragement for crawling babies


  • It is a bit limited in the development of a child
  • Best suited for babies and not older children

LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

You get a fun, educational toy for children when you purchase this toy for your kids that will get them on their way.


This educational toy is safe for your child with the toxic-free materials that are used to make it for your child’s development. All the parts of this toy set are made with bright colors, and there are fun sounds included with the basket.

Many different types of skills can be developed through interaction with the picnic basket and all the parts that come with it. It is good for developing the motor skills of your child, and it will also help with color education.

One of the best ways to develop a child’s brain is by encouraging the development of the imagination to improve creativity. It is quite possible with this toy where it is left to your child’s imagination to increase the power of the mind with role-playing.

This educational toy set is made from strong and high-quality materials to keep your child occupied for many years to come. The carry case is also designed to last a long time and to store every part of the set inside it.

It would have been great if there was a larger element of language development included with this educational toy for children. The small pieces of this toy set will not allow it to be used by those kids that put everything in their mouths.


  • The materials are free of toxins
  • Can develop different types of skills
  • Good for imagination development
  • Includes a strong and durable carry case


  • Limited language development with this set
  • Not intended for small babies with the small parts included

Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

This is a fun and neat way to teach your child basic skills, and it also helps to develop necessary motor skills.


This toy is great for developing different skills and comes in many fun colors to help your child learn colors. It will also help your child develop motor skills by fitting the quills in the holes that are provided.

All the pieces can be neatly stored inside the strong and sturdy body of the toy to keep the pieces from getting lost. This will also help your child to learn to put away the toys when done playing, teaching them to be well organized.

There is one problem, and that is this toy is not really suitable to be used by small children. That is because small children tend to put everything in their mouths and may cause some problems.


  • Great for developing different skills
  • Comes in different fun colors
  • It can be stored away neatly
  • The body is of strong materials


  • Not suitable for young babies
  • The materials are not free of toxins


The number one education toy in this line will be the LeapFrog Scout and Violet book that will teach children from an early age. It is affordable to be of benefit to most young children and build their skills right from the start.

A second in the line-up is the LeapFrog Picnic basket that comes with great skill development capability. It is also affordable for most people to buy it for the generation of the future.

And on top of everything, these educational toys that made the top are free of harmful chemicals.

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