Most parents opt to go for disposable diapers for convenience, especially when leaving the baby with a caregiver. However, because disposable diapers can be overpriced and are not environmentally friendly, it is not uncommon to see most parents using cloth diapers on their children nowadays. They also prefer the best cloth diapers because they do not irritate the baby's skin. When you are a new parent, you will need the best cloth diapers for newborns to use on your child until they are old enough to start potty training and stop using the diapers completely.

Therefore, you will need diapers constantly, and that is why opting for reusable ones will help you save some money. People who use cloth and disposable diapers interchangeably may take a few years before replacing the diapers. However, if you are a new parent who has chosen cloth diapering exclusively, you may need to replace them within the first year of use. There are different types of cloth diapers for newborns, which we shall get into right away.

Types of Cloth Diapers

(i). Sleeve or Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers are the most common type of cloth diapers and are designed in an hourglass shape. The outermost layer is made with a waterproof material to prevent all leaks and keeps your newborn dry and comfortable.

(ii). Flat Diapers

Flat diapers are square-shaped and are made with high-quality cotton material for maximum absorption. They are also inexpensive and can be homemade.

(iii). Prefold Diapers

These are available in rectangular shapes and have multiple layers in the middle that prevent leakage. They are available in three sizes, small for newborns, medium for infants who weigh approximately 15 lbs, and large size, which is for toddlers.

(iv). Fitted Diapers

These are like pants which you put on the baby and leave them. They have an elastic at the back for a perfect and adjustable fit. They also have loops and Velcro that hold them into position.

(v). Contours

These are almost similar to pre-fold diapers. However, they have an hourglass shape. They are like an advanced version of the fitted diapers.

We have seen the various types of cloth diapers available. In the following discussion, we will see the best cloth diapers for newborns and what factors to consider before purchasing.

1. Mama Koala Bamboo Cloth Diaper

Mama Koala Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts (One Size Inserts-6 Pack and Newborn Inserts-6 Pack)
  • NO LEAKS - These cloth diaper inserts are made from bamboo which 2 outer layers are bamboo, 2 hidden layers are microfiber, keeping your baby dry and comfortable
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD - Newborn and One Size design provide great absorbency and can fit most pocket diapers. The inserts will last from the newborn stage through toddlerhood.
  • SAVE MONEY AND REDUCE WASTE - One size cloth diapers and inserts are simple, economical and eco-friendly
  • DRY AND COMFORTABLE - Breathable and super absorbent to protect your baby skin. The cloth diaper inserts with snaps or folds are shipped randomly. Designation or exchange is not available.
  • MANUFACTURER PROMISE - Quality guarantee and 5-star customer service. If you are not 100% completely satisfied, give us a call or email us and we'll make it right. All returned items in good condition will be donated.

Mama Koala bamboo cloth diapers for newborns are absorbent and can fit most pocket diapers. The inserts come in two sizes, newborn size and one size, so your child can wear them from the newborn stage to the toddler stage before they become small. The outer layers of these cloth inserts are made from bamboo, while the inner layers are made from microfiber, which ensures your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout as it prevents leaks.

Your newborn's young skin is still very sensitive, and the materials used in these diapers ensure that your baby stays dry as the material is super absorbent and breathable. By using these cloth diapers, you help protect the environment through waste reduction. They have a back elastic which ensures the whole backside is covered, which can help to reduce the chances of blowouts.

These diapers are featured with snap wings to fit your newborn perfectly. Before you use these reusable diapers, ensure that you prep them first. Wash and dry them four to five times with warm water and rinse. After washing and drying appropriately, the diaper will be soft and quilted, and safe for use on the baby's skin.

  • Pros
  • They are leak-proof
  • The material used is soft and of great quality
  • They are affordable
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers
  • Cons
  • Possibility of snapping easily

2. ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers

ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers One Size Adjustable Washable Reusable for Baby Girls and Boys 6 Pack with 12 Inserts 6BM98
  • FASION & STYLISH -Why not get these reusable, washable super-absorbent and comfortable cloth nappies / diapers, which are also called modern cloth nappies (MCNs) or pocket nappies. For your baby, for the cost of buying disposable nappies, these reusable nappies and inserts will last you for a much longer period of time.
  • HIGH QUALITY, ADJUSTABLE, REUSABLE & WATERPROOF -Outer layer: polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU .It's convenient for mammy to carry baby while taking a walk or doing chores. Inner layer: suede cloth inside, it does not hold moisture itself ,the moisture get drawn away to the insert to keep your baby dry . Insert: each diaper would come with two 3-layer microfiber inserts. Insert dimension approx 13.7” x 5.5”
  • SAVE MONEY & ECO-FRIENDLY-Our reusable cloth diapers are designed for families who require premium products. Suitable for babies and toddlers 3kg-15kg (6.6 – 33 pounds) (a rough guide for reference only) .Length of Diaper: 15” in length X 13” in width. One size fits all– you can adjust the diaper to your desired size (S,M or L) by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the nappy.
  • HAPPY BABY -Hip snaps and crossover snaps to prevent “wing droop”. Washable, waterproof and breathable.Comfortable elastic legging area to prevent leaking. Package included: 6 diapers + 12 inserts.
  • SINCERE SERVICE & NO RISK -1 year guarantee. If you have any problems with the product, please feel free to contact us, we’ll solve your issue ASAP..

ALVABABY cloth diaper is great at keeping your baby's skin dry as it is absorbent. The outer layer is designed with a waterproof cover to ensure that it does not leak. It is also breathable. On the other hand, the inner layer is made with suede cloth that does not hold moisture but draws it to the insert, so the baby's skin stays dry.

The inserts of these cloth diapers have three layers of microfiber, and each diaper comes with two inserts. If you have a newborn baby and worry that they may outgrow this cloth diaper, you need not worry anymore. Alvababy cloth diapers can fit any child from newborn to toddler stage who weigh between 3-15kgs.

These reusable diapers are adjustable, making them easy to use because you can adjust them between sizes-small, medium, and large, depending on your child's size. They have an elastic legging area that makes them leak-proof, and hip snaps also ensure that it holds the baby firmly. They are breathable and comfortable to keep your baby's sensitive skin dry and free from diaper rash. The package includes a total of six diapers and 12 inserts.

  • Pros
  • It has a waterproof cover
  • It has absorbent inserts
  • This cloth diaper is adjustable to fit baby's of different body sizes and ages
  • They are fairly priced
  • Cons
  • It may start leaking, especially after using them for a while
  • Snaps may fall off

3. Peonies Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

Peonies Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers 7 Pack, 7 Bamboo Inserts, 1 Wet Bag by Nora's Nursery
  • NO LEAKS - Snug leg openings and waterproof cover, breathable suede cloth is soft on baby's skin
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our customer service in unparalleled and we are committed our customers. If you are not 100% satisfied, return your order with no questions asked!
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD - Adjustable snap layout fits babies and toddlers from 10 to 33 pounds so you save time and money looking for different sizes
  • SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - Reusable diapers are budget friendly and environmentally conscious
  • LESS STAINS NO MESS - No more compression leaks with these super absorbent 4-layer bamboo polyester inserts are softer and more absorbent with every wash

If you want the best cloth diapers for newborns which do not leak, Peonies are an excellent option as they have snug leg opening and waterproof cover to prevent your child from getting soaked. The suede material is also breathable and soft on the baby's soft and sensitive skin for maximum comfort.

Peonies baby cloth pocket-diaper will fit your child as they grow as it has an adjustable snap layout to fit babies and toddlers who weigh approximately 10-33 pounds. This saves you a lot of time that you would spend looking for larger sizes as your child grows. Because they are reusable, you can save some money as you will often not have to buy diapers. These diapers have 4-layer super absorbent bamboo inserts, which make them leak-proof.

  • Pros
  • It is easy to clean
  • The inserts are highly absorbent
  • They are affordable
  • They have a waterproof cover
  • Cons
  • The diapers may leak

4. Wegreeco Baby and Toddler Cloth Swim Diaper

wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Adjustable Reusable Baby Swim Diaper (Mermaid,Fox,Feather,Large,3 Pack)
  • Wegreeco Swim Diaper Size Large is great for baby 9 months - 3 years old, weight 20-40 lbs; Size Small is great for baby 0-8 months, weight 10-19 lbs, if the baby is thin, we suggest size S.
  • Cute Prints outer layer, designed for holding solids when swim.
  • Interior mesh is great to touch your baby and no embarrassing accidents in the pool.
  • Adjustable Swim Diapers: Adjust swim diaper size by front & waist corresponding snaps. Great for babies from birth up to 3 years old and great help for Mommy.
  • Package:3 pcs per set.

Wagreeco baby swim diaper is available in two sizes, small and medium, to fit your baby as it grows. It is one size adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your baby's weight. These diapers are designed for babies to wear while in the pool to contain poop solids which significantly reduces fecal contamination and helps kids enjoy their time in the water.

They contain the diaper contents with the help of a leak-free outer layer of the legs hole. Wegreeco diapers are well stitched and made with quality fabric to withstand any changes in the environment and numerous washes. They are made with a soft material to keep the baby's skin comfortable. Cleaning this cloth diaper is also hassle-free. The 100% polyester used is safe on the baby's skin and makes the diaper waterproof.

  • Pros
  • They are soft on the baby's skin
  • Easy to clean cloth diapers
  • They are adjustable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Cons
  • Water gets inside and may get messy when removing them if the child poops

5. Thirsties Duo Wrap Cloth Diaper

Thirsties cloth diapers are available in three sizes; small, medium, and large, and you can adjust the snaps for a three-rise setting so it can fit your child. With this customizable sizing, you can use the same diapers till the baby starts potty training. It is featured with a pliable and breathable waterproof cover which provides a comfortable feeling for the baby.

Caring for your child in the best way possible is your obligation, and with this cloth diaper, you are guaranteed that because they have leg gussets that also hold the liquid poop. It is made with high-quality materials and proper stitching to ensure the diaper contents are contained in the diaper to avoid messing when removing the diaper. When you don't have many pieces of thirsties newborn diapers, that should not be a cause for worry because they dry fast, and after washing them, you only need 1bout 10 minutes to let them dry completely.

  • Pros
  • They are adjustable, so you can expand them as the baby grows
  • The leg gussets in these cloth diapers hold liquid poo
  • These diapers dry fast
  • They can hold liquid waste well
  • Cons
  • Wrong sizing

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns

Suppose you are a new mother and do not want to pollute the environment more by using disposable diapers, and you are thinking of cloth diapering. In that case, the best cloth diapers for newborns can be a great alternative. Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly and affordable, so they help you save a few extra coins. Therefore, if you are planning to buy them for the newest member of your family, you may need to keep the following factors in mind.

a). Type of the Cloth Diaper

We have already seen the different types of cloth diapers available. Therefore, if you plan to start cloth diapering your baby, you may need to decide which type of cloth diapers is suitable for you and your little one. Flats and pre-folds are the most affordable but are not very easy to use; this means that it may be quite a hassle, especially if you use them for the first time. Contoured diapers are easier to use and could be the best option to start with as they fit snugly; however, you will need to buy varying overs for them. All-in-one diapers may also be a good choice, especially because they don't need folding or separate covers. Having a separate insert to maximize absorption can help keep the baby's skin dry throughout.

b). Comfort and Fit

If you need your newborn to feel more comfortable in a cloth diaper, ensure that the diaper has elastic around the waist and the legs so the entire diaper can fit perfectly. A perfect fit improves your child's comfort and prevents leakages of both poop and pee. This will enable your child to stay dry throughout the day and night.

c). Absorbency

The absorbency of any cloth diaper is an important feature to keep in mind when buying cloth diapers. If the material used in making the diaper is highly absorbent, your baby's skin will remain dry, and this prevents the outbreak of diaper rashes on your baby's skin. A cloth diaper made with an absorbent fabric will also help you minimize the number of times you change the child's diaper and the number of dirty diapers you collect per day.

d). Reusability

The only reason why you may need to use cloth diapers on your newborn is that you can reuse them. Therefore, before you make the purchase, ensure that their inserts are made of durable material. Doing so will ensure the diaper withstands the test of time and does not wear out quickly, which will make it more reusable. If the insert is made with very weak materials, you may not use it for long before t eventually becomes useless.

e). Adjustability

The best cloth diaper leaves room for your child's growth such that you can adjust it as the child grows to fit in. Most cloth diapers use hip snaps that allow them to be adjustable between small and medium, and this lets them fit your child even as they grow. Buying cloth diapers that are not adjustable will make you buy more diapers as the child grows, but one that you can expand makes it more cost-effective.

f). Materials and Safety

Materials used to make anything that you use on your baby's skin are important factors to consider. Disposable diapers have chemicals that may irritate the skin of your child. However, cloth diapers do not have some chemicals. In a cloth diaper, you should ensure that the materials used are soft and do not cause skin irritation. Cloth diapers are made of different materials, including cotton-which is the best- and polyester. The absorbent part is made of bamboo, cotton, hemp, or microfiber. Cotton is soft and affordable, but your cloth diapers may need more inserts to last a night. Different materials are used to make the baby's diaper work differently. Therefore, you will need cloth diapers made with the best materials to ensure your child remains safe from harmful products.

I hope this article has been helpful and has helped you decide the best cloth diapers for newborns to buy for your baby. 

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