Hybrid cloth diapers are a great diapering system from an economical, hypoallergenic, space-saving, and diverse perspective. Generally, hybrid cloth diapers consist of a PUL shell, and an absorbent snap insert swapped out during diaper change. This absorbent piece can either be a snap insert, pre-fold, lay-in insert, or even a disposable insert, making up the best bottom diapers.

The PUL shell is a separate shell that can also double up as a cover over the fitted cloth diapers. Unlike regular diapers, hybrids are an economical option because you won't pay for an entirely new diaper every time. You'll only need to buy a few reusable shells that you can rotate through the day, snap-in inserts for each diaper change, and Planet Wise wet bags that will perfectly hold the wet or soiled insert.

This hybrid system is portable and great for traveling around because the inserts are trim, and these wipe-able covers are conveniently flat. As a parent, the efficiency and diversity of a hybrid system come in handy since it can be used as a diaper cover on regular diapers or as underwear for your toddler during potty training, or as a customized diaper system with a disposable insert inside.

The Best Bottom Diaper Brand

The most popular reusable diaper system that most parents can swear by is the Best Bottom diapers. This is a diaper brand owned and created by a husband-and-wife-team. The company cares and helps protect the environment by printing its packages on recycled and recyclable paper printed with soy-based ink.

They also try to use as many USA-made materials as possible, produce these reusable diapers in local factories, helping boost the local economy, and make them easily available in the U.S.A while keeping the price affordable for everyone. Best Bottom Diapers is a hybrid with an AI2 (all in two) system that comes in such adorable prints that you can choose from with various swap inserts for maximum absorbency. Best Bottom reusable diapers are simple to use, innovative, affordable, and high-quality products made just for your little one.

The one adjustable size is made to fit newborns through to the young toddlers in potty use training. The Best Bottom cloth diaper gives you the efficiency and ease of a snap-in insert combined with the convenience of a wipe-able one-size diaper cover that can be reused. To suit your infant better, the inserts come in 3 different sizes.

Many years of experience have been poured into the design of this reusable diaper takes the top spot over different diapering systems. Other benefits over other bottom diaper brands include:

  • It has double leg gussets to prevent leakages
  • A wipe-able and waterproof PUL creating a double layer
  • It is wholly made in the U.S.A and easily available
  • The snap-in insert prevents bunching
  • It has 4 adjustable rise settings

How They Work

  • Adjust the front snaps to the desired size
  • Snap the clean insert into the reusable diaper
  • When its time for a diaper change, remove the soiled insert and snap clean a new one
  • Give the one-size diaper cover a quick wipe or air dry between uses, and you're all set
  • Put your cloth diaper on the baby, and you're all good to go

The Best Bottom Diapers for a Safe and Leak-free Diapering System

1. Best Bottom To The Point Cloth Diaper Shell-Snap Reusable Diapers-Snap Closure

Best Bottom To The Point Cloth Diaper Shell-Snap | Reusable Diapers Shell Made Of Durable Waterproof Materials | Eco-Friendly Washable Diapers Saves You Money From Disposable Diapers | Budget Friendly
  • ADJUSTABLE: With the many snaps across the front, this diaper cover is customizable to your baby's exact shape and size, and will continue to provide the perfect fit as baby grows.
  • WATERPROOF FABRIC: Two interior layers of PUL offer maximum protection and are easy to wipe clean, while the leak proof double gussets at the legs help to contain messes right away.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Not only are cloth diapers the best choice for the environment, but they help save your wallet, too—babies go through about 6,000 disposable diapers in their first two years of life.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine wash warm; tumble dry low or hang to dry. To help keep your cloth diapers long lasting and good as new, we recommend using detergent with no bleach, additives, or softeners.
  • ADORABLE DESIGNS: Choose from our extensive pattern collection, featuring lots of bright colors and fun scenes, such as Sleepy Dust or Dino Mite, as well as many solid colors to complement any outfit.

 Many start researching cloth diapers and get overwhelmed halfway and quit. Best Bottoms diapers are easy to use and come with many options for a customized system for your baby. It comes in 3 sizes; small: 0 (birth)-14lbs,  medium: 11-22lbs, large: 16-35lbs.

This one-size-fits-all perfect fit has a trim fitting for a highly absorbent diaper system that can be used multiple times. The simplified cloth diaper by Best Bottom diapers has a generous sizing with customizable snaps. The customizable feature of the diaper cover allows you to change the fit according to your child's size.

It is made of durable waterproof materials. The durable snaps and a double layer of Polyurethane Laminate creates a waterproof feature to prevent leaks and allows you to air dry or toss it into the washing machine, allowing you to use the diaper multiple times. Assuming you have one child, you're looking at spending less than approximately 11% of the amount you'd spend on regular disposable diapers on reusable diapers for 2 years.

The use of this diaper system helps you save thousands of dollars and helps conserve our environment. Disposable diapers are made of a superabsorbent polymer that is toxic to marine life, wildlife, and even humans. A disposable diaper takes roughly 500 years to decompose completely.

This reusable diaper is proudly made in the U.S.A. from high-quality, durable materials with attention to detail. It is easy to maintain and clean. You can either machine wash the snap closure and soiled insert in the machine or hand wash it.

Follow the detailed washing instructions put out, including the use of additive-free detergent. On wash day, machine wash the hemp inserts in warm water, with no bleach or fabric softeners, then tumble them on dry low or hang to air dry.

  • Pros
  • It dries fast and can be tossed into the washing machine for a cold quick wash
  • It is a hybrid and all in one diaper
  • It is simple to use
  • The trim design occupies less space for maximum portability leaving more room for other baby items
  • These are fitted diapers
  • The hemp inserts are very absorbent
  • It is placed at an affordable price point
  • Cons
  • It has bulky pre-fold diapers

2. Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell-Snap

This trim fitting and highly absorbent diapering system by the Best Bottom diaper brand has a simplified cloth diapering system to give one of the most economical systems. Like all Best Bottom clothe one-size diapers, this diapering system not only gives you an all-in-one-pocket diaper that's also a fitted diaper with a pre-fold system. Simply the best of all types!

It maintains the brand's signature one-size-fits-all customized system. The use of double gussets guarantee covers seams and snap the insert into the diaper where a one-size diaper cover can be used multiple times. Additionally, it uses the adjustable front snaps to achieve different sizes for different baby sizes (8-35 lbs) for a perfect fit.

The durable snaps and double layer of PUL give it a waterproof nature that prevents leaks. All these features and the use of reusable diapers help you save thousands of dollars in the long run and also help reduce waste compared to using disposable diapers. These diapers are proudly made in the U.S.A.

You can snap out the soiled insert and machine washes warm, tumble it dry low, or hang to air dry. The manufacturers recommend washing with no bleach, no additives, or fabric softeners. The snap insert into the diaper is available in both snap, or a hook and loop insert that comes in yummy cute inspired by ice cream. The creative team took great care in color, coordinating the snaps for a great-looking diaper.

  • Pros
  • The organic cotton/hemp insert is available in both snap or hook and loop
  • Its construction and material are machine wash safe, which the washing machine system washes beautifully
  • It dries extra fast, so you can give it a quick cold rinse or wipe using a soaking wet towel when necessary
  • It's machine-wash safe for a snap clean
  • It dries fast, so you can snap out soiled insert snaps and fasten laundry tabs for a quick dry
  • The diaper change snap hemp inserts are natural and very absorbent
  • It is affordable
  • The diaper is hypoallergenic, and it is safe to put the diaper on baby
  • The adjustable front snaps give it a one size fits all
  • You can easily replace disposable items
  • Cons
  • The pre-fold diapers are bulky

Factors to Consider About the Best Bottom Diapers

Before you start researching cloth diapers, it is important to consider that the Best Bottom diaper brand has these key features:

A. Materials

Best Bottom is a holy grail for many parents. The diaper change snap and the entire shell use as many raw materials as possible made in the U.S.A. The Stay-dry size inserts are made from a soft polyester and a nylon blend that feels cozy on the baby’s skin.

Best Bottoms is an earth-friendly diaper made in U.S.A factories, supporting the local economy while reducing its environmental impact.

B. Fit

Generally, hybrid diapers have a bulky fit because of their size insert style. Best Bottom reusable diapers are surprisingly less bulky with size inserts that come in three sizes, giving you many options for your little one. The adjustable rise and size insert are identical and come in the same size on both sides, so you don’t need to remember which way to snap it in.

The PUL from the cover does not lie against the baby’s skin so that you won't be needing rash creams. The double gussets are curved around the baby’s legs, while the soft elastic material rests well on the baby's skin. It has a leak-free fit that leaves room for extra size inserts, leaving the adjustable front snaps to achieve a perfect fit.

C. Absorbency

The Best Bottom reusable diaper gives excellent day and sleeps time absorbency for toddlers. Toddlers will need extra overnight inserts to go through the night.

D. Quality

These reusable diapers are of high quality and hold up well over time.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Bottom Diapers

1. How many best bottom diapers does my toddler need?

Recommendable numbers suggest you may need approximately 24 inserts per shell. So, simply put, you will require approximately 8-10 shells with 18-24 inserts per size.

2. What are the pros and cons of bottom diapers?

  • Pros
  • It saves you money- high-quality cloth diapers are adjustable and can be used from infancy to size 5, or roughly two years of age
  • Cloth diapers have inserts, and most of them are made of cotton or natural bamboo fiber
  • You run zero risks of not having diapers even when you're not at home
  • Reusable diapers are hypoallergenic and safe for babies, compared to disposable diapers, which aren’t as comfortable and commonly cause children skin irritations, a rapid diaper rash, and general discomfort
  • Reusable diapers help hasten toddlers to potty train.
  • The super absorbent polymer absorbs the wetness making it so difficult to potty train
  • Cons
  • You’re literally going to clean the human waste lot, especially in the early years
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