Are you wondering how you will go about packing your kid's lunch? Or are you looking for the best bento boxes for kids that will help you pack a variety of healthy foods for your young one? If so, look no further because this review has been researched specifically to meet your needs.

Which bento box is the best for kids?

In this review, you will get a variety of bento boxes with custom designs that we bet your kid will fall in love with. Make mealtime for your child an interesting session by packing their lunch in one of these cool bento boxes. Before we jump into the product review section, are you aware of what a bento box is? If not, let us give a brief description of what we are talking about to understand this review better.

What Is A Bento Box?

A bento box is a lunch box that dates its origin from Japan. Bento boxes are designed to hold a single serving of food and give you a balanced diet in one package. These lunch boxes are partitioned into several compartments that hold the main meal and multiple snacks. Let us now discuss the best bento lunch boxes for kids in the market.

1. Best Overall: Bentgo Kids Lunch Box

Bentgo Kids Leak-Proof, 5-Compartment Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box - Ideal Portion Sizes for Ages 3 to 7, BPA-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Food-Safe Materials, 2-Year Warranty (Blue)
  • #1 LUNCH BOX BRAND*: Thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested, there’s no wonder why parents love Bentgo Kids, America’s favorite one-of-a-kind childrens lunch box. It features 5 practical compartments portioned perfectly for a child’s appetite to encourage a healthy and balanced meal (recommended for ages 3-7).
  • LEAK-PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Keeps meals and snacks fresh and mess-free during transport – Designed with 2 kid-friendly latches that are easy for small hands to open and close
  • DROP-PROOF DESIGN: Constructed with durable, rubber-coated edges that are slip and slide proof while meal prepping on the kitchen counter – The sturdy design even protects the lunch box when dropped, making it ideal for active kids on the go. Plus, it’s all made with BPA-free, food-safe materials.
  • MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER-SAFE: Removable compartment tray reheats food safely in the microwave and cleans up easily in the dishwasher (hand washing is recommended for the outer shell to preserve the leak-proof seal and extend the longevity of your product)
  • PURCHASE WITH A PURPOSE: Bentgo continues to be a proud supporter of Feed the Children, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families. Since 2017, Bentgo has donated more than $235,000 to help put an end to hunger.

The Bentgo Kids lunch box is a win when packing lunch for toddlers. However, you must have a lot of considerations when packing lunch for younger kids. First, you must consider picking a durable lunch box since kids sometimes can be clumsy and drop them, or if the lunch box slips off their hands, it will not break. The most important aspect of a bento lunch box should be the ease of opening and closing; this feature will prevent unnecessary food spillage when kids carry it around.

If you are looking for a kid's bento box that will meet the criteria above, consider the Bentgo Kids Lunch Box. It is the perfect lunch box that suits kids between 3 to 7. It is made with high-quality BFA-free plastic materials with five different compartments inside for easy assortment.

You can also use it safely in the dishwasher or put it in the microwave without damaging it. It also boasts a leakproof seal that is tight enough to keep various sections from pouring out the food contents. You can open or close the bento box using two secure kid-friendly latches for extra security.

In addition, the edges of the bento box are lined with thick rubber to minimize impact whenever the lunch box drops; this feature makes it a good deal for younger kids. However, its make for toddlers does not make it impossible for older kids to use; they can also use it easily. The Bentgo lunch box has a heavier touch than others since it is lined with extra protection for security purposes. It is also easy to clean by hand since it doesn't have small crevices on its smooth surface.

  • Pros
  • It has a leakproof design.
  • Its lid is lined with rubber for extra durability.
  • It is made with High-quality BPA plastic that is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Cons
  • It is slightly heavier compared to other models.
  • Its outer material is prone to scratches.

2. Best Print Design: Bentgo Kids Prints Lunch Box

Bentgo Kids Prints Leak-Proof, 5-Compartment Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box - Ideal Portion Sizes for Ages 3 to 7 - BPA-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Food-Safe Materials, 2-Year Warranty (Rocket)
  • #1 LUNCH BOX BRAND*: Bentgo Kids has upgraded America’s favorite one-of-a-kind children’s lunchbox with fun prints and patterns that showcase your child’s personality. Thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested, parents love the 5 practical compartments portioned perfectly for a child’s appetite to encourage a healthy and balanced meal (recommended for ages 3-7).
  • LEAK-PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Keeps meals and snacks fresh and mess-free during transport – Designed with 2 kid-friendly latches that are easy for small hands to open and close
  • DROP-PROOF DESIGN: Constructed with durable, rubber-coated edges that are slip and slide proof while meal prepping on the kitchen counter – The sturdy design even protects the lunch box when dropped, making it ideal for active kids on the go. Plus, it’s all made with BPA-free, food-safe materials.
  • MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER-SAFE: Removable compartment tray reheats food safely in the microwave and cleans up easily in the dishwasher (hand washing is recommended for the outer shell to preserve the leak-proof seal and extend the longevity of your product)
  • PURCHASE WITH A PURPOSE: Bentgo continues to be a proud supporter of Feed the Children, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families. Since 2017, Bentgo has donated more than $235,000 to help put an end to hunger.

For most kids, having bento boxes is just a way of carrying packed lunch. You have probably tried out multiple lunch boxes, but you have not got the right one for your kid. It is time you looked into the Bentgo Kids Boxes since they have a variety of designs that you might be looking for.

These printed bento lunch boxes are dishwasher safe, and you can use them in the microwave for less than ten minutes. They are also safe to use in the freezer in meal preparations. In addition, these bento boxes can be a great lunch box in packing school lunches since they are leakproof.

They are made to be shorter than other bento boxes from Bentgo, but they still hold enough food. Most people have found these printed Bentgo great in lunch packing due to various compartments.

The box also comes in one piece, thus making it hard for kids to lose some parts. The printed patterns are also brightly colored, and it is also affordable to replace some parts. Since children are not good at maintaining their belongings, the Bentgo company offers a two-year warranty on the products and makes the spare parts readily available. Lastly, the containers are very strong and highly durable.

  • Pros
  • The container is durable.
  • Its dishwasher safe
  • Cons
  • You can sometimes experience some minor issues with latches

3. Best Leakproof Bento Box Yumbox Original

Yumbox Original Leakproof Bento Lunch Box Container for Kids (Bijoux Purple)
  • PRACTICAL LEAKPROOF DESIGN: Yumbox Original is designed to make your packed lunches easy & delicious. Molded silicone lined lid engages with the tray, making Yumbox leakproof inside and out (*not water*). Pack dips next to crackers with no worries. One easy to open and close latch makes Yumbox a perfect lunchbox, even for toddlers.The removable compartmentalized tray is divided up into 5 wells, each sealed independently by one lid (make sure not to overpack in order to seal!).
  • IDEAL PORTION SIZES FOR KIDS: Yumbox Original is designed for little kids. Our goal is to promote healthy & balanced eating. The illustrated removable tray is divided up into 5 compartments, each 1/2 cup portion size plus a round dip/treat well. Right portions mean less food waste. Variety means your child will eat better!
  • PERFECT HEALTHY PACKED LUNCH: YUMBOX is a winner of Good Design Award for a Children's Product. Yumbox makes it so easy to make your packed lunches look appetizing, colorful and organized. Place an ice pack (not included) outside of Yumbox to keep contents fresh. Both Yumbox and ice pack are intended to go into an insulated bag (not included). Yumbox fits in a standard lunch bag.
  • EASY CLEANING: Yumbox is made up of only 2 parts - tray and exterior shell. Removable tray is designed with rounded corners, making it a breeze to wash and rinse after use. Yumbox is dishwasher safe, but Top Rack only. We recommend hand washing the outer shell and/or removing it before the heat dry cycle due to fluctuations of some dishwashers.
  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE & LIGHT: Yumbox is made using all food-safe materials, BPA-free and phthalates-free. Yumbox is compact & lightweight. It measures approx. 8.5 x 6 x 1.8 inches and weighs 1.1 lbs. All productions are safety tested. We offer a one year guarantee and dedicated customer service to answer your questions and product issues.

While looking for the perfect bento box for your kids, you want to consider a safe lunch box free from harmful chemicals. Most bento boxes may be made from BPA- free plastic that may cause harm when you put hot food into them. When using the Yumbox Original leakproof bento lunch box, you are assured nothing can go wrong. This bento-style lunch box is designed specifically for kids with every detail put into consideration: from color and illustrations to its easy-to-open latch.

The Yumbox Bento lunch boxes are made specifically for younger children, which is why you find them slightly expensive than others in the market. However, as much as you will put extra coins in purchasing it, you will be sure of its functionality. Within the Yumbox leakproof lunch box, there are six unique containers labeled differently as per the food group to help kids learn about healthy foods and parents figure out what they can pack for their kids.

This bento box allows you to pack anything you want for your kid without worrying about spillage because it has a leakproof silicone seal. In addition, the bento box has an inner shell that is top-rack dishwasher safe and a small dip container where you can put foods like salad dressing.

Most users like the Yumbox bento lunch boxes because of their durability and multiple compartments useful for storing different foods. Because of its high-quality design, the bento box is slightly expensive than others. To increase the longevity of this bento box, hand wash it.

  • Pros
  • Easy to Clean
  • Has a leakproof design
  • Made using BPA free plastic
  • Has fun illustrations to suit young kids
  • Cons
  • It's pricey
  • Shows wear and tear easily

4. Best Stainless Steel Lunchbox: PlanetBox Rover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

PlanetBox Rover Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box with 5 Compartments for Adults and Kids (Rockets Carry Bag with Rockets Magnets)
  • 5 compartments to make packing with variety and versatility for the picky (or adventurous) eaters in your life
  • Durable design to withstand the adventures of childhood and everyday adulthood
  • Each Rover Set includes 1 Rover Lunch Box, 1 Big Dipper food container, 1 Little Dipper food container, Insulated Carrying Bag, and Magnet Set
  • Stainless steel lunchbox contains no lead, PVC, phthalates or BPA materials
  • Carry Bag fabric is made from durable, 100% recycled polyester fiber with multi use pockets that fits our dipper containers along with general water bottles and utensils. Adjustable strap can be adjusted for carrying as either a long or short handle

You will love this bento lunch box not only because of its functionality but also for its ability to carry just the right amount of food you want to pack for your kids. The PlanetBox Rover Stainless Steel lunch box is the most durable on the bento box picks and appears to be very easy to clean.

Apart from handwashing it, you can also throw it into the dishwasher, which will be good to use. You might remove extra pounds on this bento lunch box, but thank yourself later for its durability. The Planet Rover will serve you for years and wear less than other bento lunch boxes picks.

It has a simple steel construction that makes it easy to clean. Together with the bento box comes an optional insulated bag that makes the whole set look versatile. The insulated bag has extra compartments that you can use to pack a kid-size thermos or a water bottle.

The compartment is too big that it can fit some additional food containers. However, the tray does not have seals; therefore, it can not serve you as a leakproof bento box. Also, you can get the longest warranty of all picks in this article when you purchase this PlanetBox lunchbox.

  • Pros
  • Made with durable stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean
  • The lid is easy to open and close
  • Cons
  • It is expensive
  • Not leakproof.

5. Best For Warm Foods: Omie Box Bento Box

OmieBox Bento Box for Kids - Insulated Lunch Box with Leak Proof Thermos Food Jar - 3 Compartments, Two Temperature Zones (Sky Blue) (Single) (Packaging May Vary)
  • KIDS EAT BETTER -- Your kids will gobble lunch up when it’s their favorite food served warm inside OmieBox. OmieBox bento box for kids with a THERMOS INSERT lets you easily pack hot and cold food. Send their favorite pasta, soup, or last night’s leftovers. Your kids will enjoy healthy lunches with more variety in OmieBox insulated container for hot food
  • EASIER, FASTER LUNCH PREP -- Now you can send hot soup and chilled strawberries without using a million small lunch box containers. OmieBox is a bento box for kids with thermos that packs hot & cold food together. This thermal lunch box for kids is great for hot lunch, cold food, or snacks.You won’t find another insulated lunch box for hot food that works as well as OmieBox!
  • HIGH QUALITY INVESTMENT - Durable, built to last and saves you the expense of buying a separate kids thermos! OmieBox weighs a sturdy 1.7 lbs and uses 18/8, 304 grade stainless steel. It’s FDA, CPSIA compliant and BPA-Free insulated bento box / hot lunch box for kids
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE - Use only the leak-proof thermos insert for hot food or liquid, or take it out to fit a sandwich. Use the divider to customize the compartments and keep food separate. It’s also large enough to fit a drink and snacks - unlike other kids bento box or kids lunch box
  • EASY TO CLEAN - OmieBox comes apart for easy cleaning unlike other popular bento lunch box for kids. The rubber seals are all removable, so you can wash it thoroughly everyday. If the seals get worn or damaged, you can purchase replacement seals instead of throwing the whole box out

The Omiebox Bento Box is among the best bento boxes that keep food warm. If your child is picky in eating, this pick might be useful. The Omiebox is more expensive than other picks in this article because of its ability to keep food warm.

However, you will thank yourself for investing in this piece because it has a vacuum insulated thermos insert with an easy screw-off top. The thermos is big enough to hold up to 8.5 ounces of warm food or more than one cup of liquid.

As a bonus, the Omiebox allows you to pack both your hot and cold foods simultaneously, giving you the chance to pack various foods in your kids' lunches. Within the box. four different compartments include a large main section that is big enough to hold

  • Pros
  • Fits perfectly in most standard-size lunch bags.
  • It is leakproof.
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is kid-friendly
  • Cons
  • It is hard to open
  • The thermos may not be big for some people.

6. Best Value Bento Box: LunchBots Small Protein Packer

LunchBots Small Protein Packer Toddler Bento Box - Extra Small Divided Stainless Steel Snack Container - 4 Sections for 1-2oz of Nuts, Meat, Cheese, Finger Foods - Dishwasher Safe - Stainless Lid
  • TINY BENTO PERFECT FOR TODDLER SIZED PORTIONS: Fill tiny sections with protein, cheese, fruits and veggies!
  • GRAB AND GO CONVENIENCE: Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, you can take our snack box along to work, the movies, or the amusement park with your kids! Stainless steel construction creates a protective exterior, so food won’t get crushed while in a bag or backpack. The lids and dividers aren’t watertight, so be sure to pack only dry foods.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Made from the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, this is the best snack container for packing healthy food to go. 18/8 stainless steel is all that touches your food. And because they're virtually indestructible, they're great for any on-the-go lifestyle.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: For a super-simple cleanup, just toss your Pico Duo and lid in the dishwasher.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: We designed the original LunchBots stainless steel food container over 10 years ago to pack school lunches for our growing family. We’re dedicated to creating the highest quality bento lunch boxes for kids and adults. LunchBots containers last a lifetime and our customer service team is always here to help!

If you are looking for a lunch box that you can use to pack your kid's snacks, consider the lunch bots' small bento box. This lunch box will give you value for your money since it is made with durable food-grade stainless steel that will last you a long period.

The LunchBots Bento Box holds up even when banged around. Suppose you don't love plastic material or are afraid of using glass material because they break easily its time to give this stainless steel lunch box a try. The lunch bots protein packer is quite small that you can only use it in packing snacks rather than full meals.

It has four compartments that you can utilize in packing cookies, crackers or even crisps. The boxes comprise a removable lid that little kids find easy to handle. You can also purchase extra lids or replacements if need be. The whole container is also dishwasher safe that means you can wash it hands-free.

  • Pros
  • It's extremely compact thus lightweight.
  • It is highly durable, not prone to break.
  • It is dishwasher safe, thus giving you an easy cleaning time.
  • Cons
  • The bento box is not leakproof, so you cant serve liquid foods
  • The box is prone to dents from younger kids
  • You can not use the box in a microwave or the freezer.

7. Best Colourful: Munchkin Bento Box

Munchkin Bento Box Toddler Lunch Box, Yellow
  • Colorful Bento box for toddlers and kids - perfect for DAYCARE, school lunches, or on-the-go
  • Includes stainless steel toddler utensils that snap directly to lid for easy storage
  • 5 compartments let you pack a balanced meal with ease
  • Durable, kid-friendly design complete with a handle
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA free, 18plus months

When buying a bento lunch box for your kids, color should be one of the priorities. Kids are always attracted to colorful things, and getting them a lunch box that has their favorite color excites them even more. You want your child to be happy during mealtime, then add some color to juice things up.

The Munchkin Lunch Bento Box gives you color and a little more. It has an attractive tri-color design that makes it difficult to avoid it even at a glance. In addition, it has a kid-friendly appearance that will catch any kid's attention, and they will love it.

Apart from the stunning colors, the lunch box gives you a tremendous performance. Five different compartments are deep and spacious to carry just the right amount of food within them. You can fit in large foodstuffs such as sandwiches, and on the lid, there is extra storage for stainless steel utensils such as spoons or forks.

Its lid has a leakproof design fitted with a silicone seal to keep the foods separate and prevent them from leaking into each other. The entire box is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, so you can toss it in the dishwasher to save on time. A bonus is that it has a big handle that makes it easy for young kids to carry it around.

  • Pros
  • It is made with BPA-free plastic.
  • The lid has extra room for storing stainless steel utensils.
  • It is Lightweight enough for toddlers to carry.
  • The lid is leakproof to avoid food mixing up.
  • Comes in three attractive colors
  • Cons
  • It is slightly heavy for smaller children.

8. Best For Older Kids: Rubbermaid Lunch Box

If you are looking for a bento box that will offer you convenience and, at the same time, is affordable, then it's time you tried out the Rubbermaid lunch box. You will be sure to find the Rubbermaid lunch box in every store you enter, and the price too will be friendly. These are among our top picks on affordable bento boxes for older kids. You don't have to worry if they are lost, damaged or dirty beyond being cleaned. Just toss it away and replace it without straining.

Apart from its perfect fit into a lunch bag, the Rubbermaid lunch box proved useful for older kids compared to younger ones. It fits perfectly in a flat lunch bag without leaving space for a water bottle or extra utensils. These containers are also leakproof; thus, you won't worry about liquid foods sipping through them.

They are also dishwasher safe, thus making it easy to clean them. In addition, you can also toss it into the microwave without worrying that it will get damaged by microwave heat. It is also freezer-friendly so that you can pack lunch and meal preparations.

The Rubbermaid containers are made with high-quality BPA-free, strong and durable plastic. Apart from all these practical features of this container, other aesthetic features will make you fall in love with them even more.

These containers store your food neatly as they stack onto each other nicely, and the lids stack decently. If you have a small kitchen, they will make it look glammed as they make storage look easy. The Rubbermaid containers are also available in various colors that you can mix and match or blend according to your theme or what your children love.

The snack containers are also big enough to fit snacks for kids in elementary, or you can pack your snacks there and your toddlers.

  • Pros
  • They are affordable and convinient.
  • Good for older kids and adults.
  • You can use it also for meal preparations
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Has a large food storage capacity.
  • Cons
  • The lid is cumbersome to open for both young and old kids.
  • Since they don't come in the pretty lines most bento boxes have, they are not too attractive to children.

9. Best For Salads: OXO Good Grips Leakproof Salad Bento Box

OXO Good Grips On-The-Go Salad Container
  • Easy, attractive, 2 level container for taking salad on the go
  • Three leakproof compartments keep wet and dry ingredients separate and fresh
  • Removable, leakproof 2 ounce dressing container
  • Container can be used without the plate to create 1 large compartment
  • Clear, durable Tritan lid will not lose it's clarity after repeated dishwashing

If you want to pack a healthy lunch for your kid, it is only proper to use the best bento lunch boxes for this purpose. You don't want the food to mix up or to transfer flavors of fresh vegetables or fruits to cooked or processed snacks. To get your work together, you can purchase a salad bento box to save you from the embarrassment. The OXO is a good choice since it is also leakproof.

The OXO salad bento box will help you keep wet and dry foods separate since it has a handy two-ounce container with a tight lid that you can use for dressings. The bento box stacks in together neatly, making it comfortable for little ones to carry it along anywhere.

It has a clear lid made from BPA-free plastic that will not get discolored after using it for a long period and is dishwasher safe.

  • Pros
  • It keeps ingredients separate
  • It has a separate container where you can put your salad dressing.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • Cons
  • It has a fairly bulky design.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Bento Boxes For Kids

1. Ease Of Cleaning

Cleaning bento-style lunch boxes can sometimes be hectic because of the multiple sections within the lunch box. It would be best to consider those that can be easily hand washed or the dishwasher-safe ones.

After a long day at work, you don't want to spend your evening cleaning your kid's bento boxes to no avail. Instead, get a dishwasher-safe bento-style lunch box so that you save time on cleaning your kids' lunch boxes.

2. Kid-Friendly

Kids are more attracted to aesthetics than even the qualities you might be looking for. Apart from aesthetics, you want to pick a bento box that doesn't pose harm to your child. For instance, choose a bento box that has sharp corners and is easy to open.

If you go for a bento box that is difficult to open, your kid might get hurt while they struggle to open the lid. This review will help you choose the best bento boxes for your kids.

3. Materials

The type of materials used in making the bento boxes is not crucial; it all depends on your preference. Most bento boxes are made from high-quality BPA-free plastic that does not cause any harm to your child. However, if you want to use your bento box for a long period, consider the stainless steel material.

These metal bento boxes may serve you for a long period and can withstand the high temperatures in a dishwasher. In addition, plastic materials can be easy to carry around since they are lightweight and don't break easily when your child drops them.

You can opt for glass material since they may look classy, but be warned that a glass bento box will break easily. Glass bento boxes are dishwasher safe, too but are heavy for your kid to carry around.

4. Fit In Lunch Bag

It is important to buy a bento lunch box that fits perfectly into your kids' lunch bag. If you get a bento box that is smaller than the lunch bag will give a possibility for food spillage, or your kid may find it uncomfortable while it frequently moves inside.

On the other hand, a bigger bento box than your kids' lunch bag will also not fit or appear too squeezed. It is therefore important to know which lunch bag the bento box you buy will fit to avoid these hassles.

5. Capacity

Study your child's eating patterns so that you know the right amount of food they can take on a sitting. It will be a waste to pack a large number of foodstuffs only for your child to eat a small amount. A big bento lunch box will go to waste if the capacity I not well utilized.

A small one may leave your kid hungry if you have not figured out that he consumes way more. After knowing your child's eating patterns, you will know how much food you need to pack. Try to find a bento box that will fit almost all your childlike foods.

6. Leakproof

As a parent, you want your kid to look organized and neat. While packing for their lunch, you want to ensure that the lunch reaches the school without any spillage as the kid will appear clumsy. Furthermore, if the food spills out of the bento box, it may make your kid dirty or cause them discomfort while they carry the lunch bag around.

Spilled food also can lead to bad. While selecting the best bento boxes, consider the leakproof ones, especially for younger kids who are not careful enough while handling their lunch bags. You can trust your older kids in handling their lunch bags, but why not get them a leakproof one if you are unsure?

7. Age

When choosing the perfect lunch box for your kids, age is a crucial matter. Consider that older kid will eat way more than younger kids. After studying your kid's eating pattern, you will come up with the right amounts that will be enough for them. Younger kids tend to snack more than older ones, including tiny bites into the lunchbox. Older kids may seem too busy during mealtime and end up only taking fewer bites.

Different lunch boxes are designed to fit every age group. In most cases, you will find younger kids' lunch boxes with many compartments to distinguish the food variety. Apart from the design, young kids are attracted to color, so most bento lunch boxes are colorful and indulging. In addition, you may get animated prints for aesthetic purposes.

Also, while choosing bento lunch boxes for your young ones, ensure that the lids are easy to open so that they don't have a hard time when they want to eat. They should be able to open the lids independently or with minimal assistance if need be. However, if you want the bento lunch box to serve you for their kindergarten level, you should consider getting a slightly bigger one that will provide extra space.

8. Number of Compartments

The number of compartments is also a crucial factor in choosing the best bento boxes for kids. If a bento box has many compartments, it means you will be able to pack a variety of foods and keep them separate from each other. Selecting bento boxes while looking at compartments is important because you will choose how your child likes eating and what they prefer most.

For example, if your child likes larger potions of fewer foods, you should go with the ones with few compartments. But if they like smaller potions of various foods, you should settle for the ones with many compartments. Lastly, as you are shopping for the best bento boxes, consider the ease of packing lunch. Bento boxes with many compartments make it easier for you to pack lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Bento Box For Kids

1. Is There A Difference Between A Lunch box And A Bento Box?

There is a huge difference between a lunch box and a bento box since a lunch box comprises one large compartment that you can store in different lunch bags, while a bento box has many compartments that you can use to store a variety of foods.

Using bento boxes eliminates the need to use any containers or lunchboxes to store food.

2. Can Adults Use Bento Boxes?

As much as bento boxes are designed for kids, adults too can use them. There are also bento boxes that are designed for adults. You can use them in the office or manage your eating portion if you are on a diet. If you are wondering if you can use bento boxes instead of lunch boxes, the answer is a yes, and a bento box makes a great option if you want to eat on the go or have a packed lunch. So long as you have a perfect lunch bag, you can always carry your bento box in it.

3. Can Bento Boxes Be Put In A Microwave?

While shopping for the best bento boxes for kids, look for ones you can microwave without them getting damaged. Some bento boxes are not microwave-safe, so that they might get damaged in those extreme temperatures.

Before purchasing that bento lunch box, go through its review and read the product description even before heating the container. If the bento box is made from metal or certain types of plastic that melt on heat, it should not be put in the microwave.

4. How Do You Maintain Low Temperatures Of Food In A Bento Box?

It is safe to keep food cold until you are ready to consume them. Cold foods keep bacteria at bay, and the food may taste fresh when you eat it. You may want to achieve this, but it can be a little bit tricky with a bento box.

A bento box does not have enough space to hold an ice pack, and in most cases, it does not come with a space for one. However, if you want to keep food cold in a bento box, there is only one way to place the bento box in a larger lunch box and place one or two ice packs on top of it.

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