How to clean Baby Strollers?

If you own a stroller for your baby, then you probably know that it is a significant investment in the baby gear department. It enables you to transport your baby from a place to another. Regular cleaning of the stroller is important both for you and your baby. If not well taken care of, the stroller can breed germs ranging from bacteria, protozoa fungi that may end up causing disease. Or besides, who loves to stroll their baby in a dirty stroller?

Before cleaning the stroller, there are tools and products that you might consider having around. These include a washing machine, mild laundry soap, bucket, anti-bacterial soap, toothbrush, disinfecting wipes and detergent washcloths or sponge. These tools will help you effectively clean your stroller. A washing machine has been included for smaller fabric items in the stroller.

Clean Stroller Steps

  1. Disassemble the stroller the best you can. Detachable parts of a stroller include the sunshade, the basket, and the straps. If the seat fabric is removable, well, remove it. Be keen to remember how to assemble the parts together after cleaning. Separate cleaning assures better results because at least you will focus on each item at a time.
  2. Thoroughly clean the frames of the stroller using a disinfectant detergent. Use a damp cloth while cleaning the handles, frame and moving parts to remove the accumulated grime. You can use a toothbrush to reach the inaccessible parts that may have collected particles and dirt. On completing wipe the frame using a disinfecting wipe.
  3. Soak the dismantled parts like the snack trays, toys, and cup holders in a sink full of hot water. Ensure the water is soapy. Allow up to 15 minutes for them to soak well, and then use a soft cloth to scrub surfaces thoroughly till they are convincingly clean. Rinse then air dry.
  4. Check the manufacturer’s direction for the cleaning procedures for fabric. For machine washable parts, use gentle cycle and non-chlorine bleach. If not machine washable, then you will need to do it yourself. Thoroughly clean using a dish soap or a hand washing detergent and allow to dry.
  5. Do not forget to clean the wheels. Using a couple of baby wipes, clean the rims and wheels.
  6. Other parts you should not forget are the toys. Fill the sink with a gallon of warm water then allow the toys to soak. Add some anti-bacterial wash to kill any microbes. While cleaning the toys, read the washing directions, especially for stuffed animals.
  7. After all parts are dry, carefully assemble. If you still have the manual, then you can use it for assembly instructions.

If above tips on how do you clean strollers are regularly followed regularly, you will always be happy to stroll your baby around. A clean stroller gives you confidence as a parent that your baby is comfortable. While following the above tips, remember never to use cleaning agents that can bleach. These contain chemicals like chlorine that may be harmful to your baby. Another tip for strollers with smelly fabric. You can pour a solution of water and vodka to the fabric and allow to evaporate. This takes the smell away.

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