Combi Vs Tandem Strollers

Being parents of twins can mean that you have to purchase two sets of everything on your baby’s list. It can also mean that you can expect to pay twice as much for everything you purchase. The good news is that you do not actually have to purchase two strollers. When it comes to strollers, parents of two kids have the option to get themselves best double strollers for their babies/kids.

Although you are still going to have to pay more than you would for a single stroller, it is going to be substantially less than you would expect to pay for two separate strollers. As you search for different strollers, you will likely find that there are different options on the marketplace that offer their own unique advantages. Below we will discuss the two options that you will be looking at and we will discuss the pro’s and con’s of each stroller choice in our combi vs tandem strollers debate.

Combi Vs Tandem Strollers

1. Combi Or Side by Side Strollers.

A combi or side-by-side stroller is a stroller that is going to offer you side by side seating. This means that your babies or kids will be able to sit next to each other.


a.) Fighting.

One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a side by side stroller is that you do not have to worry about your babies or kids fighting with each other. This is because they will likely not be able to reach each other.

b.) Full View.

Another benefit of this type of stroller is that both babies will have full view of their surroundings. Not only is this going to give each baby a better individual experience, but the baby in the back of a tandem stroller will likely suffer from not being able to see everything and get cranky as a result.


a.) Spacing.

The fact is, a side by side or combi stroller is going to take up much more space both; in your house and in your car. Also, it is going to likely be more difficult to use in public places because most halls, sidewalks, and walkways are designed for a single stroller in mind. This is going to present challenges with maneuvering around town.

b.) Control.

Because the stroller is so big, it might even be harder to control. It can be difficult to make turns and do other types of things with your stroller. If you need to pick the stroller up to get over an obstacle, you might have more difficult with this type of stroller.

2. Tandem Stroller.

A tandem stroller is a stroller that places one baby or kid behind one another. This makes it so that it looks like a regular stroller, but with two separate seats.


a.) Space.

The number one benefit of this type of stroller is that it offers very good spacing. The fact is, because of it’s stacked design, you are going to be able to treat it as a regular stroller. You should have little problem placing it in your car and/or home. Also, you will likely have less trouble fitting through walkways, pathways, and riding on sidewalks.

b.) Control.

Because the set up is designed to mimic a regular stroller, you are going to have much more control than you would a side by side stroller.


  1. Unfair.

Because of the way the stroller is designed, the baby or child that goes in the back portion of the stroller is going to have an obstructed view of everything. They may even get restless because of it.

As you can see, there are plenty of pro’s and con’s to consider when you compare combi vs tandem strollers.

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